its about time you come back

hey soo my name is litsel styles yes my brother is harry styles from one direction our parents died IM 16 HAVENT seen my brother In 2-3 years im all alone with no one if your wondering i cut it makes me feel better i smoke weed when im depressed and i drink to get stuff out of my mind but what happens when my brother harry finaly comes home and im in love with his best mate what happens when he tell them im off limits


3. dont worry about


" if you cared so much were where you when mum and dad died and I needed you the most" I said. running away from harry and going to my room locking my self in I didn't want to see him I new he barely came but its true when I needed him the most he wasn't there I cant take this is anymore my life is ruined " mom dad I miss you pleas come back" I said taking out my blazer and making some cuts down my wrist " uhhh fuck" I said to my self. I I was making allot of cuts down my wrist when I hear a knock on my door it was niall " what do you want niall if harry sent you here im not gonna open the door" I said


" harry didn't sent me now open the door" niall said

ahh fuck I got up put my sleeve down to cover my wrist and threw the blazer under my bed and opened the door

" what " I said

" may I come in " niall said

" yeah whatever" I said

he entered my room and we sat on my bed we were talking for hours when Louis comes in and wanted to talk to me I let him in

" ill leave you guys alone" said niall

Louis POV

                    " Ill leave you guys alone " niall said

" how may I help you" litsel said

I looked at her straight into the eye she was beautiful I didn't now what to do she would turn me on when I see her even if we barley met I now shes off limits and stuff but ugh her dimples her eyes her lips. Her perfect body I haven't felt like this with anyone she was playing with her nails when I see cuts on her wrist I got her hand and saw  the big cuts she had

" litsel you cut"  I said

" umm yeah " litsel said

 "but why " I said

" because I cant take any of this any more " litsel said

" my life if filled with bull shit" she said

" I got her arm and kissed her cuts" don't ever cut again litsel you are beautiful and its not right to harm yourself " I said

" I promise but pleas don't tell harry pleas" I said

" fine but promise u wont cute" I said

" promise litsel said


     he saw my cuts fuck man hes gonna tell harry I said to my self pleas don't tell harry Louis I said

" I promise but you wont cut" I promise

"thank you I said "

hey guys ill continue it tomorrow my mom is being a bitch



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