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17. Napoleonic Cinderella

rector by: xxxDreamingflowerxxx

Written by: Republic Empire

Requested by: xxxDreamingflowerxxx

Story by: Republic Empire and xxxDreamingflowerxxx

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Republic Empire Theater of Parodies presents:

"Once upon a time in Europe in the age of Napoleon's reign whom he rules the French Empire. After the war of First Coalition, Napoleon demanded peace [1]. Now, all of Europe is at peace. Meanwhile at France, a certain young girl named Crystal, who lives with her father as he has given her everything she needs. But he worried that she needed a mother-figure. He married to a… *cough*... a lady of her status, Lady Clair with her two snobby daughters, Whitney and Sabrina. They lived… 'Happy' for a while, but in the year of 1810 [2], Crystal's father died. After the dead of Crystal's beloved father, Lady Clair revealed her true self; she was vain and jealous of Crystal's gentle and intellectual nature. Lady Clair reduced Crystal into a housemaid with no pay [3].

Later on since Napoleon had no son [4] as heir to take the throne after his retirement or death. He was, upon by advice by Josephine; Napoleon's wife, to adopt one of their nephews to take his place until, he found the right heir. He adopted Gold; one of his nephews, his now stepson who has an unusual case of having Golden eyes.

"This is our story begins" The Narrator says with exclaims with a sigh. "I'm not getting paid enough for this job…"


France, 1815

Peace has known for the French people for over 10 years since the battle of Austerlitz [5]. No war has distracted them, everyone has live their business and the economy has never been better. Somewhere, in a certain mansion, where a certain girl lives in the upper rooms, near the roof lays Crystal sleeping so peacefully until the sound of a bell ringing woke her up.

"Argh" Crystal woke up with hint of drowsiness.

"Another day is another day to work. Clean, work, helping the Professor, and more work. I wish I was free to do as I please. What's the chance that would happen to a girl like me?" Crystal sighs as she got dressed in a maid's dress.

At the floor of Crystal's, we go to a mouse-hole, where we meet our mice couple; Sapphire and Ruby, also a… 'Happy living… family' [6]

"RUBY, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?" Sapphire screamed in anger.

"What? It's like 7 in the morning? What are you screaming about?" Ruby replied while rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"I have been working my ass out to make this!" Sapphire points the breakfast in the table.

"You can cook?" Ruby asked surprised.

Sapphire face palms in disbelief and attempts to beat her husband up.

"NO wait! Argh!" Ruby screams in pain begging his 'oww' so loving' wife to spare him the pain and mental injuries that she always inflicts on him. Let's leave the lovebirds alone for a while.

"I am your narrator, a generic voice with no…..."Narrator [7] tells the audience until….

"Excuse me, who are you?" Crystal asked with confused look [8].

Anyway, meet Crystal; our main Protagonist of this Cinderella version for this theater and…"Narrator further tells the audience.

"Then what you are doing?" Crystal asked again.

"Look, just ignore me, but you do need to do what I tell you. It's part of the story." Narrator tells to Crystal [9]. Crystal just nods confused and continues her acting. "I have a bad feeling about this." She mumbled softly.

"Anyway, our dear Crystal was to work for her evil stepmother, Clair and her spoiled bitchy, good for nothing stepchildren: Whitney and Sabrina. She works day and night to serve them, but together with her sisters, she goes to the best High School in all of Europe. A high school, really? Can't the director come up with a better idea? Oh, it's part of the story? Um, ok. Meanwhile blah blah blah… While the narrator explains the story, we turn our attention to someone who is entering Napoleon's palace on his horse.

We meet the crown prince of Imperial France, Gold. When his father died, his mother had to raise him on her own. He is Napoleon's nephew by blood and was adopted a few years before the battle in Austerlitz. Also from his birth parents side Gold is a French nobleman with Corsican roots.

"This is Gold, the Crown prince. He is the designated to become heir to the Throne. Napoleon adopted him, because Josephine was unable to bear children. But he has unbecoming as a prince. What brings the attentions of the Emperor?" As the Narrator is telling the story, Gold enters the room with Napoleon waiting for him along with Josephine.

"Explain." Napoleon asked to Gold with disappointment.

