Theatre of parodies

Your beloved Dexholders are acting out in a series of parodies of movies and even parody of the parody in one-shot styles chapters. Cussing and violence warning. Please do review upon reading. There will be laughter, Romance, drama, and randomness.


15. Phantom of the Opera

As Republic Empire comes up the Stage and lights show him.

Republic Empire: Hello, you already knew me as your host. I decided to give you the chapter you waited for. Why I choose this? The parody will be composing of all works of the one show. I think I been working for the last month. I will collect my work, but I offer director positions for certain chapters. will direct the show as I am the conductor of my glorious orchestra. I give her the director's position because that person made the fanfic in the first place. Now, I present you: The Phantom of the Opera.

The orchestra people are getting ready while Republic Empire is dressing up as a conductor. As Republic Empire readiedhis gloved hands before casting their eyes down to the orchestra pit. The Republic Empire symphony orchestra is getting ready as they prep their instruments up while the Hologram techs and prop people are getting the sets ready. Now, Republic Empire comes up and taps to get the Orchestra ready and then…..


France, 1919

A carriage comes to abandon Opera House, where an old man comes out to enter where an auction is held. He sees others are in the auction. The man walks into the dusty and remarkably faded building, noticing that he is not the only one present for the auction.

Seller: SOLD! Your number…ah, yes 2001. Now, to a Sneasel with a cymbals. Anyone for 50 francs? 50?

Professor Oak: Aye!

Seller: Anyone for 75?

Agatha: Aye!

Seller: anyone for 100?

Professor Oak: Aye!

Seller: Going once and going twice. Done, sold for 100 francs for Blue Oak!

When they gave the Sneasel doll to him, the old man has a surprised expression on his face. He recalls someone speaking of the toy long ago.

Professor Oak: Is this the one she was talking about?

Seller: Now to a chandelier, in pieces. This is due a strange affair that is recalled as the work of the "Phantom of the Opera." A mystery that has… never been solved. However, we have managed to fix to the new electrical system. We have a chance to put it up to frighten the ghost away with a bit of illumination. Gentlemen!

The Epic Song begins! They chandelier rises while the stage is changing as history flows backwards. The Opera House is no longer dusty and transforms back into its old glory. Holograms of the masks flows around the stage as the title appears….

The Phantom of the Opera

Then as the song drew close to the end, we go back to years before the recorded disaster, to a rural area of France. There is a young girl and a young boy around 8 years old running along.

France, 1871

Green: Catch me!

Blue Oak: YOU pesky girl!

They continue in a game of tag.

Blue Oak: I swear I'll get you.

Green: Hehehehehe, you're funny.

Blue Oak: Argh!

They stop for a moment.

Green: you wanna promise me something?

Blue Oak: What?

Green: When we grow up, will you marry me?

Blue Oak: I…I…

Green: you're blushing, that means you like me!

Blue Oak: Pesky girl!

After that, years pass

France, 1880

On the below floors of the Opera House, the Opera Owner speaks with mysterious figure in the shadows. Only the light reveal his white mask.

Silver: I hope the last performance was good enough.

Platinum: Don't be ridiculous. You did well, but I have bad news.

Silver: I hope it's not too bad.

Platinum: I am going to retire soon.

The Figure is shocked to hear that.

Silver: Why?

Platinum: I have family problems to manage the estate.

Silver: Who will replace you?

Platinum: Oh, my two assistants will take over.

Silver: Those fools? What about that toad, Carlotta?

Platinum: I'm afraid I can't do anything about it.

The Opera owner left.

Silver: Those fools, they ruin the whole purpose of the Opera.

He hears something.

Silver: Who is that?

Showing the 18-year old Christine

Green: sigh, I came here for singing lessons. I shouldn't be here. But Madame Giry has taken me in. But who will teach me how to sing? Where is my angel of music?

Green sings in the empty Theater while the figure hears it which he fell in love with her voice. As he hidden, he spoke to her.

Silver: You have a beautiful voice, but it is untrained.

