Theatre of parodies

Your beloved Dexholders are acting out in a series of parodies of movies and even parody of the parody in one-shot styles chapters. Cussing and violence warning. Please do review upon reading. There will be laughter, Romance, drama, and randomness.


13. Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi part two

They head out. At the Death Star, Darth Giovanni arrives at the Throne room.

Sird: I told you, to stay at the command ship.

Giovanni: a small rebel force landed on Endor.

Sird: I know.

Giovanni: My son is with them.

Sird: Funny, I did not. Are your feelings are clear?

Giovanni: My feelings are clear, my empress.

Sird: Well, he will come to you. Then, bring him before me. Go to Endor and await him here.

Giovanni: Yes, my mistress.

At Endor, they see the wreckage of the speeder

Gold: She was here, right?

Silver: Yeah, that's a different one.

Pearl: R2 is still scanning the area.

Dia: Funny, this the last record, she was here.

Sapphire: DO I smell something!

Ruby: Hey, Wait!

They go after her until they found her looking at the dead deer (real life).

Gold: I don't get it. It's a dead, animal.

Sapphire: I'm hungry!

Silver: no, wait!

They all got caught in a net.

Ruby: Great! Always thinking with your stomach!

Sapphire: It's not my fault, I haven't eaten since the trip.

Gold: Yeah, we have a buffet before we left.

Silver: Can you stop arguing and get out of this? Han, can you reach my lightsaber?

Gold: Sure!

Dia: I got a better idea.

Pearl: I don't think it's a good ide…aaaaaaaa!

They all drop to the floor to see more pokemon surround them. A Scyhter points his blades near Han.

Gold: Hey! Point that thing somewhere else.

They argue to do with him until C-3PO appeared.

Pearl: What happen?

They were shocked to see C-3PO and they start worshipping him.

Pearl: What?

Gold: What's going on?

Pearl: It seems they think I am a god?

Gold: A god? Can you use your holiness to get us out of this.

Pearl: I could, but will be improper.

Gold: Improper? Why you!

They turn against him.

Gold: He's a friend.

Luke face palm. At the Village, they had taken the guys to be burn alive.

Gold: I shouldn't see this coming.

Until Leia appeared, but they stopped her.

Crsytal: But these are my friends.

They have told C-3PO to let them go, but there are more problems arose until Luke use his Jedi powers to convince them. At night, the heroes are part of the Tribe. Luke is outside as Leia appeared.

Crystal: What's wrong?

Silver: That My father is Darth Giovanni.

Crystal: your father?

Silver: And you are my sister. I have to go.

Crystal: Luke, why?

Silver: I have to.

Luke left and Han appeared.

Gold: What happen?

Crystal: Oh I want to be alone, Gold.

Gold: Can you tell to Luke. That's you can tell?

Crystal: Gold…I…..

Gold: Look, I'm sorry to….

Crystal: hold me!

They embrace each other. At the Imperial Base, Darth Giovanni arrives as the AT-AT come to the docking bay. The Imperials captured Luke to appear to Darth Giovanni:

Imperial Officer: My lord, this is the Rebel surrendered to us. But there are more of them out there. He was armed with this.

He gives the lightsaber to Giovanni.

Giovanni: Good work, commander. Continue your search.

Imperial Officer: Yes, my lord.

The Imperial Officer and the stormtroopers left.

Giovanni: So, you decide the truth?

Silver: I accept that you once my father, Red.

Giovanni: That name has no longer a meaning to me.

Silver: That's your true self, only forgotten. I know you have good in you. You were manipulated by the Empress herself. You just let go of your hate. That's why you won't take me to your empress now.

Giovanni turns on the Lightsaber.

Giovanni: It seems you made a new lightsaber. But you don't know the power of the Dark Side. I must obey the Mistress.

Silver: No, you can come with me and end this!

Giovanni: It's too late, my son. Now the Empress will show you the ways of the Dark Side.

Silver: Then my father is truly dead.

The Stormtroopers take Luke, but Darth Giovanni has a moment of thought. The shuttle takes off, the Rebel fleet goes to hyperspace to Endor while the Rebels entered the Bunker due of the fact that one of the creatures help to drive out 2 guards to chase one of them. At the Death Star, Luke and Darth Giovanni appeared before the Empress.

Sird: Welcome, Young Skywalker. I have been expecting you. You don't need those. Guards, leave us.

The Guards left.

Sird: I been forward to completing your training. Soon, you will call me, Mistress!

Silver: You're wrong, I'll be dead and you with me.

Sird: You think you can beat me? I assure you, we are safe here. What about the attack of your Rebel fleet? Yes, I know all about it.

Silver: Your overconfidence is your weakness.

Sird: So, does you confidence in your friends is yours.

Giovanni: It's pointless to resist, my son.

Sird: Everything is according to my designs. On, I lay a trap for your Rebel fleet and your friends at the ground. I have my finest legion awaits them. I'm afraid that energy shield will be operational when your fleet arrives.

At the Bunker….