"Explain what, Uncle?" Gold replied with hint of curiosity and amusement,

Napoleon points out the newspaper on the table. Gold looks at it which the newspaper says, "Crown Prince gone wild." showing Gold's antics like gambling and drunken brawls [10]. "I can explain that." Gold stated.

"How can you explain, when all the monarchies of Europe are LAUGHING AT ME?!" Napoleon shouted in anger. "This is the last time, I catch you doing this!" Napoleon said to Gold. Josephine calms down her husband.

"If you send another tutor, forget it." Gold replied with huff. "I got a better idea. You should know I have built the first High School in all Europe. And you will be sent there to learn, there's a professor willing to tutor you! If you don't agree, then I'll send the army with you." Napoleon told Gold. There's going to be a tough day ahead of him.

"And so Napoleon sent Gold to High School so he could be re-educated. What was waiting for him? Damn, why is it that everything has to be so cliché [11]? A prince who is acting like a delinquent and a girl abused by her stepmother and stepsisters. Ladies and Gentlemen, this story is going to suck. Back to the crappy story, Gold enters the room where Professor Oak waits." Narrator explains.

"Welcome, your highness. I'm professor Oak. I study mechanics of nature and…." Professor oak was about to explain until…

"Boring." Gold said loudly. Professor Oak blinked in surprised upon hearing the prince's statement.

"Sigh, this is going to be a long session." The professor mumbled.

"I wonder how it's going to be old man; I hope it won't be all…" Gold was about to say more until the door open.

"Sorry for being late Professor." Crystal apologized when she came in. Gold was stunned upon seeing the girl; she looked like an angel send from heaven. He stared blankly at her. "Professor, who is he?" Crystal asked.

"Oh, this is the nephew of your highness Napoleon, himself." Professor told the girl. "Crown prince, he doesn't look like one." Crystal huffed.

"Hey! I am the prince! When I take the throne, I can do whatever I want!" Gold responded proudly with a smug on his face.

"Yeah, like a kid." Crystal replied back to him.

Gold frowned "Don't tell you are like those super serious gals?" He asked her.

"What's wrong being serious?" Crystal angrily replied.

"Now now, do calm down. Crystal, can you do those reports while I teach the Crown prince." The Professor asked as he gives her the papers. Crystal leaves them alone as she begins to work.

"Oi Professor, who is she?" Gold asked. "Oh, that's my assistant, Crystal." Professor Oak answered. "Crystal? It sounds pretty hot for a workaholic." Gold said as he and Crystal are making funny faces to mock each other.

"Gold and Professor Oak resume their lesson, while Crystal does her work. This routine continues for 20 days. That's until…You know what I am not going to saying anything more, since we have to switch back from our chat-based writing style due of the guidelines. You know screw this. Let's continue this." Narrator told to the Audience.

Gold sat down in his seat, the Professor hadn't arrived yet and the golden eyes boy wondered why. "Why am I still going to this stupid tutoring?" Gold asked himself. After a while Professor Oak finally arrives. "Where have you been?" Gold asked, clearly showing his annoyance.

"I won't able to tutor you, because there's an important research I have to go to. But rest assured, my assistant will tutor for about 5 days. Crystal, you know what to do." Professor Oak said as he left the room [12].

"Yes, Professor." Crystal replied, refusing to show any sign of annoyance on her face and voice.

Gold got a bad feeling about this. The minute Oak left, she turned around to face Gold himself with a stern look on her face. "I got news for you buster. I'm not here to have chit-chat with you. We are strict-time, any questions?" Crystal asked Gold.

"Yeah, can I leave early?" Gold asked.

Crystal scratched her head. "Um, let me see…no. Professor Oak trusted me to tutor you. I will tutor you, one way or another. Let's start with this." Crystal responded in a serious tone.

"Crystal gave the Crown prince a hard time. Sometimes she even had to physical abuse the prince to get him to listen to her." The Narrator said.

"Ow, why you hit me?" Gold asked with his hand on his already bandaged head.

"No sleeping in class! You should stop staying up so late in night!" Crystal told him in a hint of anger.

"Why you do you have to be so serious all the time" Gold asked.

"And why are you so lazy and stupid?! Some Future Emperor of France you are." Crystal responded back to him.

"Hey! I'm not like you. Miss Perfect!" Gold angrily yelled back to Crystal. That actually hurt Crystal.