Green: Who are you?

Silver: I will teach you how to sing in one condition. I must remain anonymous to you. That's the reason I wear this mask.

Green: Yes, sir. When do I start?

Silver: Now.

Act I-

France, 1881

The opera workers are doing their business while someone with a terrible voice sings for their next production, Hannibal. Everyone sings while the Orchestra is connecting with the singers. Until they stop for a moment.

Platinum: Ladies and Gentlemen! Please, I have an announcement to make. For the past year, there are rumors about my retirement going around. I'm here to tell you that they are all true. Don't worry yourself though, as my two assistants now own the Opera: Armand Moncharmin and Firmin Richard.

Pearl and Dia: Hello! Hi!

Platinum: But don't worry, we have a benefactor. Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny!

Blue Oak: I and my family are patrons of the Arts. I'm sorry to interrupt your rehearsal.

Platinum: Please, continue.

Showing Meg Giry and 18 year-old Christine

Green: Is that Blue Oak?

Yellow: you know him?

Green: Yeah, we were child sweethearts. He always called me pesky girl.

Yellow: I can see why.

Green: I hope he remembers me.

Yellow: As you say so.

With the new owners….

Platinum: This is our Soprano, La Carlotta.

Whitney: We are honored by new ownership.

They resume for their rehearsal as the Ballet group appeared.

Clair: We have taken special pride for our dancing group.

Pearl: I can why. Who's the Blonde one?

Clair: Meg Giry, my daughter.

Dia: And who's the beautiful one? No relations I may ask?

Clair: Christine Daae. Very promising I must say.

Dia: Daae? I heard that name before?

Pearl: Is that the daughter of Daae? The Swedish violin player is related to her?

Clair: His only daughter. I took her in and she has been living at the Opera House ever since her father passed away.

Dia: An orphan?

They resume to their new production which they continue to sing until they stop.

As they stop for moment as Caroletta's dress was ripped. She pushed off Christine, who was responsible.

Whitney: Why you focus on the dancers! Look at this!

Platinum: Well…..

Whitney: I…not be singing if these dancing girls keep doing that. I refuse to work in this damn condition. This is the 10th time they did this! Are the new managers are excited by the dancers?

As she rants on, the new managers mumble something bad. Caroletta glares deathly to the new managers.

Whitney: Did you say something?

Dia and Pearl: Nothing! What you want us to do?

They just shook wildly to calm her down.

Whitney: Just praise me and do say I am best singer of the Opera House. Or you will have no show at all.

Dia: But….please, we need you!

Pearl: Yeah! You can honor us by your singing.

Dia: Yeah that will do.

They both frail their hands up and down until Caroletta relaxed after getting upset.

Whitney: Thank you. Masestro!

The conductor gets ready as the piano is getting ready as well.

Republic Empire: Start from the top!

They begin to start of the song, "Think of me" which Caroletta sings so bad that even the entire cast is flinching which time she is on a high note. But the mysterious figure with miracle put the backdrop on her. Everyone was surprised to see the commotion. The new managers were shocked to see it happen. Meg Giry sees someone in the shadows as the it disappear.

Yellow: It's him! The Phantom of the Opera!

Platinum: What happen here?

Brock: No one even I was up there. I swore…unless it was a ghost.

Pearl: As if…..

They both Caroletta is about to leave.

Dia: Please, don't go!

She is mad as ever.

Whitney: I have enough of this! All the time, these things do happen. I'm leaving! Have a good night to do your crappy show!

She leaves with huff leaving them with confused look.

Platinum: I hope you two do a good job. Farewell and tell me of your success.

She leaves the Opera House leaving them.

Dia: Will she back?

The new manger hits his manger on the head.

Clair: I have a message from the Opera Phantom.

Pearl: The Opera Phantom? Are you mad?

Dia: What does the message says?

They grab the letter with disbelief.

Clair: He welcomes you to his Opera House. And he demands that box 5 must be empty for him while to pay him 20,000 francs.

