Let me be the one

Harry Styles falls in love with a girl in the park. He tries to make her love him so they can be together forever. Do they get married? Do they have kids?


3. Harry Styles


(THE NEXT MORNING)  I wake up and I go to the bathroom and start getting showered, getting dressed, brushing my teeth, and do my hair. I go down stair to see Vale making breakfast. “You left me in the park alone!! Did you even use the bathroom?” I said. “Ya I did but then I went to my room and fell asleep.” She says. “You could have told me that before you went to sleep and leaving me at the park.” “That is why I am making breakfast for you. While I was gone, what did you do the whole time?” She says. “I met this hot guy in the park and we started talking.” “How does he look and what is his name?” Vale says. “His name is Harry Styles and he has the most beautiful green eyes and he has curly brown hair.” I told her. “Cool.” “He took me home and we were having a romantic moment and then we stared at each others eyes and we kissed. I felt so special.” I say thinking about him. “WHAT??? YOU GUYS KISSED AND YOUR DON’T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER????? BAD GIRL!!!” she yelled. “You did the same with Matthew so what is the difference?” I said with attitude. “That’s true.” She says. I get a text on my phone.

Harry: Good morning beautiful. Do you want to go have breakfast?

Me: Sure. I’ll wait for you here.

Harry: I am already here love.

Me: Wow. That was fast. Did you know I was going to say yes?

Harry: Yes. Yes I did. C’mon lets go.

“Hey Vale. I’m going to have breakfast with Harry okay?” I said rushing. “Sure I’ll just bring Matthew to the house.” She said. “Okay bye. See you later.” I said closing the door. Harry was leaning by his car with his arms crossed just staring at me. “Good morning love” Harry says with his husky man voice. He kisses me. “Do you like girls right when you meet them?” I questioned. “No not unless they are beautiful and sweet just like you.” He says blushing. He opens the car door for me and goes around so he can enter his own car too. “So where are we going?” I questioned. “To my bakery where I work at.” He says. “You are so hot and sexy and you work at a bakery?” “Yes. Is that a problem?” He says smirking. “Well no not at all.” I told him smiling. We sit down at a table and he brings food. “So tell me more about yourself.” He says. “What do you want to know?” I said. “I want to know every little detail about you.” “Okay then. I was born in Manchester, England, I live with my best friend, I love animals, My favorite color is purple and I work as a model.” I said. “A MODEL!!!!! You are so beautiful I’m pretty sure that right when you entered the door they already said yes you got the job.” “You’re so charming Harry Styles.” I said. We kissed. We left the bakery and we went to his car. “I need to get something from my house. Do you want to come with me Nicki?” “Why not.”



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