"Oh, you think I live a perfect life? What about you? Living in a castle? With servants you can get what you want? And….me, a maid to my own stepmother and being treated like dirt by my stepsisters." Crystal shouted at Gold angrily. The poor guy flinched by surprise.

"Sorry, I didn't…" Gold was about to say until….

"Get out of here! I don't want to see you again! I will tell the Professor, you failed!" Crystal yelled. After a short while Gold left the room with a painful feeling in his chest.

"Thus things have become hard and complicated, but our Crown Prince felt guilty and decided to come back the next day." Narrator told to the audience [13].

Crystal comes in as she puts on the lab coat until….

"I'm ready." Gold said which surprised Crystal, who was unaware that he was in the room.

"Why are you here?! What you want?!" Crystal asked angrily.

"I'm here to apologize and I wanted to be tutored. I didn't mean it the other day. Can we have this show on the road?" Gold asked to Crystal which she smiled a bit.

"Sure and apology accepted." Crystal sighed. Gold sat down and the girl starts with her lessons.

"Thus Crystal tutors the Crown Prince, Gold in Science, philosophy, mathematics, and nature itself and during that time, the Prince slowly begins to fall for her. When Professor Oak came back to resume their session, Oak was amazed what great job the Crown Prince has done. But one night, the Crown Prince was writing an anonymous letter to Crystal. He drops off the letter before Oak or Crystal arrive; he sends her letters as her secret admirer. Until one day when Crystal absent from the classroom…"Narrator said.

"Hey, Old Man. Where's super serious gal?" Gold asked. "Oh, she has errands to do. Why you asked?" Professor Oak asked the young prince.

"Oh, nothing." Gold answers as he sneaks around to drop off the letter, but sadly for Gold the Professor had his suspicions since a few days.

"So, you're the secret admirer, eh?" Professor Oak said as he notices the letter the prince was trying to hide.

"Please, don't tell her. It's just since a few weeks ago… I like her, okay?" Gold told the Professor.

"Don't worry your secret is safe with me. She's having a hard time, being a maid in her own home." Professor Oak told Gold that.

"Why is that?" Gold asked.

"It all happened when her father died; her stepmother became head of the house and forced her to become a maid." The professor explained.

"After hearing the whole story from the professor, the young prince saw his tutor in a whole new light and respected the girl even more. A few days later, back at the Mansion..."Narrator said.

We see Crystal working hard to cook and clean the house. "Crystal! Where's the food?" Whitney asked arrogantly. "Coming" Crystal responded annoyed [14].

Unbeknownst to Crystal was that the mice couple was watching the girl every second.

"Poor Crystal." Sapphire sighed.

"I wish there was something we could do for her?" Ruby mused. He was worried for the girl.

The family dog names Diamond or Dia for short came in and spotted the mouse couple. Dia was the gentlest dog you'd ever see. His hobbies were eating, keeping an eye on Crystal and listening to the quarrels of the mice.

"What's going on?" Dia asked the mice couple.

"Its poor Crystal, she has to do everything that her evil stepsisters and stepmother tell her to do. On top of that she's also the assistant of Professor Oak. All that work will kill her someday" Ruby explain to the dog.

"I feel sorry for her." Dia responded.

The stared at the young girl for a while, until the family's cat arrived; Platinum [15]. Thought she may look mean, Platinum is good friends with Diamond and the mice couple, Ruby and Sapphire and like the three she's very worried about Crystal. "What's wrong with Crystal? I haven't seen her like this for a long time." Platinum said.

"She's been working too much. I feel so sorry for her" Sapphire told the cat.

"But hasn't she accepted this since the death of her father?" Platinum wondered.

"At least it can't become any worse than it is, right?" Dia asked.

The animals keep talking with a while, until their conversation gets interrupted by a knock on the door. Crystal and the animals looked up surprised.

"Coming!" Crystal answered.

She opened the door and gets greeted by the mailman. "Good day miss, I have letters from the Emperor, himself. Have a nice day." The Mailman hands over the letters to Crystal and leaves. Crystal closes the door and looks at the letters. She decided to go upstairs to inform her stepmother about the news.

"Crystal, what it is this time?" Clair asked the young girl.

"Letters from the Emperor." Crystal answered. She hands the letters to Lady Clair. Her stepsisters, who stopped with their singing lesson hurried over to their mother, curious about the letters.

