Modeling In Love

Adelaide "Lai" Henderson is one of the most well known models. So it's no surprise that she runs into One Direction at a party, or to be more specific, Harry Styles. The rest of the boys are there all right, but Harry stands out. Certain she won't see them again, she plays around with Harry. But she happens to be the girl in their next music video. Uh-Oh. She runs into Harry and pretends not to recognize him, till Simon decides that since Harry has been getting to much bad press about being a ladies man, he needs a girl to pretend to be Harry's girlfriend and well, she'll be on a contract of course and he'll know, so will his family. But do things escalate when feelings start to develop? What happens when the contract ends and they're forced to part ways, possibly for good?


3. Starting The Job

I dressed up in something cute, but easy to change in and out of for the video shoot today. My outfit consisted of a navy blue, polka dotted, tie front, sleeveless blouse with a black, theory mini skirt and matching navy blue flats. I wore a black belted trench coat and headed out with my purse and phone, climbing into the limo as I went over the sheets Sophie had printed off for me about One Direction. 

So I read them on the long drive there. They started on the X-Factor and quickly rose to fame. Came in third in the overall competition but were then signed by Simon Cowell who they boys call 'Uncle Simon.' Debut single is called What Makes You Beautiful. First album is called Up All Night, second is called Take Me Home and the third that has yet to come out yet but is to come out November 25th is called Midnight Memories and the boys say it is dedicated to the fans that stay up past midnight for them. Alrighty then. I bet they have the craziest fandom.

Pictures were also included. 

A boy with light brown hair styled up into a quiff and light blue eyes named Louis Tomlinson. A boy with black hair also styled up into a quiff with brown eyes named Zayn Malik. A boy with shorter brown hair then the rest, also styled up into a quiff with brown eyes named Liam Payne. And a cute boy with blonde hair but brown roots and familiar blue eyes named Niall Horan. He was the Irishman I'd danced with that night at the party. And finally a boy with dark curly hair somehow styled up into a quiff with green eyes named Harry Styles turned out to be my curly haired pursuer from that night. 

Well now all I had to do was pretend I was to drunk to remember any of them. 

My limo stopped and I climbed out to where John was waiting for me. I gave him the papers and put on my sunglasses I'd found in the limo. 

"Here, Sophie printed these out for me." 

"Right, thank you. Now follow me inside." He said as he moved forward and clipped the papers to his clipboard. 

Inside the building, I slipped my sunglasses up onto my curled brown hair so I could see better as I followed John through the studio. 

We finally emptied out onto a larger room with one half of the room covered with sets for the video and the other half of the room filled with tables with food and racks with clothes people. 

I walked over to a pair of girls, one with long brown curly hair and the other with shorter blonde hair. "Hi," I said. "I'm Adelaide, I'm supposed to be the girl in the video?" 

"Maybe, I don't know. I'm Liam's girlfriend, Danielle." The curly haired one said. 

"I'm Zayn's girlfriend, Perrie." Said the blonde. 

"Oh, well thanks anyways." 

"Wait," Danielle called as I turned to walk away. "I know who can help you though." 

She lead me over to a group of for or five people, all professional looking and told them who I was and what I was doing. They got me set up right away. 

"Thanks, Danielle." 

"No problem." She answered before heading back over to Perrie. 

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