Pearl: His Opera House?

Dia: Demand box empty?

Pearl: 20,000 francs?

Dia: That could buy a lot of food for that.

The new manger hits his colleague in the head.

Pearl: It appears we can't do because we lost our star.

Clair: Can I recommend to Christine Daae? She was well-trained.

Dia: by whom I may ask?

Green: I don't know who.

The new mangers stare at each. They turn back to Christine.

Pearl: Show us. Come on, you can do it.

Dia: She's very pretty. I assume she can do.

Christine goes on stage.

Republic Empire: Take it from the start.

They waited for moment until the song starts which they were surprised that she can sing much better than Caroletta. The next night, Christine Daae preforms very well which caught the attention of Raoul.

Blue Oak: Could be Christine? Bravo! Where has she been to after those years?

At the Opera, Christine continues to sing at reach the depths of the sewers that the mysterious figure smiles with joy.

Silver: As I predicted. She is very talented, but so….

The mysterious figure walks away to the hallways. The show ended with a wonderful applauded to her performance. They threw flowers to her. The whole cast congrats to her. She continue to walk to her private room where hangs a picture her father. Someone comes in.

Yellow: Christine, you did great out there.

Green: Thank you. But I must thank the Angel of Music that my father talked about.

Yellow: Did the angel of Music teach you how to sing?

Green: I do believe that my father is the angel of music.

Yellow: But how?

Green: I do know. I do know.

Meg Giry left the room until Raoul came in which Christine didn't notice.

Blue Oak: Pesky girl.

Green: Raoul! You still want to call me with the nickname, eh?

Blue Oak: You did great out there. What happen to you?

Green: It's a long story.

Blue Oak: Well, you want to have dinner?

Green: Out a years, you have the nerve to ask me out. To be frank, my teacher told me a strict order to not to leave under any conditions.

Blue Oak: Who?

Green: The angel of music:

Blue Oak: What nonsense are you talking about? Come on, I get the carriage ready!

Raoul left until the mysterious appears to lock the door from the outside while Madame Giry watches from the distance. As Christine is about to leave until…

Silver: HOW dare he interrupt my triumph?! Your suitor has tramped my glory. I the one who made your debut. Is this I am being repaid! Now, come with me. I am your angel of Music.

Raoul came back to know the door is locked.

Blue Oak: What the?

He overheard something.

Blue Oak: Who is in there? Christine! Christine!

Christine enters the secret hallways with the mysterious figure that appears to be the Phantom of the Opera. They both sing the title theme as they both entered his secret lair.

Green: Is this your….

Silver: Yes, my home. I made the Opera shows. And I oversee them.

Green: But why….

The Phantom put his finger in her lips. Christine is fazed by his actions.

Silver: You intoxicate to me. You are unique. NO flawless as ever. I will make you famous of all the Operas. Put your trust on me.

Green: I want to know….

She getting sleepy which he put her to a circular bed. He overlooks her while she is peaceful asleep.

Silver: Sleep, my dear.

He turns around as he closes the curtain to his desk full of musical scores.

Silver: Why I do feel different when I am around her?

He put his head on the desk to sleep. Meanwhile at the one of the rooms where Joseph is telling a scary tale to the ballet dancers.

Brock: BOO!

The girls get frighten as Joseph makes a freighting face and creepy.

Brock: There's a ghost will haunt you. A ghost will get you.

But Joseph is pulled by the ear.

Clair: Unless you get it first. Go back to work!

She releases him.

Act 2

A sneasel with cymbals starts playing soon as Christine woke up. She scans the area which she sees the Phantom asleep which curiosity got the better of her as she removes the mask. Slowly, the Phantom woke up in anger.

Silver: HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU REMOVE IT WHEN I remind you not to! Curse you! I'm sorry. You must return. They are waiting for you.

He guides back to the Opera House. Soon, morning arrives when Caroletta appeared with furious anger.

Whitney: What the hell is this? A dancer has replace me? There's no honor in this!