"It's an invitation to a ball for the Prince's engagement to the Princess of Portugal. And all of the monarchies are invited as well" Clair said.

"Engagement ball?!" both Sabrina and Whitney shouted in surprise.

While the two stepsister start talking about what dresses they should wear, Crystal had her eyes glued on the invitation. "Can I come?" Crystal asked, curious about Gold's engagement.

"Of course you can, only if you finish your work." Clair told to Crystal.

Crystal nodded in joy that she could finally have something to be eager about after she finishes, sadly she had too much work to do and she wasn't able to finish. The stepsisters and the stepmother left for the ball leaving a disappointed Crystal alone.

"Why did this happen?" Crystal wondered sadly as she looked at all the work she still had to do. "I thought I could finish it all, go to the ball and ask Gold for an explanation. Why didn't he told me anything about the engagement?"

One day ago….

"Sorry for coming later Professor." Crystal apologies as she comes into the room. She looks around to see if she could spot a certain person, but it was only her and Professor Oak. "Where's Gold?" Crystal asked. "Oh, he left before you came in." Professor Oak answered.

Disappointed Crystal grabs the pile of papers and starts to work.

"I must say that boy has taken quite an interest in you, I wonder he's your secret admirer…!" Professor Oak muses softly.

Crystal snorted. "Professor, that's absurd. He's a prince and I'm just a…" She trailed off.

"Just a maid?" Professor Oak asked his assistant.

"Yes, sir, a low-class maid." Crystal responded with hint of sadness [16].

"Crystal, he's worrying about you. Most of the time when he's here, he asks about you instead of actually learning something. He even begged me once to have you tutor him. Did something happened while I was gone?" Professor Oak asked Crystal.

Crystal shook the feeling she was starting to feel and cleared her throat. "Sir, there's nothing going on with two of us."

"Well, I'm heading to the ball tomorrow and you'll take a day off." Professor Oak told Crystal.

"I want to go. I wonder why the Professor thinks that Gold is my secret admirer. If only I could go to the ball and ask him myself, but how? I don't have any clothes, walking takes too long and in top of that they took my invitation." Crystal muttered.

The bluenette decided to go outside for some fresh air, but her peace got interrupted by an explosion of sparkling glitter and stuff appeared out of nowhere. The mice, dog, cat, and one of the family's horses names Pearl went to the garden to see what was happening.

"What was that?" Pearl asked.

"I don't know." Dia replied.

"What happened?" Both Sapphire and Ruby asked.

Out of the glitter and smoke a figure appeared. It looked like a young woman with long brown hair and blue eyes. The figure coughed. "Damn I should have chosen a better method!"

"Who are you?" Crystal asked the young brunette.

"I also need to work on the landing." She woman muttered. She turned around and spotted Crystal. "Oh hello there, I'm your fairy godmother. My name is Blue".

"A godmother, that exists? And what do you do?" Crystal asked Blue.

"Oh, I'm here to fulfill your dreams. You wanted to go to the ball so you can snatch your prince back, right?" Blue answered in a sweet tone.

Blue clapped in her hands and in a second an invitation letter appeared in Crystal's hand. Crystal was surprised to see the letter.

"Don't you have wands?" Crystal asked.

"That's old fashion and also only for fairytales. Seriously people these day, they just get dumber and dumber. Before you know it it's totally normal to see teenage girls getting knocked up by their boyfriends. Now let me see. To go to the castle we need more help." Blue mused while she was reading a book. "Oh screw this!" She said and threw the book away. "Blue, honey I need you here." Blue called.

In seconds a man appeared with spiky-brown hair and green eyes. He was sitting on a chair, while reading a newspaper. "HEY! What you want?" Green asked clearly showing his annoyance [17].

"I need your help here sweetie." Blue cooed innocently.

"Help with what?" Green asked indifferently.

Blue pointed at Crystal. "This sweet innocent girl needs to go to a ball to proclaim her love to a prince."

"I'M NOT IN LOVE!" Crystal shouted.

"Sure you are. Now we need a carriage and some people who can bring Crystal to the ball." Blue said.

"Can't you do it yourself?" Green asked.

"No, a fairy's job isn't bringing people to balls to proclaim their love. We have to help the people who are in need and need to proclaim their love to their loved ones." Blue answered.

"This makes no sense." Crystal muttered softly to no one in particular.

