Forgive and Forget

I promised myself I'd never fall-fall in love, but there's a magnet pulling me towards this boy and I don't know how to stop. One word whispered into my ear and I instantly would do anything and I mean anything for him.


3. Slaughter Box

Liam's my friend, never meant to be anything more. This has to be a sign that's telling me not to fall for him. I have known him for the last four years, liked him for the last two. It's time to give up. You need to live Annaleah and Liam's holding you back from doing so! Go on a date, go to a party, just get out there! I wrap my coat around my torso as I walk onto the bus to bring me to the town. I sit down on a plastic seat and I watch the television that's screwed onto the wall of the bus. I watch the news a lot because when I look at the screen and see a guy, I can't help but wonder if he is my father. I've asked mum about dad, but she won't say who he is and he walked out on me, so I have no right to ever talk to him. Liam is the one who truly cares about who my dad is and promised me that one day we would find him. Shut up about Liam already, he just doesn't think of you the way you think of him, so save all your energy, it'll go right to rejection. Maybe my Christmas break, which is next week will make me forget about him. I'm going on a five day cruise to the British Virgin Islands, Mum's been saving up forever because it's hard to meet ends when there's one parent. We also have put a lot of money aside for my Sweet 16 in June. 

When I get into town, I go strait to the supermarket, I promised Mum that I'd get her some bread. While I'm in the self check out isle, there's a flyer tacked to the wall. That's nothing out of the ordinary, that wall is made for advertisements. But, it's one to find out who your parents are if you are adopted. I'm close enough to adopted, I take out my iPhone and I take a picture of the piece of paper and I leave. As I walk, I make footprints into the thin, fresh layer of snow. I pull at the A necklace Liam got me for my thirteenth birthday. After all these years I still have it and it's not broken. Once I get home, I just need to burn all my things that remind me of Liam, this necklace, the photographs, everything. There are countless presents, so my room will look a little bare by the time I'm done. I think the next place to be would be Brookstone. I walk into the store, a lot of the things Liam got me were pillows and a beanbag for example, and I need things to fill in the soon to be empty space. 

In the end, I get a vanity chair and four blue and white zigzagged pillows. I wanted more, but I'm going to see how much I'm getting rid of first. I walk into the door to an empty house. I place the key back under the doormat and I lock the door once I get in. Mum won't be back until maybe nine, late. I go upstairs to my room to "organize." I get a cardboard box to put all of the small items into necklaces, pillows, books, clothing. There aren't many books or clothing, the books and clothing that I did get had One Direction's faces plastered on them. So unique. I will never think a positive thought about Liam ever again. I add a lamp and a few photographs into the slaughter box. I just came up with that, so creative right? All I know is I have to stop Liam before he can seriously hurt me and burning all the things that remind me of him is the first of many steps to moving on. Because after all, you can't fix what's already broken. 

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