My High School Life

Amber is a regular high school girl she is there to get good grades and go to a amazing college, but she meets Charles and he changes everything she has ever wanted and Amber has changed Charles from a i don't care person to a i do care person.


11. What Happens Now?



Amber's (P.O.V)

It has been two weeks since Charles got in a car accident. I really miss him, I really think it's my fault cause I text him while he was driving home. I just hope he will be okay, I have been having hard time sleeping. I keep thinking it's all my fault, I just want to take the blame for this. The next day wasn't any better, he was still in the hospital, no progress has been made. I am really getting worried about him. When I was about to fall asleep, I got a call from the hospital. " Sorry to call at this time Ms.Amber, but We have great news for you. Mr.Charles his surgery went well, he is resting you may come see him. when we are done his paper work you may take him home" the doctor said. " Oh thank you very much, I will be there." I got dressed and headed to the the hospital, I went to room 96 that's were the nurse told me to go. I went in and sure he was sleep, so i sat in the chair and went to sleep too. 


Charles (P.O.V)

I woke up in the hospital again, but in a different room. what keeps happening to me, I remember waiting for Amber to get back. I was so confused I didn't notice that Amber was here sleeping in the chair, she looks like she has not been sleeping, I bet she has been worried sick about me. I turned on the TV to watch my team play since it was Sunday( Super bowl day), they are winning.


Amber's (P.O.V)

I woke up and there he was wide awake watching TV, " Charles" he turned his head away from the TV and got up and hugged me. I got in the bed with him, we cuddled and watched the game. Soon the doctor came in and gave us the papers so I could take him home. We got home and i made him something to eat, we watched some movies and talked and laugh. Soon we fell asleep on the couch. 

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