Theatre of parodies

Your beloved Dexholders are acting out in a series of parodies of movies and even parody of the parody in one-shot styles chapters. Cussing and violence warning. Please do review upon reading. There will be laughter, Romance, drama, and randomness.


9. Star Wars Episode IV: New Hope part two

Archer: You are far too trusting, we can deal with your friends later.

They destroyed the planet. Back to the heroes

Silver: What's wrong?

Professor Oak: I sense something disturbance in the force. Billion cried out in terror and then nothing. You should go back to your training.

Gold: See, told you I outrun those Imperial Slugs. At least you can thank me.

While R2 and 3CPO are playing space chess with Chewy, but R2 made a good move.

Sapphire: WHAT?! I shouldn't win this!

Pearl: Hey, he made a fair move.

Gold: I shouldn't done that.

Pearl: no complains about a robot.

Gold: Yeah except they don't pull out of their sockets when they lose. Wookies are know to do that.

3CPO looks at Chewy as she does the fist thing.

Pearl: Um, new plan. Let her win.

Dia: Scary cat.

While Luke is learning his Jedi Training, but he kinda failed.

Gold: Ha ha, there is no match against good blaster.

Silver: You don't believe in the force, do you?

Gold: I been one side of the galaxy to another, I found weird stuff. I found the force to be bunch of crap.

Professor Oak: I suggest you try it again, but on instinct. And stretch out your feelings.

He succeeds it.

Professor Oak: See you could do it.

Gold: I call that luck.

Professor Oak: In my experience, there is no such thing as luck.

Gold: I won't say it. Hey, we are here on time.

They to the crockpit to find….

Gold: Argh! We head to a asteroid collusion.

Silver: What happen?

Gold: My calculations are right, but no planet.

Silver: How?

Professor Oak: Destroyed by the Empire.

Gold: Oh, please. It will 1000 ships and enough firepower to….hold on!

Something hit them showing a TIE fighter.

Professor Oak: It's a short range fighter.

Gold: If there was a base nearby, we will get away.

Silver: We got follow him.

Gold: not for long!

They follow the fighter.

Professor Oak: Funny, this fighter couldn't get to deep space on it's own.

Silver: maybe got lost. We getting closer to that small moon.

Professor Oak: That's no moon, it's a space station.

Gold: It's too big to be a station.

Silver: I got a bad feeling about this.

Professor Oak: Turn the ship around.

Gold: Yeah, good idea. Wild Girl get us out of there.

They found out that they on a tractor beam. They are dragged into the hanger in the Death Star. Imperial forces are heading to the heroes' ship.

Archer: Yes?

(&&^* it, screw numbers)

Imperial Officer: Sir, there is a rebel coming out of the ruins of the planet. It's the same ship came out of the Desert planet.

Giovanni: They must return the plans to us. She may be use for us.

As Darth Giovanni arrives

Imperial Officer: Sir, there is no one board on this ship. They must escape in escape pods.

Giovanni: Have you found any droids?

Imperial Officer: no, sir.

Giovanni: I want everything on this ship to be found.

Imperial Officer: Yes, sir.

As Giovanni leaves….

Giovanni: Wait, a presence. A Presence not felt since…..

Now he leaves, at the ship.

Silver: Good idea for you to hide us.

Gold: Yeah, I never thought smuggle myself in. This is stupid. How we do this?

Professor Oak: Who is the fool? The Fool or the fool follows the fool.

At the ground

Stormtrooper: If you find anything, tell us about it. Ok, let's go!

As they left until leaves two guard the ship's entrance.

Stormtrooper: Huh?

Stormtrooper: I hate this job. I hope something will happen.

Gold: Hey, you two down there.

Stormtrooper: huh?

Gold: Can you give us a hand down here?

Stormtrooper: hmmm, sounds fishy. Don't you think?

Stormtrooper: Nah, I think we should.

They enter the ship until they got kill.

Imperial Officer: TK-421, why did you leave your post? TK-421, respond.

