Did you forget about me?

Hello, my name is Annie Rodríguez, as you can see I'm not originally English, but since little I have lived in the beautiful country of England. I moved from a little country in Central America called Costa Rica and moved here! I met a great friend called Liam Payne! Even though we get bullied at the school, we support each other and we have great times together!!
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1. How we met

It was the first day at my new high school at England. I just moved from Costa Rica, and even though I have great english, I'm afraid that I can get too nervous and forget how to speak! I'm a really quiet person, I'm actually shy when meeting people, and, the first thing I always hope, it's that the people talk to me first. 

At first hour in the morning, I got to high school. We entered to classes and the teacher presented me in front of my classmates. 

"Guys, welcome Annie Rodríguez, she's from a spanish speaking country, so if she has a mistake, please help her and don't laugh at her", the teacher said, "Annie, you can sit over there.", she pointed at my new seat.

I sat quietly and trying to avoid looks. Immediately, the class started, I tried to concentrate as much as I could. 

"Annie, can you please tell me the answer to this question?", the teacher told me pointing at the question that was written in the board...

"Ah.. Umm... I think it is...", I said hesitating a lot because I got nervous!

"Idiot!!", "You're so dumb!", "Why are you even here?!", and "No one likes you!! You're too stupid!!", were some of the things that I heard after hesitating.

"Everybody! Stop!", the teacher shut up  everybody in the class.

"The answer is...", and I finally answered the question.

After a long History class, I went out to recess.

"Bitch", I heard someone telling me while walking out.

I ignored that person trying not to act I was hurt since all the things that they told me during class. Suddenly, I felt my body against the locker.

"Hahaha, you're the new girl, right?"


"Why don't you do me a favour and give me all your lunch money?!"

"Ah.. Umm, but with what I'll eat then?"

"*laughs* Do you think I care?"

"Please, leave me alone..."


"You heard! Leave her alone!", I heard someone telling them that trying to defend me.

They let me free, but they took the boy against the wall.

"You came for your daily punches, don't you, Payne?"

"I didn't come for anything! Just leave her alone! Isn't it enough to bother me?!"

I was there immobile watching the scene. Few minutes later, I saw how those guys punched the boy so strong and several times. I just heard them laughing and leaving the poor boy in the floor. 

"Are you ok?", I asked the boy

"Yes, are you?"

I nodded.

"My name's Liam, Liam Payne, and I think that you're the new girl, Annie, right?"

"Yeah", I tried to smile.

And, that's the beginning of a new supportive friendship!

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