Forgive and Forget

I promised myself I'd never fall-fall in love, but there's a magnet pulling me towards this boy and I don't know how to stop. One word whispered into my ear and I instantly would do anything and I mean anything for him.


2. Flashbacks

I sit on my bed with Liam and we both just stare at the ceiling. 
"Life is so crazy, I'm glad I can just have a friend like you," Liam says. I feel like screaming. I want to be more than just friends, why can't you see that? 
"Sometimes, I wish I never joined One Direction in the first place."
"Why did you then?" I ask propping myself up on my forearm. I raise my eyebrows as I wait for him to answer me. 
"I don't know," he whispers and it sends shivers up my spine. 
"Do you remember when we were little, at least you were, I was sixteen and we would just play football on the yard? You were twelve and our mums would laugh at you trying to guard me?"
"Yea," I say laughing at the crazy memory. 


"It's on Annaleah Johnson," Liam says squinting his eyes in the May sun. 
"Bring it on Liam Payne," I say in return. We just met a few months ago, but we were already as close as best friends. I made it very clear to him that I'm never going to date anyone, no one deserves the pain of dating me. Our mums sip iced tea on the porch watching us, they were best friends back in the day and they recently reconnected. Being an only child of a single mother, it is good to have someone to talk to. Before I can even think, they ball is being kicked by his abnormally large feet. I run to him, kicking the ball backwards, then getting it, running in a half circle around him. Liam checks me and I laugh, "That's hockey you idiot!"
Somehow, our mothers get into playing this game. My mum has a slight advantage because she played field hockey in college, she's a little more fit than Liam's mum. My mum and I end up winning two to one after half an hour. I don't think Liam tried his hardest, I mean he's a full four years older than me. But anyways, Karen and Liam were good sports about it and since they lost, they had to clean up all the liter outside. When mum and I were walking into the Payne's house, we took a few sheets of paper and ripped them outside just so there was more to clean up for the losers. 


I wish those days were like today. On every shooting star, every lost eyelash, every 11:11 I wished I could take back what I said about never dating. But after having my dad walk out on me, I can't trust. My mum has always said she loves being a single mum, she gets to make all the rules, but I can't help but wonder who my father is. You can't fix what's already broken. 

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