Forgive and Forget

I promised myself I'd never fall-fall in love, but there's a magnet pulling me towards this boy and I don't know how to stop. One word whispered into my ear and I instantly would do anything and I mean anything for him.


4. Colbie Ryan

I walk onto the ship. 
"This'll be fun!" Mum exclaims pulling her suitcases behind her. We walk into our room and it's amazing! Everything is perfect, there's nothing out of place, and there's even a patio outside. There's a bed and a pull out couch, I guess I'll be getting the pull out couch.
"Mum, this is amazing!" I say jumping up and down. 
"We depart in half an hour, warm air here we come!"
I laugh, Mum is rarely this happy. She used to have depression, so this is the best for her. 
"Why don't you go downstairs, there's a teens club, go have fun!" she says. 
"Thank you so much!" I kiss her cheek and I run out of the room. When I get to the main level I automatically spot the teen club. There are lights shining through the windows and there are a lot of people in there. I put my hand on the doorknob and I breathe in and out. You are going to have fun, Annaleah Johnston if it's the last thing you do. I turn the knob and I walk in. I wedge myself between the dancing bodies. Though I'm in blue jean shorts and a white top, I'm starting to feel a little hot. I go to one of the couches by they DJ booth and I sit down. Us teens take turns DJing, maybe I'll do it later. Someone walks up to me with some punch, "You looked a little hot so I got you a drink."
The boy stares at his feet as he talks.
"Oh thank you, wait your Colbie Ryan, it's Annaleah from second grade!" I say. Colbie was in my second grade class. Lets just say on field day, he pulled on one of my pigtails, so I stomped on his foot. We both had to sit out and not have Popsicles after. Both of us were friends after that for some bizarre reason, until Colbie moved. He looks at me and his eyebrows shoot up, "It is you Annaleah!"
I stand up and hug him. 
"How have you been since second grade?" I ask giving him a big, wide smile. 
"Um, great. I'm actually moving back next month," he says timidly. 
"Yah! I can't wait, I hope we can still be friends like before."
"Mhm. I'm going to get some more punch."
He leaves and I sit back down. Did I screw this up with Colbie? Was I too loud or too quiet and why am I looking for a relationship? I've sworn against dating. Maybe our friendship is just over since he moved, it will never be the same. You can't fix what's already broken. 

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