Dia: Please calm down!

Pearl: We did have a good show last night.

Whitney: Why you replace me?

Pearl: We didn't! We need someone to do the part…..

Whiteny: You're lying! You hate me! WAHHH!

Dia: Please, don't cry!

Pearl: We don't hate you, it just…..

Blue Oak: Where's Christine? Have you seen Christine last night?

Pearl: My lord, we have bigger problems in our hands.

Dia: To calm our dear Soprano down. I don't like how she cries.

Clair: Good morning, sirs.

Blue Oak: Have you see Christine?

Clair: She's asleep.

Blue Oak: Can I see her?

Clair: You can't! She cannot be bothered by no one. But I brought another message from the Phantom.

The Manger grabs the letter as he opens frantically.

Pearl: Let me see. Dear new Mangers, I have brought you…..

Transition to the Phantom as he wrote the letter to tell his plans with miniature opera house

Silver: It seems the last night show was a success. I have written you a new opera. I have the right roles for this showing. Christine Daae will play the main role while Caroletta has must the silent role. Also leave box 5 for my use. If you fail to use, there will be a price to pay. Have a nice, sirs.

Back to the group which Caroletta grabs the paper to read it and tears it.

Whitney: It's her! I know it's her! Trying to sabotage my career!

Pearl: Please calm down! We will fix this.

Dia: How about we let her play the main role while Christine play the Silent role?

Pearl: That's….an excellent idea!

The next showing comes as Phantom has found out that they not only disobey his order, place Christine in the silent role. He sabotaged it along with killing Joseph who gotten in his way. After the show was cancelled, Christine went up to the roof. The Phantom is hiding in the chimneys, but suddenly Raoul appeared.

Blue Oak: What's wrong? Christine?

Green: It's him. He's angry at the new managers for not…..

Blue Oak: The Phantom? He doesn't exist. It was a accident.

As they both spoke, the Phantom was getting jealous as his hand become a fist. He noticed a rose falls down as both Raoul and Christine left. He picks up the rose and crushes it.

Silver: No. It can't be. I been lied? No, if I can't have her. THEN NO ONE CAN!

He stares at the moon with anger and vengeance.

Soon, a New Year has come. There is many carriages are coming to the celebration. They all sing Masquerade segment. They are dancing and singing (to be noticed: Gold and Crystal are there dancing together as they enjoying it including all the extras). But it was stopped by the appearance of the Phantom.

Silver: Why so silent, good sirs? You think I left for good. I have written you an Opera. Here!

He throws it to the new Mangers feet.

Silver: Now, I got instructions to be followed. Caroletta must be taught to be acted, our main male role must lose some weight, our mangers must learn to be in their offices, and our Christine Daae must learn that if she wished to excellence as her teacher.

He comes close to Christine Daae, but sees the wedding ring around her neck.

Silver: Your chains are mine. You belong to ME!

He disappeared into the floor as he being followed by Raoul, but led him to a mirror until Madame Giry got him out.

Blue Oak: Explain who was that?

Clair: A tragic. When I was once a student of ballet…

She explains the origins of the Phantom when she was around 16 to see a 10 year Phantom and witness his first murder after so much abuse from his overseer. She has let him escape into the Opera House.

Clair: Despite of that, he's a genius!

Blue Oak: Don't you see. A genius has gone mad.

The following next day, Christine is heading to a graveyard to visit her father's grave. She sings "Wishing You were Somehow Here Again" along until the Phantom along with Christine to sing the "Wandering Child" as Republic Empire keeps the tempo as the orchestra does it so beautiful.

Republic Empire: This is going to be good. We are heading to our climax after these parts. Hold on!

Raoul comes to Christine with worried face.

Blue Oak: Christine! Wait, this thing is not your father!

The Phantom appeared to fight Raoul in a swordfight which Raoul was able to bested the Phantom which Christine and the Raoul retreated back to the Opera house sparing the Phantom's life. They left in a hurry.

Silver: Now, it will be war on upon you both!

