She Found Me

Tyler has been curious about the world 24/7 365. He told his mom he had a dream about a girl watching him at 3:00am. Tyler thought is was just a nightmare. "I've Found You Tyler you cant stop me now"


2. interview

Tom: okay Tyler describe her

Tyler: i don't have to

Tom: why not Tyler

Tyler: she's behind you and she doesn't like you

Tom: do you mind drawing a picture of her your mother says your an excellent artist

Tyler: (takes about 20 minutes drawing his picture) finished

Tom (grabs the notepad) Tyler

Tyler: she's mad you might want to leave before she kills you

Tom: Tyler i... (the lights cut off)

Tyler: (hears a scream) i told you (the lights cut back on and there's blood smeared on the wall and Tom is hanging on the wall by a bone cutter in his head)

Tyler: (sighs and walks out the room)


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