Black Foxes

You know how some teenage girls jobs are working at a fast food place and other things like that. Not us, The Black Foxes, we're six highly trained girls who are thieves, the best thief. We're known all around the world. There's Lilly the one who gets fire-walls, security systems, stuff like that down form her lab-top, and she's the pretty one too. Then Destinee and Lena the great fighters. We all are good fighters but their the best. Emily, the distraction. Heather, she's like the watch dog. Then there's me, Jess, the Leader and master thief. We never did anything wrong till one night we have to rob One Direction, but the thing is they have something of mine and I can't walk up to them and ask for it back or they'll know I'm one of the Black Foxes but if I don't get it back they, my team, will have to kill, we've done this once before to the seventh member and now if I don't get it back I'll die and I only have one week.
-Black Fox


2. Day 1

Jess' P.O.V

 I popped up and grabbed my bed. My bangs where flat on my forehead, stuck there form the sweat. I pulled the covers off and got dressed for school. I had put on a blue Hello Kitty tang-top with some ripped short shorts and all white all star connivers. I grabbed my backpack and walked out of the front door. I only lived a few blocks away from school. On the away Lena ran into me, like really ran into me.

"Hey!" I said pushing her away.

"God you got stronger." She said. She was wearing a red and black plaid shirt with black skinny jeans and backer boats.

"Thanks." I said. I walked on leaving Lena behind. When I walked into school everyone looked at me. I  normally had my girls around me. My curly brown hair stopped at my shoulders and my bangs stopped right at my eyebrows. I didn't move as everyone looked at me. My eyes scanned the crowd and stopped at the beautiful green eyes across the room. I looked away quietly.

"Jess! Over here." Lilly yelled. I looked in the direction where her voice come from. I walked gracefully thought the crowd. I stopped in front of her.

"Hey. Um that was wired. Why is everyone looking at me?" I said. She looked down. "Lilly. Answer me." I said slowly.

"Because Harry is saying you're dating." She said and looked down.

"I'm going to kill him." I said and walked away from her. The crowd moved away when I walked. I was stopped by Liam. "Move. I need to talk to Harry." I said looking up at him. He was only a few inches taller then me. He didn't move. "C'mon! I need to talk to him." I said. Harry walked up behind Liam.

"You needed to talk to me." He said.

"C'mon here." I said and walked by the wall. He followed me.

"The only reason I'm saying we're dating is because I need your help, well we need your help." He said. My eyebrows raised.

"With what?" I asked.

"Well did you hear we where robbed by the Black Foxes, and we wont to know who they are, and we know Destinee's sisters was one, so I thought that you would know how to find them." He said. I pulled out my phone.

J- Get the girls and come to me.

I texted Lilly. I watched her pull her phone out and read the message. I looked back at Harry.

"Maybe." I said. He walked back to his gang.

"What? What is it?" Emily asked as I turned to look at her.

"Harry wants us to find us." I said. Their eyes went wide.

"What!? No we can't!" Destinee said.

"I don't wont to "date" Harry and plus we're not going to find the Black Foxes." I said.

"And I'm still the leader." I said. They nodded. "Okay. Meet them at lunch." I said and walked to class.

-----------Skip to Lunch-----------

 I sat down across form Harry and my girls next to me.

"So, you going to help?" Liam asked. I nodded.

"Well, all we know is that they wear these." Liam said holding my bracelet out. I could see the girls cover their right wrist with their left hand.

"Okay. Anything else?" I said.

"Yeah, we know the leader has brown hair and she goes to this school." Niall said.

"How do you know, she, or they go here?" Lena asked.

"We're the only high school in a hundred miles." Louis said.

"Okay, so where to we fit in?" I asked.

"Well, you girls are gracefully, strong, quit and only talk to each other." Harry said. I nodded.

"Can I see the bracelet?" I asked. Liam shock his head. Okay well that didn't work.

"Okay we'll help, if you tell everyone we're NOT dating." I said.

"You got it, Jess." Harry said then winked.

"So there's Jess, Lilly, Destinee, Lena, Emily, and Heather. am I right?" Liam said. We nodded.

"Jess can you say sorry boys, but the Black Foxes need this." Liam said. My eyes went wide.

"Do you think we're the Black Foxes!" I yelled. Everyone looked at me.

"Yes, Yes I do, thieves need three things which is gracefulness, they need to be strong , and they have to be silnet!" Liam snapped.

"Liam! That enough!" Came a voice form the end of the table. I looked to see who it was.

"Zayn." I said softly.

"We need their help if we wont to get IT back." He said. The bell rang and everyone left for their last class.

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