My High School Life

Amber is a regular high school girl she is there to get good grades and go to a amazing college, but she meets Charles and he changes everything she has ever wanted and Amber has changed Charles from a i don't care person to a i do care person.


14. Back Together



Charles (P.O.V)

I woke up it was the day I was going home, I ate breakfast then spent my last few hours with my family. We went to my favorite restaurant, we talked and laughed. Soon it was a hour till I had to head to the airport. I loaded my stuff in my car, said my goodbyes then drove to the airport. Finally it was time to board the plane, I got on then I was on my way back home with Amber.


Amber's (P.O.V)

I was bright and early to wake up, I made me some Iced coffee till everybody else woke up. I already had my stuff packed so I just went out till it was time to head to the airport. I went to chippotla and got a burrito bowl. After that I went  to the mall to buy more Lucky Brand Jeans and a wallet. It was a hour till the planes boarded, I loaded my stuff in my car said goodbye to my mom and drove to the airport. when I got to the airport the planes were boarding on, so I got on and had my trip back home with Charles


Charles (P.O. V)

When the plane landed I was first off, I needed to surprise Amber. I got my luggage and put them in the car then I drove to the house, luckily Amber wasn't home yet so I set up a welcome home romantic dinner for us. After I was done making dinner I took a shower and put on the PJ's Amber bought me. then I just watched TV till Amber got home.


Amber's (P.O.V)

The plane ride was finally over, I got off the plane, got my luggage and put them in my car to drive home. On my way to the house I stopped to get a pack of Twix to snack on. I made it to the house, Charles car was outside the house so he was home before me, When I came in thw house it was dark but the light from the TV shined. " Hey Charles I am back" he ran and picked me up and kissed me " Hey beautiful I missed you " he said I was so happy to be back home.


Charles (P.O.V)

After we talked we went to go eat are romantic dinner, she loved it. We talked about are vacation back with are are family, we gave each other presents we got for each other and we were talking about how were gonna tell are friends and family that were getting married. After dinner Amber got in her PJ's and we cuddled on the couch watching movies all night till we fell asleep.


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