its about time you come back

hey soo my name is litsel styles yes my brother is harry styles from one direction our parents died IM 16 HAVENT seen my brother In 2-3 years im all alone with no one if your wondering i cut it makes me feel better i smoke weed when im depressed and i drink to get stuff out of my mind but what happens when my brother harry finaly comes home and im in love with his best mate what happens when he tell them im off limits


2. SUPRISE!!! im back


                            I was going back home. i cant wait to see my sister litsel. " you guys ready i shout " i shout "yeah" i hear the lads yell. " were are we going again" niall says. " to my sisters house i tell them". " wait you have a sister" zayn said. " and you never told us" Louis said. no time for explaining lets go. i say

    we were in the car on our way to my sisters house. when we got there the place looked soo old and dirty. what happened here. we got of the car and walked in the house " litsel" i yelled. the whole place was breaking down. soo ermm you live here" liam said. "i don't now " i said



 I heard some one scream "litsel" said a boy. i got up and went down stairs with a bat in my hand just in case. i was walking down the stairs when i feel some one touch me from behind. i turn around hitting him on the balls. he had curly puffy hear. "what do you want from me" i say. "were is my sister" the boy said "were is litsel" he said i was in shock he said my name " harry" i say looking into his eyes " harry' i yell giving him a hug im sorry" i said."its okay don't worry im here to protect you" harry said

"sooo" i here some one say i turn around and see 4 handsome boys standing there.

sorry harry said

"lads this is my sister litsel" harry said

the boys stared at me with there mouths open

"what" i say

" your beautiful" said the one with blond hair

" thank you " i say

" litsel this is liam, zayn, niall,louis." there my band mates harry said

" umm hi i said

wow she looks like you allot harry, Louis said

" yeah you both have dimples" niall  said

 " you both have the same nose" zayn said

 " same look" liam said

" just that shes way more prettier than you" zayn said

  " shes off limits doe" harry said

 " why you gotta be like that harry" Louis said

 " cuz i don't trust you boys with my sister" harry said

    " litsel i don't want you to fall in love with none of them okay" harry said

yes harry i say they made there way to the living room. liam couldn't stop staring at me i smiled and turned around. i was sitting on the couch took out my bag of weed in it and started smoking it when i fell some one grab my hand and threw it on the floor

"what the fuck" i say

" litsel why do you smoke this" harry said

' i smoke it when im depressed i say not give it back" i yell

  " no" harry said

    its not right for you to smoke this its not good for your health harry said

 " why do you care" i say

 " cuz your my little sister " and your only 16 harry said

   " if you cared soo much were where you when mum and dad died "  and i needed you the most harry i said tears running down my face i got up and locked my self in my room




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