He sees the stormtrooper who knocks his helmet. Imperial officer statues him

Imperial Officer: I am going down, there's a problem.

The Door opens showing Chewy, Obi-Wan, and another stormtrooper.

Imperial Officer: What the?

They kill every Imperial officer inside. The same stormtrooper came in.

Silver: YOU Idiot! That nearly alert the entire battlestation.

Gold: So let them! I am tired of sneaking around.

Professor Oak: Hurry, we the station's tractor beams are.

R2 gets the database from the Death Star and finds the room.

Professor Oak: I don't you boys can't help me. I must do this alone.

Gold: You don't have to say it again.

Silver: I want to come with you.

Professor Oak: You must stay and protect these droids. The force will always be with you. Always.

Obi-Wan leaves.

Sapphire: Where you find this old man?

Gold: She's right, where you find that old fossil?

Silver: Ben is a good man.

Gold: Better than staying around waiting for him to pick us as high school kids.

Silver: Who are think…

Dia: I found her!

Silver: What? Who he found?

Pearl: Who you find?

Dia: Princess Leia.

Silver: the Princess?

Gold: ! A damsel in distress? What's going on?

Dia: She's on detention block 2001

Gold: Wait! There is a damsel in distress? Why you didn't say anything before? What she looked like?

Silver: R2, show the message.

Dia: Ok.

They show the message.

Gold: Nope, she's too serious.

Silver: What happen to "Saving Damsel in distress" crap?

Gold: Change my mind when she looked like.

Silver: But they going to kill her.

Gold: Better her than me.

Luke sighs, but he got a idea.

Silver: She's rich.

Sapphire: !

Gold: Hold on! Rich you say?

Silver: She's rich and powerful. The reward will be…..

Gold: What?

Silver: More than you ever imagine.

Gold: I can imagine it already. So, what's your plan?

Silver: um, can I get those.

He grabs the handcuff.

Silver: Ok, I put these on you.

Sapphire: Oh, hell NO! Don't put these on me!

Silver: Ok, you put these on.

Gold: Hey, Sapph. Don't worry, he got this going.

Pearl: What about us?

Silver: Lock the doors.

Gold: And hope for no blasters.

Pearl: oh, I was hoping for that.

As they go to the Death star hallways to the Detention room.

Imperial Officer: What is this thing?

Chewy made a death glare.

Silver: Prisoner transfer to 2001.

Imperial Officer: Ok, put it in.

They tried to grab Chewy, but they attack the Imperials.

Gold: OK, she is cell 930. You go get her while I hold them here. Um, everything is ok now. Nothing to worry about it.

Imperial Officer: What happen?

Gold: Small arms problems, but everything is ok now. How are you?

Imperial Officer: We're sending a squad up.

Gold: um, wait! We got a reactor leak in here. Give us a lock down and we can fix this mess soon as possible.

Imperial Officer: Wait a moment! You liar, there's no reactor on that detention floor.

Gold: ummm….

He fires at the messager.

Gold: I hate stupid conversation anyways. Sil, We got a problem over here.

Silver enters the cell.

Crystal: Are you too short to be stormtrooper?

Silver: I'm Luke skywalker, I'm here to recuse you.

Crystal: Are who?

Silver: Luke Skywalker, I'm here to recuse you. I'm here with Ben Oak and your R2 unit.

Crystal: Ben Oak?

Silver: Come on.

Meanwhile at the Death Star, Blue Oak did his job which Darth Giovanni notices something. At the dentention floor.

Sapphire: They're here!

Gold: Get behind me!

Stormtroopers appear while Chewy and Han retreated.

Gold: Great, they're here.

Crystal: You managed to cut our escape route, you brainless idiot.

Gold: Excuse me, Super Serious Gal.

Lasers are blasting everywhere. They face a problem.

Crystal: That's it!

Gold: What are you doing?

She blasted the garage chute.

Crystal: Into the garage, flyboy!

She enters the chute.

Gold: Smart gal, she is. Either I hate her or I beginning to like her at all.

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