Green sighed. "Why didn't I finished Fairy academy?! Why did I married you instead?"

"Because you love me." Blue laughed in a teasing tone.

"Pesky girl. Fine, I do it. But only this time, now let's see. Pumpkin for the transport, mice for the horses, the horse as the driver, and the cat and the dog as escort servants... it doesn't make much sense, but I don't care." Green mumbled. He turned to the animals and snapped in his fingers and well you know what happened.

Pearl, Diamond and Platinum look at themselves in amazement. "I can't believe I'm so beautiful." Platinum exclaimed in happiness.

"Please tell me we're going to look like this forever." Pearl muses.

"I am hungry." Diamond pointed out.

"There done." Blue said.

"Why is the horse a escort and are we the horses?!" Ruby complained.

"Oh, such ya trap sissy!" Sapphire yelled.

"Thank you very much honey." Blue said in delight. "Now let's get to my favorite part; a dress for the lady."

Ruby nudged Blue. 'I hope she can understand animal' He thought. "Uhm excuse me but, can I make the dress? I am very good at knitting and sewing.

Sapphire scowled angrily and head-butted Ruby as hard as she could.

"I got a better idea." Blue says as she claps her hands together in delight. She drags Crystal further in the garden. After snapping with her fingers, Crystal's clothes turned into a beautiful dress [18].

Crystal went to the pond to see her dress. She was amazed by it.

"I like it sexy you know, that way you can seduce your prince easily." Green commented. "Well, have fun at the ball." Blue told to Crystal as she steps in the carriage.

"Don't forget. The magic will expire by midnight." Green warned Crystal.

"Drop death." Pearl grumbled in disappointment.

Crystal nodded and off they go. Blue and Green saw her off to the ball. "We did a good job, didn't we?" Blue asked as she snuggled closer to Blue.

"Swear this is going to be the last time." Green commanded annoyed as he tried to get Blue off of him.

At the ball all monarchies of Europe invited by Napoleon himself arrived at the palace. The guests are dressed very fine and elegant.

"Hey Prez, what will be on today's news?" A reporter named Black asked his boss; White, the president of the newspaper Paris Times.

"The biggest scope of the daily news is the Ball. They'll announce the engagement of the prince and a lot of royalties will be present. On top of that the prince is known for being a party-guy and troublemaker; just think what for big scoop we can catch!" White explains excitingly. She grabs him by his hand and drags him with her. "The party has started!" White almost yelled elated.

They went inside, once they reached the ballroom, they saw the room filled with guests from all over the world. There was a long line of food that would make Diamond end up in the hospital from drying up by his constant drooling. Somewhere in the corner of the room sat the Crown Prince of Imperial France.

"This is boring." Gold said to himself. He wondered what Crystal is doing and how she'd react about the engagement. He never met the girl and this engagement was only made to keep peace in the land. "I wish she was here."

"Hey, Gold!" Gold looked up to see a young man with spiky black hair and red eyes approaching.

"Hey Red, how's it going?" Gold asked as they shook hands.

Red was the son of King George IV and heir to the throne of England [19].

"What do you think? I heard you about to wed Princess of Portugal?" Red answered.

"Yeah, but it's was Tallyard's idea. It's only to keep the peace in Europe." Gold answered with little enthusiasm.

"It seems so." Red agrees. "By the way, is something wrong? You don't seem like your usual self."

"Don't worry about it, it's nothing really." Gold reassured the young man.

"He's in love with some else." A boy with red hair, silver eyes and a cold expression answered. The boy's name was Silver and he happens to be Gold's best friend since 1805. Behind him were Princess of Austria, Yellow and her younger brother Emerald of Russia [20].

"With who?" Emerald asked

"Emerald!" Yellow yelled sternly.

"Ok, it all began with the tutor session I was forced to follow..." Gold started to explain.

Outside, Crystal's carriage arrived and the Imperial Guard let her in. She steps out of the carriage with a nervous look. She gives Pearl, who looks worried at her a reassured nod and walks into the palace.

"… So what should we do to kill time?" Diamond asked.

Pearl looked puzzled at Platinum.

"How about a card game?" Platinum suggested.

"What about Ruby and Sapphire?" Pearl asked.

"They can join, as long as no one sees us." Platinum answered.

"I get the snacks!" Diamond announced cheerfully."

