Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

What do get when you have a Romeo and a Juliet who are a part of rival gangs? Chaos. He was a Suicidal and she was a Homewrecker, never to get into contact with one another, unless there was violence involved. But with two lovebirds forced to hate each other; tension rises, secrets are kept, and it becomes a rollercoaster of hell for the two rival gang members.


1. Birthday Girl

"Make a wish, bitch," Charlie smiled. I blew out the fire, taking over the car in front of me, with a fire extinguisher.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY!" everyone around me shouted. I got pats on the back and smiles, but it wasn't until Charlie walked up to me with a cupcake, that everyone grew silent.

"Now really make a wish, kiddo." I giggled and blew the candle out from the cupcake.

Everyone gave a round of applause afterwards and Ashley, a fellow Homewrecker, turned on the iPod radio, "Birthday" by Selena Gomez started playing loudly. We all started to sing along, relighting all the cars in the area, and dancing around them. I ran beside Charlie, getting my black and white Chuck Taylors and skinny jeans dirty, and her black combat boots collecting dirt as she ran.

"Blow your dreams away with me!" we both shouted.

I enjoyed my birthday party with my Homewreckers. We all came to the "car graveyard" and lit things on fire, bringing them to an ash. Then we danced around, jumping on cars, smashing anything in our path.

Things were going great, until one girl shouted "BOYS IN BLUE!"

Everyone started to run away from the main entrance, going to the back way, close to the highway. "What are you doing?!" Charlie yelled after me.

I was running the opposite way. We left our stuff up front and I knew that it could possibly be traced back to us if the cops got a hold of it. Charlie continued to call after me but I ignored her. No way was I going to have my family locked up, especially on my birthday.

"Not so fast," a voice said. I heard a gun click and I immediately froze, dropping Ashley's iPod, Charlie's lighter, and my pocketknife. "Now turn around," another male voice spoke.

I looked far and I could see Charlie watching me, probably cursing at the fact I didn't listen to her.

"I said turn around!" they yelled again. I slowly turned around, not wanting to have something else added on to my recently new criminal record.

"Oh hell no." I put my hands down. "As if I'm going to take orders from you fuckers."

"Well if it isn't Ms. Allycat. Enjoying your birthday?" the slightly short one walked up to me, the gun still in his hand, but now facing downwards.

"Same to you, Doncaster. And not so good...some dicks, and their munchkin leader, pretending to be cops decided to ruin my party," I smirked.

Louis was rather short. Or so he was to me. I was 5'7", he slightly shorter than me. His brown hair tossed, to the side, and incoming beard gave him an older look that a cop could have. But instead he was 21 and a Suicidal.

"Too bad. Seems your crew left you," he looked behind me, smirking. "I guess they don't care if we kill you. You really are pathetic; no wonder your parents dumped you on the side of the rode." I spat in his face and pushed him onto the ground. I kicked the gun underneath one of the burned cars and sat on him, beating all my anger out on him. Two of his members pulled me off, one hitting me in the process. I struggled to get out of their arms.

"You're crazy, kid," Louis scoffed getting up from the ground. He walked up to me and grabbed my face, "But we're even more crazy. You see that cop car?"

I looked past him and at the newly stolen cop car. A curly haired boy was leaning against it, he had a cigarette sitting in the corner of his mouth, looking at me through his shades. I looked back at Louis and he was eyeing me.

"We just killed a cop and stole his car. Now you and your little girl group may steal a few things but we will kill if we want something."

I spat in his face again. "You don't know me or my family."

The two guys holding me started to laugh. The black haired one said, "Family? Wow, you girls are so sensitive and sentimental."

"Don't anger her, Zayn," the other one holding me continued to mock me. "She might run home and cry to her little teddy bear."

"Hey!" I heard a voice yell. "Let my little sister go, or I'll rip all your balls off and feed them to Roxxie, here." I smiled widely. If I heard Roxxie's name in a sentence, I knew it was-

"Marina," Louis smirked. "You're just in time. We were about to give you're girl here a customary Suicidal mark."

Marina walked past the curly haired boy who didn't seem phased by Marina or her German Shepherd. She pushed past Louis and lifted up my shirt to show the tattoo on the left side of my hip. "She doesn't need anything customary from you bimbos."

Zayn and the other person dropped me onto the ground. Marina helped me up and clung her arm around me. "Now. If I see you near Ally again, I will not hesitate to hurt you. So, I advise you stay the fuck off our territory." Louis tried his best not to seemed phased by Marina's threat.

I nudged her, just ready to get out of there. Without hesitation, Marina pulled Roxxie along and we left. "I'll be seeing you around," Louis yelled after me.

As we walked past the gate of the car graveyard, the curly haired one was still leaning against the police car. I could feel his gaze falling on us, even with his dark shades covering his eyes.


"Mind telling me what the fuck that was," I said to Charlie as she closed her locker.

