Part Of Me


2. chapter 1

Skylar: (grabs her things and runs to her school)

Kim: (head cheerleader): you going somewhere gg

Skylar: im Skylar stop calling me gg i mean what does that mean anyway

Kim: goth girl duhh

Skylar: you know what did your friends ditch you 

Kim: no they said they all had to go to the little girls room

Skylar: okay your 15 and still call the girls bathroom the little girls room and yeah im sure they didnt ditch you (whispers in her hear) maybe you need to see if they actually had to pee (walks away and goes to the principals office Miss Alana) hey

Miss Lana: hey sweetie you look beautiful

Skylar: yes ma'am i do


Skylar: im sorry i am ugly

Miss Lana: (smiles) now be yourself so i wont have to do the routine

Skylar: yes ma'am

MIss Lana: now leave

Skylar: yes auntie (leaves and goes to class)

Mr. Jenson: okay class take out your science books

Skylar: (side tracked daydreaming of what her life would be life if she didnt have to hide anything from anyone)

Mr.Jenson: SKYLAR do i have to send you to the principals office

Skylar: (looks at him) no no sir please no

Mr. Jenson: listen then

Skylar: yes sir (sits up)

Kim: (throws a piece of paper at her)

Skylar: (shoots her a bird)

Mr. Jenson: (turns around) Skylar 

Skylar: shizzz 

Mr. Jenson: go to the principals office now

Skylar: (walks out) its going to be okay she isnt gonna hurt you it isnt abuse its punishment for what ive done (gets there) auntie  

Miss Lana: Skylar did you get in trouble

Skylar: yes ma'am

Miss Lana: you know what i have to do sit down now 

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