Black Foxes

You know how some teenage girls jobs are working at a fast food place and other things like that. Not us, The Black Foxes, we're six highly trained girls who are thieves, the best thief. We're known all around the world. There's Lilly the one who gets fire-walls, security systems, stuff like that down form her lab-top, and she's the pretty one too. Then Destinee and Lena the great fighters. We all are good fighters but their the best. Emily, the distraction. Heather, she's like the watch dog. Then there's me, Jess, the Leader and master thief. We never did anything wrong till one night we have to rob One Direction, but the thing is they have something of mine and I can't walk up to them and ask for it back or they'll know I'm one of the Black Foxes but if I don't get it back they, my team, will have to kill, we've done this once before to the seventh member and now if I don't get it back I'll die and I only have one week.
-Black Fox


3. Day 2

Jess' P.O.V

 The day we robbed One Direction was Monday and I only had five more days to get it back. I slid out of my bed and changed into super skinny black jeans, baby blue tang-top, I slipped on my blue and grey vans. I grabbed my jean jacket and walked out the door. I started to walk, I was about two blocks from my house when I was stopped by two guys.

"Hey hot stuff." One said.

"Can I just go to school?" I said. They looked at each other. "So I'm guess thats a no." I said.

"You wont to play a game?" One said coming closer to me.

"Take other step and I'll break your nose." I said.

"Really? So is that a yes on the game?" Other one said.

"Are you testing me cause I will do it." I said.

"Sure." One said a stepping closer to me. I punched him, he stepped backward grabbing his nose.

"Told you." I said. He pulled his hand away and it was covered in blood. "I'm going to be late, Do you wont me to break your noses to?" I said. They moved out of my way. "Thank you." I said and continued to walk.

"Need a ride?" Said a voice I knew too well. I rolled my eyes then turned to looked at him.

"No am good." I said turning back and continued to walk.

"C'mon you're going to be late." He said driving at my speed.

 "Then let me be late."
"C'mon Jessamine jus-" I had stopped by then.

"Don't you ever call me that again. You lost that privilege." I said. "Get it, Naill."

"Okay just get in." I nodded and got in. The drive was quit, he didn't talk, I didn't talk. We finally pulled up in the school parking lot. Niall turned the car off and locked the doors.

"Um Niall whatcha-whatcha doing." I said looking at him.


"Don't" I said looking down. "Call me that. Jess. Thats my name. Call me that or don't call me anything." My curly brown hair covered my face.

"Jess, look at me." I rose my head and looked at him. "What happened to us?" His heads came closer to my face to cup it.

"You stopped loving me, when they came." I said grabbing the door handle, unlocking it and getting out. I walked through the front doors and was greeted by the rest of One Direction.

"What." I said and rolled my eyes.

"Where's Niall?" Zayn asked.

"How should I know. I haven't seen him since yesterday." Just as I finished Niall walked through the doors.

"Hey guys. C'mon we'll be late for class." He said and walked away, everyone followed him but Liam.

"You may have everyone else fooled, but not me. I know you're one of them." He whispered in my ear then followed the others.

"Um....... okay"

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