My High School Life

Amber is a regular high school girl she is there to get good grades and go to a amazing college, but she meets Charles and he changes everything she has ever wanted and Amber has changed Charles from a i don't care person to a i do care person.


16. New Beginning



Amber (P.O.V)

It's been 3 months and it's finally my wedding day! I am too happy hair all done, nails all done and im getting my makeup done now. I still am alittle scared like butterflies in my stoamach, before wedding jitters stuff like that.  As my makeup is finished my mom walks is and looks at me already starting to cry, "Mom stop crying your gonna mess up your makeup and mine cause your gonna make me cry too" she swatted me away with her tissue which made me laugh. After my mom left the room I started putting my dress on finally, it looks gorgeous. It was made in Italy which is my favorite place to go. Than I waited for a while till it was time for me to head out.


Charles (P.O.V)

It's finally the day I get to marry the love of my life. She is going to look gorgeous I just know it, she always looks great no matter what. Im already in my tuxedo looking sharp as ever, than my dad comes in the room. " Charles my son, you finally getting married. You got the girl you wanna spend the rest of your life with and im proud of you" he said to me with joy in his eyes. I didn't have words at this moment so I just hugged him tightly and said thank you dad, and headed out to where I had to wait for my bride to come down. (Wedding music plays as Amber walks down the asile) Seeing her right infront of me in that dress just melts my heart. So I started with my vows and she did hers.


Amber (P.O.V)

It was time for me to go down the asile and I made it down, once I got down their all eyes were on me but the only eyes that mattered were Charles. The way he looked at me just blew all the butterflies out my stomach and I was not scared anymore I knew this was it for me, so he started with his vows and than I said my vows. When it was time for us to say I Do to each other there was no hesitation and when we did everyone cheered for us, than we jumped the broom and walked back down the asile finally together as one. Mrs.Amber & Mr.Charles.



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