Modeling In Love

Adelaide "Lai" Henderson is one of the most well known models. So it's no surprise that she runs into One Direction at a party, or to be more specific, Harry Styles. The rest of the boys are there all right, but Harry stands out. Certain she won't see them again, she plays around with Harry. But she happens to be the girl in their next music video. Uh-Oh. She runs into Harry and pretends not to recognize him, till Simon decides that since Harry has been getting to much bad press about being a ladies man, he needs a girl to pretend to be Harry's girlfriend and well, she'll be on a contract of course and he'll know, so will his family. But do things escalate when feelings start to develop? What happens when the contract ends and they're forced to part ways, possibly for good?


2. The Job

It was the pounding in my head woke me from a reasonable slumber, light streamed through the curtains and I turned away. pulling the blanket over my head. 

Thank god I'd had someone with me last night, probably John, my assistant who was waiting in the limo all that time. John is, how can I say this, officially my assistant but he is almost like a servant or nanny sometimes. It comes with the position. 

The pounding continued and I shoved the blankets back and let the cold air settle over me. That helped a bit I guess. Not enough that I could get what I needed but a bit. 

I reached out for my cell phone and found it on the nightstand, like it should be. Even drunk, it was a habit I couldn't break. 

John had - apparently - tried to call me several times over the course of the morning, and so had Sophie my agent and manager, earlier this morning. 

Can't a girl get some sleep after a night out partying? Apparently I don't.

I called John back and told him to come over and get me some Advil, my hangover kills and that I am awake now and needing his assistance as that's what he was hired for. After hanging up with a thank you, I pulled the blanket back over my head and shut out the light. 

Close to ten minutes later, John had arrived with a glass of cold water and two Advil's to relieve my hangover. I took them without hesitation, and the hangover immediately subsided almost completely. 

"What was it that you and Sophie so desperately needed this morning while I was still passed out?" I asked him after finishing the glass and setting it next to my alarm clock. 

"You have a job, next week at some point. You're going to be in a video shoot." 


"One Direction." 


"They're the biggest boy band in the world right now and Sophie figured it would be 'fantastic publicity for my darling.' Her words, not mine."

"Ah, I'll do some research later then. Can I go back to sleep now?"

"Yes, but remember that you have to call Sophie to tell her you accept the job." 

"Can't you do it?" 

"I can't do everything for you Lai."

"But you're my assistant, so assist me and make the call." With my final word in, I flopped baqck down, pulled the covers over my head and,subsequently past out. 

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