Act III-

Republic Empire and his orchestra plays the "We have all been blind" segiment until Raoul comes to Christine.

Green: Don't let him take me. He will never let go. He wants to dream. I know. If he finds me, he won't stop.

Blue Oak: Don't worry about that. We must take the chance to end his reign of terror!

Green: On what crime he committed?

Blue Oak: Murder and act of fear he inflicted upon.

Green: He did that? For me?

Blue Oak: For himself.

Now to the Opera House's performance is Don Juan Triumphant as Republic Empire's orchestra starts the show which Raoul and the French police with armed with needle-rifles with Bayonets waiting for the Phantom to arrive. The real Don Juan actor is killed by the Phantom as he replaces him with himself. Christine arrives on the stage when the real Don Juan went backstage. The Phantom, taking the role of Don Juan along with Christine to play out the segment of "The Point of No Return" which they done so beautiful and flawless as they match the song so perfect not even the best actors can't do it. Republic Empire was surprised about it as he kept going as a conductor of his grand orchestra. When the song comes to a near end, the Police are preparing to start their arrest on the Phantom. But that's when Christine reveals the Phantom's face which everyone was surprised to see in fear.

The police has started to go to arrest the Phantom, but the Phantom has different idea when the Chandelier falls at the stage which sparks a fire which everyone in the opera house panicked. Nevertheless, the Phantom with Christine runs to hide in his lair. A lynch mob arrived to hunt the Phantom, but Raoul with help of Madame Giry to get to the Phantom's lair.

Silver: Why Christine!

Christine stood there without respond. But the Phantom shows Christine a wedding dress, but notices there's a guest is coming. He hides in the shadows.

Blue Oak: Christine!

Green: Roaul, don't come any closer!

As Raoul failed to listen when the Phantom ambushed him, he whips him as Raoul screams in pain.

Silver: You must choose! Me or him! This is the point of no RETURN!

He continues to whips him until he decides to hang him. As long Raoul suffered in pain, she stood motionless until she said something.

Green: STOP it!.

Silver: I said, MAKE YOU CHOICE!

He continues to choke Raoul to death.

Blue Oak: Don't!

Now to the segment, "The Final Lair" when Christine kiss the Phantom which changes his mind to not to kill Raoul, he releases him. When they escape, the lynch mob are coming.

Silver: Leave me. Forget me, take him. Go now. Leave me aong. GO! GO NOW!

Christine and Raoul left which the Phantom sees his Sneasl with its cymbals. Then, he sees them off in a canoe with hint of sadness he has. He breaks all the mirrors in his lair. He retreats only to face the Lynch mobs. He was chased away by them. He turns around.

Lynch guy: Now, give up!

Silver: no.

He throws up in his hand up to startle the lynch mob that fled away, but no police was nowhere to be found. He turn to the corner to see the Police in a battleline as they hold back the mob.

Police Officer: Take your position.

First rank kneel as they all prepare to aim at him.

Police Officer: You're under arrest for murder.

Silver: no, I won't give up my passion.

Police Officer: Take aim!

The seconds become minutes until…

Police Officer: FIRE!

They all fire their needle-rifles at the Phantom which he was hit. Christine and Raoul watch what it happen.

Silver: My angel of Music, Christine…..

The Phantom dies of gun wounds. Christine buries her face into Raoul's chest.


A carriage comes to a graveyard showing a older Raoul comes to Christine's grave. He drops off the Sneasel with the Cymabals. He sees another grace with no mark, but says Phantom.

Professor Oak: You did Love her. I understand.

The music ends…..

Author's Notes: Damn, it's shorter than I thought. The main reason why I want to make more stories in this Theatre of Parodies. Yeah, this the best I can do. I would like to thank MrMissMrs Random to direct and help our show. I bid you later for our next story coming. Also I will reedit this soon as possible. Enjoy the first draft as you can.

Updated: This chapter will be covert from this system of writing to true writing system. So, be patient my friends also keep keeping the story.

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