Imperial Officer: Hey!

Han throws something to caught him off balance. But more come.

Imperial Officer: You rebel-scrum!

They capture them. The Rebel fleet arrived.

Platinum: All ships report in.

Wally: Red leader, standing by.

Green Leader: Green Leader, standing by

Yellow Leader: Yellow, standing by.

Platinum: Gold, leader standing by.

Wally: sent your s-foils to attack position.

They prepare to attack the Death Star.

Republic Empire: May the force be with you.

At the Falcon

Joey: I got a weird reading.

Platinum: Are you sure?

Joey: Something is jamming us.

Platinum: How could they jam us if they knew that we….were coming? Break off the attack!

Wally: I got no reading. Are you sure?

Platinum: All ships! Pull out!

They break off the attack until they face…..

Rebel officer: Sir, we got Imperial fleet near us.

Republic Empire: IT'S A TRAP!

They go head on by incoming…..

Wally: TIE fightes incoming including Bombers.

Green Leader: They are too many!

Platinum: Engage them! Get away from their ships!

Wally: Got it.

They space battle begins as dogfights ensures.

Sird: Now, boy. Witness your destruction of the Alliance and the end of the Rebellion. Yes, you want this do you? Use your anger and hate to kill me.

Silver: no.

Sird: It's unavoidable. It's your destiny.

At Endor forest, the heroes see the Imperial Legion is waiting for them. That until the Pokemon that the heroes benefit came to….

Camera reel stops

Sorry about this, due of the Director's decision to have this scenes between Pokemon and Imperial forces was taken out due of the backlash we get. Imagine someone from PETA will come to the Director and show disturbing videos he wishes not to see. We are sorry to show this because of this. I hope you can understand this. We can only show the battle scenes between the Imperial Forces and the Rebels only. Start the Roll.

The Camera reel resumes.

The Rebel fleet holds out

Platinum: That's strange? Why the fighters are attacking us and not their ships?

At the Imperial Fleet

Saturn: Mam, we are in attack position.

Ariana: Just hold.

Cyrus: We are not going to attack.

Ariana: Don't worry, I got the orders from the Empress herself. All we have to do is to prevent their escape.

At the Death Star

Sird: Now, you will witness the firepower of this fully armed battlestation. Fire at will, commander.

They prepare to fire the superlaser.

Sabrina: Fire!

They fire the laser to one of the Rebel capital ships.

Platinum: That thing is operational! This is Gold leader!

Republic Empire: Prepare for retreat!

Platinum: I won't let you do that!

Republic Empire: That thing will kill us!

Platinum: We got no choice to give Han more time.

At the ground, the rebel commandos hold out.

Gold: I think we need something to get this thing.

Crystal: R2, we need you!

R2 appeared.

Dia: Need my help?

He works on it until the stormtrooper hits R2.


Pearl: Dia, why you have to be so brave?

Dia: I hit twice in this saga.

Gold: I got no choice then.

Crystal: I cover you, Gold.

The battle rages in Space when the Rebel fleet attacks the Imperial fleet at close range which they suffer heavy losses. At the Death Star…

Sird: Your fleet is lost. And your friends will not survive. It's all comes down to this.

Luke looks at his lightsaber at her side.

Sird: Still want this, do you? Take it. Stike me down and your journey to the Dark Side will be completed.

At the moment, Luke grabs the Lightsaber to begin the fight. But it started with Death Giovanni. At the Endor….

Sapphire: Come on!

Ruby: What's your plan?

Sapphire: That!

Showing a AT-ST as she grabs the vine to get there.

Sapphire: Climb on!

Ruby: I don't think it's a good….IDEA!

They go the AT-ST which she knocks the hatch.

AT-ST Pilot: What was that?

AT-ST copilot: I got it.

He opens it which he was grab and toss aside which Chewy punches him to death. He threw him out.

Sapphire: So, I push this.

The machine starts working.

Ruby: Hey! I am taking over!

At the Bunker….

Gold: I got it!


Gold: Whoops!

Stomtrooper hits Leia.

Gold: Crys! Are you alright?

Crystal: IT's not biggie.

Stormtrooper: Freeze! Don't move!

Han sees Leia is ready with her gun.

Gold: Crys, I love you.

Leia: I love you too, you perv.

Stormtrooper: Hands up!

When Han got out of the way, Leia kills two stormtroopers. Han was amazed, but shocked to see the AT-ST.

Gold: Oh, shit! Stand back!

But the hatch opens to be…

Sapphire: Hey, Bitches! I killed like 100 stormtroopers with this.

Gold: That's cool!

Sapphire: Damn right, it's is. You see this squirrel.

The laser hits it.

Sapphire: BAM!

Gold: That's great. Can you blast this door open?

Sapphire: Hey, look a butterfly. Not anymore!

Laser hits it.

Sapphire: Hey speedy bird. Sorry about this! Bam!

Laser hits the bird. Then she looks at a bee hive. She grins evily.

Sapphire: oh, Ruby.

