My High School Life

Amber is a regular high school girl she is there to get good grades and go to a amazing college, but she meets Charles and he changes everything she has ever wanted and Amber has changed Charles from a i don't care person to a i do care person.


5. Reunited Again




Charles (P.O.V)

I was sleeping and i heard some one talking out front my door. I got up to see who it was. It was Amber. " Amber what are you doing up it's like 3 in the morning." " Well I couldn't sleep" she said  I was scared to ask does she wanna sleep with me. " Umm Amber do you wanna sleep with me, since you cant sleep" She instantly said yes.  


Amber's (.P.O.V)

Now i see how much i missed Charles. He is so generous. I have never stopped loving him no matter how long I have never seen him. I went into Charles room and slept with him, I just felt better and warm in his arms. All that I could think about was the warmth he gave me and how his heart beat goes faster holding me.


Charles (P.O.V)

I love that I was the one who got to hold her, she matched the beat of my heart, I was glad that we found each other again finally reunited with the love of my life. We fell asleep holding her and she never let go of me.


Amber's (P.O.V)

I woke up so ready for the first day of classes i felt so safe, i remembered i wasn't in my bed i was in Charles bed. He was still sleeping so i left to go in my room. i didn't know that  Sophie and Troy were woke so they " so where were you last night?" they asked " I was at my friends dorm last night i slept there." They didn't care so they left the dorm, i got dressed and left and lock the door. i went to my first class, not that interesting at all. All my classes were boring, i went to lunch by myself I like being alone i can think without being bothered.


Charles (P.O.V)

i left my classes and went to lunch, i saw Amber sitting alone so i sat with her " Hey Ambernino" why did i call her that " that is a cute nickname for me" she said. I didn't think that was a cute nickname but she likes it. " well how were your classes girl" "They were so boring, they talk so slow." she is to cute when she says things she don't like, she scrunches her noes when she annoyed.

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