Modeling In Love

Adelaide "Lai" Henderson is one of the most well known models. So it's no surprise that she runs into One Direction at a party, or to be more specific, Harry Styles. The rest of the boys are there all right, but Harry stands out. Certain she won't see them again, she plays around with Harry. But she happens to be the girl in their next music video. Uh-Oh. She runs into Harry and pretends not to recognize him, till Simon decides that since Harry has been getting to much bad press about being a ladies man, he needs a girl to pretend to be Harry's girlfriend and well, she'll be on a contract of course and he'll know, so will his family. But do things escalate when feelings start to develop? What happens when the contract ends and they're forced to part ways, possibly for good?


1. Cat And Mouse

The black Alaia velvet full skirt dress that came to my knees fit nicely on me, as well as the red cropped leather jacket keeps the cold away from my arms, my legs not so lucky. 

As we pulled up to the venue, I popped on the red platform pumps and stepped out of the limo, cameras flashing the moment my chauffeur opened the door and the red pumps appeared on the black pavement. 

I smiled and posed for a few of the cameras, then continued inwards, shedding my jacket and giving it to the nice boy who went to hang it up and who would return it the moment I headed for the door. 

Next, a man with a clipboard asked me my name. 

"Adelaide Henderson, model." I told him and he waved me through into the mess of hot, intoxicated bodies. I pushed through them to the bar and ordered a drink, waiting for it to arrive before making my way to the VIP section where I sat down near a group of five boys who were all sitting around each other and talking, a bit loudly might I add. 

"C'mon, Liam! I want to go dance!" One of the boys complained. 

"No, wait till we finish our drinks." The boy, Liam, apparently replied. He was obviously the most responsible of the five. 

"I already finished two." Another complained, this one had an Irish accent. That was new, considering we were in London. 

"Yeah, and see, you're the only one who hasn't finished." 

"Whatever." A pause, then the sound of glass hitting a table. "Let's go."

They passed and one with dark, curly hair caught my eye. I watched till they disappeared into the tangle of bodies then turned back to my almost empty drink. 

Downing the last sip, I headed into the tangle and felt bodies all around me. 

I slipped into the haze off the room and moved to the beat, letting people move around me, not bothering who it was. Till I spotted the curly haired cutie heading my way and a smirk, matching his, spread across my face as I turned and pushed through more bodies, casting a innocent look behind me to find him in pursuit of me, getting stopped by girls who wanted to dance, but he pushed forward. 

Finally, I turned and closed my eyes, moving to the beat till I felt two large hands grab my hips and pull me against a larger figure, whom I instantly knew what my curly haired pursuer without opening my eyes. But I had a game. 

After a minute I cast a look up at him and smirked and slipped from his grip, making my way to the bar where I ordered another drink. He knew the game as well though, because he appeared feet away from me at the bar and we shared a smirk and I took my drink and sat on a stool, watching the crowd, hoping for a guy to dance with.

A body appeared on the seat next to me, no doubt it was my pursuer. 

"What's your name?" He asked. 

"Adelaide Henderson. But my friends call me Lai." 

"I'm Harry Styles. My friends call me Harry." 

I stiffled a giggle and downed what was left in my glass and headed back out without another word. Upon investigation I found a dance partner. A blonde cutie who was very cute. Adorable more so. But his roots showed hints of a darker brown so I knew the blonde was artificial. That didn't stop me from moving over to him and putting my arms around his neck. 

"Dance with me." I asked, without really asking. 

"Alright." Ah, he was the Irishman. Inspiration even more. 

We swayed to the beat till I cast and innocent look behind me, Harry was watching from a distance with a look of hatred spread across his features. I cast an innocent wave and smile his way. He looked around and started to dance with another girl, reasonable, but this was my game. 

"I'm going to get a drink." I told the blondie and moved away and back towards the bar where I got a drink and headed up to my table before Harry could find me. 

This was not over. 

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