Ruby: What?

Sapphire: Let me handle the controls from there.

Ruby: Ok, what I do?

Sapphire: Just stay there.

Ruby: I got a bad feeling about….

The laser hits the hive which attacks Ruby….

Ruby: Not the bees. AHHH! Oh, my eyes! Argh! Argh! My eyes! AHAH! ARGH! ARGH!

He keeps rolling around to drive them.

Crystal: Should we help him?

Gold: eh?

Ruby: I think….I think.

He collapses on the ground.

Sapphire: That's one time for not….REMEMBERING IT!

She takes out the meds to Ruby.

Gold: Wait! I got an idea.

At the Death Star, as Luke battling Darth Vader.

Sird: Good, let your anger flow you.

Luke turns off.

Giovanni: It's unwise to lower your defenses…..

He attacks Luke which he jumps up.

Silver: I can't do. You are in a conflict. Internal conflict.

Giovanni: There is no conflict.

Silver: Then I won't fight.

Giovanni: IF you don't fight, then you will meet your end!

He threw his lightsaber to cut the brigde which Luke disappear. The Empress laughed evily. At the Space front, the rebels are still holding on.

Platinum: Come on! Old Uncle. Don't let me down.

At the Planetside, they lure the Imperials to a trap that allowed the rebels to take the shield by having charges.

Giovanni: You can't hide forever, Luke.

Silver: I will not fight.

Giovanni: Join the darkside. It's the only way to save your friends including your sister. You have a twin sister. So, Blue Oak has hidden her from me. His failure is now complete. If you don't join, perhaps she will….

Silver: NEVER!

At a fit of rage, he overwhelm Darth Giovanni until Giovanni lost his hand and lightsaber.

Sird: Good! You're fulfilling your destiny. Now take your place with me in your father's side.

Luke look at his robotic arm and compare to Giovanni's hand.

Silver: Never! I will not join the Dark side. You failed your highness. I am a Jedi like my father before me.

Sird: So, be it Jedi.

At the ground, the shield is destroyed as the Rebel space fighters enter the Death Star. But at the Death Star…

Sird: If you don't give in, then you will be destroyed!

She force lighting him.

Sird: So, much planning! And your failure to listen! Your skills are no match against the Dark side of the Force.

She continue to do which Luke is in pain.

Silver: Father, please! ARGHHHH!AHHHHHHHHH!

Giovanni just look as he is making a choice.

Sird: Now, you will die.

She resume back to torturing him to die.

Silver: AHHHHHH!

Now Giovanni stare at disbelief which he made a choice to stop the Empress from killing Luke.

Sird: What are you doing!

He threw her out to her death as she falls and exploded.

Silver: Father?

He grabs Darth Giovanni, now Red in his arms. The Rebel forces destroyed the Super Star Destroyer, and enter the core of the Death Star. While Luke drags Red to the shuttle.

Giovanni: Luke, take this mask off.

Silver: You will die!

Giovanni: That can't stop now. I want to see you in my own eyes.

He removes the mask to see his face at last.

Giovanni: Go, my son. Leave me.

Silver: No, I taking with me. I don't want leave you. I got to save you.

Giovanni: you already did. Tell your sister, you were right about me.

Silver: Father?

Then Red and Darth Giovanni die.

Silver: no. no. no.

He teary cries as he takes the body into the shuttle. They escape from the Death Star II which it exploded which they make out in time. At the planet….

Gold: I hope Luke wasn't on it.

Crystal: no.

Gold: If he comes back, I get out of the way.

Leia hits him in the head.

Crystal: No you idiot! He's my brother.

Gold: Oh. My bad.

Megaree: Chika!

They put the bushes around Megaree as they make out. Now, they all celebrated for the defeat of the Empire, but Luke put up a pyre funeral for his father now become one with the force at last. Planets in the Galaxy celebrated the victory of the Rebel alliance. At the planet, both Pokemon and the Rebels are celebrating the victory they earn in the bloody war. Luke sees the force ghosts of Blue Oak, Yoda, and Red (Special Edition fools). They all turn to the Camera.


Author's notes: IT's finally over! I can rest now! Man that was a long time to do. I will do a after show chapter to see our cast members have done. It's my masterpiece to done except there will changes in editing. Review this if you my version of Star Wars with your Dexholders. I hope you enjoy this Star Wars Saga, but I won't do Episode 7 for reasons I have. Now the credits!

Director: Republic Empire


Red, Blue Oak, Green, Yellow, Lance, Giovanni, Gold, Crystal, Silver, Pearl, Diamond, Platinum, Cryus, Saturn, Ariana, Proton, Petral, Archer, Lorei, Sapphire, Ruby, Achie, and the rest of the cast done a good job.

Music: John Williams (I don't own him.)

The rest of the Production: I credit you all for your hard work.

Now, I can take a break. Review and offer me a title to do. It's February, give me a romantic theme film to do. Alas, I can rest now and for the Dexholders to rest until further do!

Have a nice reading!

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