Modeling In Love

Adelaide "Lai" Henderson is one of the most well known models. So it's no surprise that she runs into One Direction at a party, or to be more specific, Harry Styles. The rest of the boys are there all right, but Harry stands out. Certain she won't see them again, she plays around with Harry. But she happens to be the girl in their next music video. Uh-Oh. She runs into Harry and pretends not to recognize him, till Simon decides that since Harry has been getting to much bad press about being a ladies man, he needs a girl to pretend to be Harry's girlfriend and well, she'll be on a contract of course and he'll know, so will his family. But do things escalate when feelings start to develop? What happens when the contract ends and they're forced to part ways, possibly for good?


4. Hullo

There were no problems till the shoot was over. I went over to the food table and grabbed a donut with chocolate dip and took a hearty bite out of it. Oh god, I think I'm having a foodgasm. 

I was about to take another bite of the heavenly dessert when Danielle and Perrie came up to me. I quickly brought the donut away from my face and wiped my mouth. 

"Enjoying the food?" Danielle teased, making me blush. 

"Uh, yeah. If you tried one, you'd know. Total foodgasm." I said with a slight smile. 

"We did earlier. Know what you mean completely." Perrie said. 

I laughed and looked down at the donut. Couldn't stuff my face now. Damn. 

We joked around for a while - Danielle, Perrie and I - till they noticed someone staring at me. 

"Ooh. Harry's watching you!" Danielle said. 

I turned and saw him watching me. "Why?" 

"Oh come off it. You can't honestly think he wouldn't watch you, you're a model aren't you?" 

"Yeah... So?" They just rolled their eyes and smiled. 

"We'll just leave you to talk to him..." Perrie said, as she and Danielle started backing away slowly, I saw Harry slowly approaching and tried to bring them back. 

"Get back here!" I hissed. "Don't leave me alone with - hey Harry..." I bit my lip and cursed inwardly. 

"Hi Adelaide." He said in a slow, smooth, deep, British drawl. 


"So I wanted to ask you about the party." 

"The party?" I asked, starting my act of playing dumb. 

"Yeah, last week. We danced together for a bit, then you danced with Niall for a bit then-" 

"I don't remember seeing you there." I interrupted. "Must have had to many drinks by then." 

"Huh... Well, if you ever remember... I'm sure you're assistant could find a way for you to get a hold of me." He gave me a brilliant smile then stalked away. 

By god, that was weird. Was he... Hitting on me? 

I remembered the donut in my hand upon glancing down and took another hearty bite of the treat, this was to good to be store-bought, I must say. 

Still with a mouthful of food, another person approached me. This time it was their manager, Simon Cowell. Why do I get all the bad luck? 

"Hullo, Miss Henderson." 

"Mr. Cowell." 

"I'd like for you to arrange time in three days to meet with me at my office around three. Would that be doable?" 

"Oh, I'll have to check with my agent but, I'm sure my assistant John would know if I was available." I told him. 

"Why don't you call him over." 

"Of course." I turned and scanned the room for him. I spotted him not far. "John!" I yelled and he looked over, I gestured with my hands for him to come over. 

"Hullo, Mister Cowell." John greeted when he approached. 

"Hello. I'd like Miss Henderson to meet with me at three in three days time? Is that alright?" 

John flipped through his papers and scanned through them. "Certainly." He answered. 

"So it's set." 

John brought me back to the limo outside and I was dropped off at home where I fell onto m bed and passed out. 

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