Forgive and Forget

I promised myself I'd never fall-fall in love, but there's a magnet pulling me towards this boy and I don't know how to stop. One word whispered into my ear and I instantly would do anything and I mean anything for him.


5. Lillian

I move my brown hair to the side as I see Colbie coming back. So at least I didn't completely make him run away screaming. His curly blonde hair reflects the lights from the room. He has changed from before-but there are somethings that have stayed the same. His eyes still twinkle blue, his smile is still big, yet shy and the curls-oh those curls. He's more muscular now and he's wearing an American football jersey. Some team called the Giants. He used to wear preppy polo shirts and kakis. He sits down next to me and takes a sip of his drink, "It's so crazy how we found each other again."
Yep, and his voice is much deeper than before. 
"Yea, I never thought I'd see you again," I say while looking at the snack bar. 
"Do you remember the time when we set up a tent in the middle of an unused classroom and camped out there during snack time?" he asks. I laugh at the memory, "I sure do, all those flashlights put together kind of did look like a fire."
I look at his jersey again, why does America have "football" and not rugby, they are like the exact same thing and almost every other country has rugby? Colbie notices me staring at his jersey, "Oh, I moved to New York in the United States. The two teams there are the New York Giants and the New York Jets. I chose to like the Giants because they are better at the sport. Also, the Jets are more of a New Jersey team."
"What's New Jersey?" I ask. 
"It's a state that's right next to New York. I don't understand why America has so many states."
"That makes two of us," I say with a sigh, "so how are those rude Americans?"
"Um, they aren't that rude. I found a good group to hang with and I got a girlfriend," Colbie says cautiously. 
"That's great! What's her name?" I ask. 
"Lillian, but I don't know what we will do when I move. I plan to stay with her though."
"Oh, okay," my voice drops. I was planning on Colbie to be my rebound after the whole Liam thing. 
"She makes it worth getting up every morning," he says with a far off look in his eye. I nod my head, just great, they'll stay together. What am I saying? Colbie is my best friend, nothing more. Why am I attracted to all of my guy best friends? I'll ultimately loose both of their friendships if they find out any more than what they do know. And there's no going back if they do, so I can't let Colbie or Liam in any farther. Because of coarse, you can't fix what's already broken. 

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