Theatre of parodies

Your beloved Dexholders are acting out in a series of parodies of movies and even parody of the parody in one-shot styles chapters. Cussing and violence warning. Please do review upon reading. There will be laughter, Romance, drama, and randomness.


2. The terms and the commerical

"They used you as puppets, but for me I got a better idea." Republic Empire said. He takes out papers which said contract.

"A contract?" Platinum asked.

"Got a problem? All you have to do is to sign which you have to do everything I say until the contract terms are expired." Republic Empire explained.

"What?" They all said with anime sweats.

"Exactly! Now, SIGN IT!" Republic Empire shouted it.

"If we refuse?" Blue asked.

"Then you will never return to your universe then." Republic Empire glares at them.

They are scared when they found out the other side of the door was a void. They finally sign the papers. "Excellent! Now, listen up Maggots! I got my pecking order. It goes you, me, fans, and your creators. Any questions?" Republic Empire explains his rules.

"What you mean fan shippers?" Yellow asked.

"Good question, they are the one wrote stories about you shipping with each other. I found it dull, but with this fanfic business I will make profit out of it. I will come with this shipping I chose for the fans. It goes Red to Yellow, Blue to Green, Gold to Crystal, Ruby to Sapphire, Diamond to Platinum, Silver to Lyra, and final Pearl and a random fangirl. Any objects?" Republic Empire smiles at the group.

"Yeah, Why I have pair with Gold?" Crystal asked with disgust look.

"Why a Fangirl?" Pearl asked.

"Who's Lyra?" Silver asked.

"Ah, that's the good part about it. I can make stories better. But enough of this. I will create parodies on the shippings based on movies I like the most and make this fanfic a profit out of it (not really, it's just for fun). Now, let's get to work." Republic Empire rose up from his seat.

"So, there are going to be food?" Dia asked.

"Yes, there will be food. I got my stars to be feed and get them ready for their roles in my parodies." Republic Empire as he grabs something.

"Cool" Dia cheered.

Suddenly, a whole buffet was serving to our lovable dexholders. They started to eat their food until Republic Empire came with Scripts.

"All right, I got the scripts here." Republic Empire as he passes them around.

"What is this?" Crystal asked.

"Die Hard?" Green asked.

"Huh?" Red asked.

"What?" Yellow asked.

"Sweet I got the main role!" Gold shouted.

"Seems reasonable" Silver said.

"Republic Empire or that's your name is. Is this the story about a police officer against group of terrorists?" Platinum asked.

"Glad you asked, my lady. You see, I was originally put you all in different movies. But each chapter is whole movie. Also I will modify and improvs will be allowed. Also by the way, I wanted to set up before each story begins; there will parodies on popular commercials or skits" Republic Empire glees.

"Can I designer?" Ruby asked.

"Who cares about that sissy!" Sapphire shouted at Ruby.

"TO be fair, why the script of our dialogue said subtitled in the film Phantom of the Opera?" Emerald asked.

"Oh, yes. You will be sending to language to know your lines better. It's just I wanted origin of story to be cool and awesome at the same time. Except for Platinum knows French. Oui, Madams?" Republic Empire said.

"Now, then. After your meal, I got a commercial coming up. Gold, here will play the Old Spice commercial." Republic Empire told to everyone.

"Sweet!" Gold shouted.

"So, everyone gets a turn?" Green asked.

"Oh, yes" Republic Empire answered.

"Sir, the commercial test starts in 2 hours." One of Republic Empire camera crew said.

"Good, now we will began." Republic Empire said to the group.

As Gold goes to his room to get ready for Old Spice commercial, Republic Empire has his crew reading the set.

"Um, you are sure about this?" Green asked.

"Are we getting paid for this?" Silver asked.

"Oh, yes. When the contract expired, you will receive 10 million by your universe's currency." Republic Empire explained.

"What we do for 10 million? Wait a sec, if we are in another universe, why you brought us here?" Crystal asked.

"Oh, I was bored out of death since I got exams for college coming up in the real world." Republic Empire answered with his Kepi on saying Director.

"Sir, your actor is ready." One of the crew said to his ear.

"Excellent." Republic Empire said in Mr. Burns's style.

Everyone get the set ready. Gold enters like the guy in the Old Spice commercial.

"Quiet on the set! Lights, camera, and Action!" Republic Empire shouted.

After series of practice tests, they are ready to do the real one.

Republic Empire's parody of Gold's Old Spice:

Gold: Hello Ladies. Look at your guy, Back to me, back at your Guy, back to me. Franky, he's not like me. If he stop using crappy ladies' wash to old spice to smell like me. Now look down and back up, where are you? You're one boat with the guy the guy could smell like. What's in your hand? Back to me. I have this oyster has two tickets to the thing you love. Look again, the tickets are now diamonds. Anything is possible when your guy smells Old Spice, not some sissy boy. I'm on a horse by the way.

Old Spice. We will bring out real men.

"And cut! That was too brilliant!" Republic Empire shouted in joy.

The set was down as he comes to Gold.

"You lad, made me happy. The Old Spice commercial parody will never be the same. Besides TFS, I want you have this as your personal collection." Republic Empire said to Gold.

"Well, thanks. I always a good actor." Gold remarked it.

"Liar" Everyone except for Republic Empire.

"Pecking order!" Republic Empire shouted.

"Sorry!" Everyone quieting except for Gold.

"Damn, right you are. I know your character on the manga. Just because of his nature doesn't mean he is heartless except Red who thinks he is good trainer. I mean come on, Not as I am around you cannot harm Gold unless it's the sake for the story. So, where were we? Oh, first. Our first movie parody begins. Now, you get ready to learn your Russian words or face my wrath. I am giving all the time you need." Republic Empire said to the rest of dexholders.

Author's Notes: AH, yes. I am getting ready for Exams. Until the exams are over, I start doing the story for chapter one. Most of the stories are one-shots. It's a collection of one shots, but I will divide them in part if it's too long. Also I am also planned to continue Urusei Yatsura and Total War crossover sequels in the winter season. Also see my other stories. Also review and in your review make sure who will take the roles for this movie parody of Anastasia. But this time, I will appear in any roles I desired. Oh, I planned to be the villain in the movie since Christopher Lloyd is a comedian. Yes. Also Pokémon Adventures vol. 43 is coming in January 25, 2013. Also the end of the world is not coming on 2012, if it is the end of the world, it couldn't start right now.

Updated: This is part of the reediting process. For those chapters you about to see the next are the chapters I tended to do. For the cancelled and the retiring process that I am going through which most of the chapters of this one will convert to this form in the first chapter. Also for the good things in this world, continue reading this. Geez, how hard to do that. Review after you're done reading this if you like it or hate.

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