"I told you not to go back and you didn't listen."

"It was to get your lighter and Ashley's iPod," I said angrily. "If it wasn't for Marina, I could've been dead probably, and dumped in a river!"

"Yeah and if it wasn't for me, Marina wouldn't have been there," Charlie responded. I stopped in my tracks and watched her continue to walk down the halls.

"What?" I said. She turned around and walked up to me.

"Marina always has Roxxie with her. I had nothing on me. I could've been dead in seconds if they saw me. I called her, asking her to help you. At least be fucking grateful you're here standing in front of me." And with that she turned and walked to class.

I walked the opposite way, hiding my embarrassment. Some birthday.


Ashley and I walked from school together to the ice cream store. "So. How does it feel to be 15?" Ashley smiled, the sun beaming on her tanned face and red dyed hair.

I nodded my head and smiled back, "Off to a rough start. But it'll get better, I'm sure." She looked at the ground, guilty. "Sorry our party for you was a failure."

I shook my head. "I got to set fire to a bunch of cars and dance around with my family. It was amazing!" I hugged Ashley tightly and we ran for the ice cream shop.

Astro's ice cream shop was a few blocks from our home, here in Calabasas. It was a daily hangout spot after school, but sadly the location wasn't the best. Astro's was on the border of Homewrecker and Suicidal territory which meant we had to....share. As we walked inside, I sucked in my breath, hoping no Suicidal was inside. The diner-looking ice cream store was deserted except for one person who's back was towards us. I could tell it was a male, his muscles flexing out of his navy blue shirt. "Nice butt," Ashley winked at me. I started to blush as I looked at the back of his black skinny jeans. I elbowed her to be quiet.

We walked up to the large counter and rung the bell. "He's not in yet," The male voice said. His voice was husky and seemed to have an accent. "He said he'd be back in a few minutes."

"Thanks," I nodded. I pulled Ashley to a chair and sat with her next to the mysterious boy. He glanced over at us, or so I thought, watching him from my peripheral vision.

I turned my attention to Ashley who was holding her phone up to me. "What are you-"

"Smile!" The flash quickly came and then disappeared. She winked at me before fiddling with her phone.

"There are my three favorite people in the world!" I looked up to see Astro walk inside from the back. Astro was in his late twenties, never fully revealing his age. Saying your age is just saying how closer you are to death he always said to me. His full name was Astor Astro, his family being the first to have a astronaut ice cream franchise.

"So it's a special girl's birthday," Astro winked at me. I smiled eagerly.

"Yes it is," I replied. The boy next to me smirked. Probably laughing at me for being overly excited for ice cream. But after what happened early this morning, I deserved it. Astro picked up a large bucket of ice cream.

"Vanilla, Chocolate, and your favorite, Grapenut," he slid the bucket over to me. "You know what I like," I smiled at him. I leaned over the counter to hug him. As I sat back down, I glanced over at mystery boy who's green eyes were piercing into me.

"And my boy, Haz," Astro sounded a bit more excited. "It's been years!" Ashley and I watched them do a simple handshake and a quick hug.

"Only 3." "It feels like forever. You were so much younger when we first met," Astro smiled.

"How old are you now, man?" Harry's gaze fell upon me. His eyes never leaving mine, "I just turned nineteen. In March." I slowly looked away.

I turned to Ashley who was looking at her phone horrified. "What's wrong?" I whispered.

"We have to go. I'll tell you later." She was the first to get up from her chair, and I followed pursuit, grabbing the big bucket of ice cream.

"Oh," Astro stopped us. "I never formally introduced you girls to Harry here," Astro winked at the boy and then hopped over the counter. "Ashley. Allison. Meet Harry."

And as he stood, I could see now that he was a lot taller than I imagined. Possibly 6 feet tall or more. He obviously worked out; his arm muscles flexing even as he got up from his seat. Sure he was skinny, but I'm sure he could pin me down in a second, even though I took kick boxing classes.

Ashley took the bucket of ice cream from me. "Hi," she said quickly to Harry. Harry and I stood face to face...well not exactly.

He stuck out his hand and smiled. "Hi," he said as I shook his hand.

"Hi," I responded.

"So you're Allison?" I nodded. "Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl." Astro stood next to us.

"Harry is new here. Just got in from the UK and is staying close by." Our hands still shaking I eyed him suspiciously.

"Sounds lovely."

He did the same. " maybe I'll see you around?" he asked.

Ashley nudged my foot. I grabbed my backpack and started to walk out the door. As I walked out, I turned around to look at Harry. "Maybe."

{A/N: Woo! First chapter to my new story :D So hopefully this turned out decent, I came up with the idea from out of the blue and just knew I had to write it. Please read and comment your opinions, it lets me know if this good and not boring. I plan on having music for each chapter, sort of like the background music in a movie, so I hope you don't mind that. It's not necessary to have the music playing, but it makes it more interesting, in my opinion.}

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