She Found Me

Tyler has been curious about the world 24/7 365. He told his mom he had a dream about a girl watching him at 3:00am. Tyler thought is was just a nightmare. "I've Found You Tyler you cant stop me now"


3. chapter 1

Before everything

Tyler: mom im out of the shower you can wash clothes

Lisa: okay sweetheart

Tyler: (walks in the kitchen) wheres Bethany

Lisa: in her room playing are you going to sleep

Tyler yeah im gonna go ahead and put her to bed 

Lisa: okay thank you

Tyler: (walks into his Bethany's  room and picks her up) hey cutie 

Bethany: (smiles) hi sleep, sleep

Tyler (kisses her cheek and puts her in her bed and turns off her light and walks out goes into his room and lays down and falls asleep)


Tyler: what the? im in my room (looks at himself) i'm watching myself sleep (looks at him sleeping and hears a knock on his window) whoa(looks out the window and there's a girl there with her face all scratched up and stitched up and her eyes are pitch black and shes smiling but he mouth is stitched together) holy shit (it walks into his room from the window and crawls on top of him and scratches his back open and he wakes up)


Tyler: (gets up, looks around, and walks out into the living room)

Davis: hey buddy what are you doing up so late

Tyler: (walks towards him) wheres mom 

Davis: shes asleep

Tyler (walks into her room and wakes her up)

Lisa: whats wrong

Tyler: i had a dream about a girl 

Lisa: okay?

Tyler: i was watching myself sleep tonight and she was watching me outside my window

Lisa: sweetie turn on the light please

Tyler: (gets up and turns on the light)

Lisa: baby come here

Tyler: (walks over to her) my back hurts

Lisa (lifts his shirt) OH MY GOD

Davis: (walks in the room) whats wrong

Lisa: go get Bethany we have to take him to the hospital

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