Let me be the one

Harry Styles falls in love with a girl in the park. He tries to make her love him so they can be together forever. Do they get married? Do they have kids?


1. The Bridge


         It was 8:25pm on a Friday night. “Nicki, wanna come with me to the park?” I heard my best friend Vale say. “Sure, let me get my bag” I said. We walked out the house and into the streets. “I forgot to tell you I got the job as a model.” I said walking down the streets. “You did? How exciting! I’m so happy for you!” Vale yelled back. We arrived at the park. The first thing we went to was the bridge. “Isn’t the bridge at night so bright and beautiful?” “It sure is a beauty” I said walking to the bridge. We went on top of the bridge and just sat down.

****Author’s note:  sorry that there is barley any dialogue. I have been really busy!!!


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