"She may be super serious, proper and a sadist, but she's interesting." Gold told his guests.

"That's something you don't see every day." Silver said in a sarcastic tone.

"A commoner and a sadist too?" Yellow asked worried.

"How did you fall for her?" Red asked Gold with curiosity.

"It's got to do with..." Gold was about to answer when he sees a mysterious and beautiful looking girl [21]. Strangely the girl reminded him of Crystal. He ignored his guests and walked over to the girl. While Napoleon watches him.

"Tallyard, who is she? She looks familiar, have I seen her before?" Napoleon asked his diplomat.

"I don't know, sire, but it seems that your nephew has taken interest in her." Tallyard answers.

"What if his interest in her is more important to him that his engagement to the princess of Portugal?" Napoleon asked worried.

"That could cause a political fault, sire. Unless, we could do something about it" Tallyard answered.

"No, let him be for once." Napoleon commands as he watches his Nephew move his towards the blue haired girl.

Meanwhile, Crystal wanders around in the crowd until she was tapped on the shoulder. She turned around to see the Crown Prince, Gold standing in front of her expectantly.

'Act natural, Crystal. He's just a no good...handsome prince I never had feelings, this is not the time for this.' Crystal thought when Gold comes close to her.

"I've never seen you around here. What's your name?" Gold asked.

"Umm, it's… Chris, for Christine." Crystal responded quickly, hoping that Gold wouldn't find out.

"Chris? I like that. Care to join me?" Gold offered his hand.

"Sure" Crystal answered as she takes his hand.

They join the dance floor while Beethoven performs the waltz. While...

"This is the scope of the century!" White mumbled excitingly as she writes her notepad full.

"What is?" Black asked confused.

"That!" White points her finger to Gold and Chris (Crystal) who are dancing.

"Crown Prince has feelings for a girl that's not his fiancée. Oh, this is so going to be on daily paper." White exclaims happily, while dreaming of the success their news will bring. "This is the best say of my life!"

Black sweat-drops and tries to calm his overactive boss down, while everyone else became amazed by the Crown Prince and Crystal's dancing.

"So, Chris. What brings you here?" Gold asked her.

Crystal hesitated to answer, hoping that her answer won't blow her cover. "I wanted to come to the ball."

"For what?" Gold asked suspiciously.

"I needed to get out once in a while." Crystal answered no trace of nervousness in her voice.

Gold chuckled. "You know, you kinda remind me of someone."

"And of whom do I remind you off?" Crystal asked wondering about what the professor told her the day before.

"Her name is Crystal. She's the most beautiful and serious gal I ever met." Gold said with sweet tone.

"What's so important about her?"

"She's somehow interesting, proud, bossy and a sadist, but yet I feel so attracted to her. She reminds me of myself; behind her mask of seriousness is a face that's trapped and yearns for freedom, like me. "Gold answered.

"What do you mean?" Crystal asked surprised.

"Thus we; the audience, I and the director know that Crystal is the mystery girl, but Gold seem to be stupid and dense enough not to notice, what is he, Red?! Anyway, her plan was to find out about Gold's feelings which, succeeds, but what she didn't expect was that she also realized that she also fell for him. Wow, that sounded like too Cliché [22], don't you think?" Narrator told to the Audience. "Now let's continue with this too cliché story!"

"Who is she?" Lyra, the Princess of Portugal wondered while she was watching Gold and Crystal.

"A friend I guess." Silver answers as he approached the girl.

"So, when do we have our dance?" Lyra asks while putting up a puppy-face to Silver.

"… Later!" Silver answered while turning away quickly to hide his blush.

"It seems that Gold like her?" Yellow stated.

"Maybe she's his soul mate?" Red wondered. He knew of the prince's reputation of being a lecher and flirt. So the idea of the golden eyes boy to fall in love for the first time was quite interesting.

They continued to watch the dancing couple. Beethoven has come with a new kind of waltz which is rougher, with rhythm that is too modern like Tango or ballet [23]. Gold and Crystal matched the song perfectly and flawless, until they separate by 5 feet apart. Everyone waited until the surprise climax as they run towards each other. They continue to perform their dance with perfection, until the song stops. The two stare at each other's face. To their surprise everyone applauds. After bowing they leave the dance floor for some privacy.

"Come on, let's follow them!" White yells as she runs after the duo. The poor Black tries his best to catch up to her.

