Modeling In Love

Adelaide "Lai" Henderson is one of the most well known models. So it's no surprise that she runs into One Direction at a party, or to be more specific, Harry Styles. The rest of the boys are there all right, but Harry stands out. Certain she won't see them again, she plays around with Harry. But she happens to be the girl in their next music video. Uh-Oh. She runs into Harry and pretends not to recognize him, till Simon decides that since Harry has been getting to much bad press about being a ladies man, he needs a girl to pretend to be Harry's girlfriend and well, she'll be on a contract of course and he'll know, so will his family. But do things escalate when feelings start to develop? What happens when the contract ends and they're forced to part ways, possibly for good?


5. A Lot To Think About

The meeting with Simon Cowell hadn't made loose any sleep or caused me any worry. None. I was used to people inviting me to meetings and discussing possible future jobs with them. It wasn't uncommon for me. Quite the norm actually. 

So I dressed casual, but cute in a pair of dark wash, ripped, super skinny jeans, a pink Franklin and Marshall hoodie that fit quite tight, but was still warm, TOMS desert wedges, and I threw my phone, wallet and other girl necessities into my cute kitty purse, that had a kitten face printed on it, then climbed into the limo to make the long journey to Simon Cowell's office. 

It was all the way across London, we lived on opposite sides of the city, so it was quite a long drive to get there. So I layed down on the seat and played angry birds on my phone. I had yet to beat the last set of five levels and was slowly beating them. 

In fact, right as we arrived, it was down to four. 

John appeared outside, I seriously don't know how he does it. He wasn't even in the limo! 

"Still trying to beat angry birds?" 

"Pfft, no." I lied. 

He rolled his eyes and lead me inside the building and up to the top floor where I sat down in a almost empty board room. The only people in there were Simon, a lady in a business suit and John and myself. 

We sat down near the end farthest away from the door where a t.v was attached to the wall and Simon sat at the head of the table. John stood behind me. 

"Hello, Miss Henderson. I'm glad you could make it." 

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, Mr. Cowell." 

He smiled at me and clicked a button on the small remote in his hand that I hadn't noticed earlier. An image appeared on the screen, it seemed to be the cover of a magazine. On it, it showed Harry and some lady holding hands and walking down the street. 

"Maybe you know this, maybe you don't, but Harry has been receiving a lot of bad press about being a ladies man." He clicked the button again and it showed him holding hands with a different girl. "I don't like bad press, Miss Henderson." 

"I can understand why." 

The picture changed again, showing another magazine cover with Harry holding hands with another different girl. "I'd like to stop that bad press with your help." 

"What are you proposing, Mister Cowell?" John asked from behind me. 

"I want to put Miss Henderson under a contract for the year. After that, she can decide whether or not she wants to keep the job." 

"What's the job?" I asked. 

"It will be quite simple, really. I've already talked to your agent, Sophie and she says that if you're okay with it, she is. So really, the decision is up to you." 

"You still have not told her what the job is." John interjected. 

"Yes, I'm sorry. Under this contract you will be signing on to be Harry's girlfriend-" 

"What?" I exclaimed. 

"-And he will know about this of course and so will his family, but it will be his and yours choice to share it with he rest of the boys." He finished, not even acknowledging my outburst. "So, what do you say, Miss Henderson?" 

I thought about it for a moment. "I don't know. Does Harry know already?" 

"No. I will be telling him tomorrow when the rest of the boys come in for a meeting. He will be alone of course. I was wondering if you'd join us."


"See you tomorrow at noon then." 


John lead me out and back to the limo. 

Jeez, this was a lot to think about... 

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