"Wait for me!" Black shouts out.

"Our two love birds are walking down the garden, until they reach a fountain. Both of them remain quiet and enjoy the garden's scenery. Gold splashed water at Crystal and the crystal-eyes girl responded by soaking him too. They enjoyed the moment as they never had before. Crystal finally saw another side of Gold that she never saw before, which makes her fall even more in love with the prince. She plans to tell him everything, who she really is and her feelings, but when they reached the top of the stairs. Crystal noticed the clock; it was almost midnight. She shrugs the nervous feeling away and pretends like nothing this evening is too good to be true and it's too early to let it end."

"Do you love her?" Crystal asked.

"Who?" Gold responded confused.

"The Princess of Portugal." She answered.

"No, it's only a political marriage. Why do you ask?"

"Just curious." Crystal answered quickly.

"Say, have we met before? You look familiar." Gold said, he noticed that she was getting nervous.

Before Crystal could answer the clock hit twelve and the sound echoed through the whole palace. "I, have to go!" Crystal said and she quickly ran downstairs, but Gold grabbed her wrist.

"Wait! I need to know. You look like her, you sound like her too and you even act like her, are you her? Are you Crystal?" He asked while he stared into her eyes.

Crystal felt as if he was looking through her soul. The sound of the clock was heard again through the castle. Crystal snapped back to reality, she yanked her arm free and continued to run downstairs.

"Wait!" Gold yelled after her. He ran as fast as he could, which gave him stares, strange looks and various scolding from the crowd, but he didn't care. He had to catch up with her and confirm everything himself; sadly she was way ahead of him.

She ran into the carriage, the animals and the escorts all had returned when they heard the first ring of the clock but, Crystal arrived too late and everything was changed back. Crystal quickly grabbed the pumpkin, the cat, the dog and the mice and jumped on the horse. The Old Guard stare confused as the girl leaves the gate. Gold arrives shortly after Crystals departed.

"Have any of you seen a hot blue haired girl in a sexy dress?" He asked.

"No, but we did see a 'hot' girl on a horse in an ugly dress." One of the guards answered.

"Both work fine for me, which way did she go?"

"She left east, but I don't think you can catch up to her."

"Dammit!" Gold cursed out loud. Disappointed he walked back to the castle, but he stopped when he saw something shimmering. He looked closer and noticed at was a heel made of glass. "I wonder if her feet hurt." Gold mused. "Those heels look painful especially if it's made of glass."

The Next day, Crystal lost in her thoughts, daydreaming about last night; she didn't notice Professor Oak entering.

"Crystal, why are you so early?" The professor asked.

"I felt elated after taking a day off." Crystal answered.

"I see, well I got news to tell you." Professor Oak announces proudly as he showed her a copy of Paris Times. It was written with a giant letters; "Crown Prince and his mystery girl shocked the Monarchies of Europe." Crystal was quite surprised, satisfied and puzzled about her feelings when she saw it.

"The mystery girl really is something. She reminds me of you." Professor Oak said, while taking a sip from his coffee. Crystal looked attentively at the professor. She sighed and put her work down.

"Sir, I got something to say." Crystal said.

Professor Oak frowned curiously. "What is it?"

"I'm the mystery girl. I went to the ball secretly and danced with Gold."

Professor Oak sighed. "I was wondering if I was just seeing things, but what I don't understand is, how were you able to go to the ball?"

"It's a long story that involved a lot of strange things including the strangest fairy couple I've met, But that's not important, what's important is that I know now what kind of person Gold really is. He's so…nice and caring. I've never seen him like that. When we danced, it's like we are in our own world and no one can get us out of that world. He's like… the kind of person I always dreamed to be with" Crystal explained.

"I get it; you fell in love with him. It was pretty obvious you know that?" Professor Oak said.

Crystal shook her head, "Professor, I can't and shouldn't be together with him. I shouldn't interfere in political affairs. If I didn't knew he was to be wed with the princess of Portugal, then maybe I could tell him that it was me."

"It was you the whole time?" Both Crystal and Oak turned surprised to see Gold standing by the door. "Why you didn't you told me?" Gold asked [24].

"I was thinking about telling you, but you are engaged to the Princess of Portugal." Crystal explained.

"You think I care about that shit?" Gold asked as he slowly approached Crystal. "Super serious gal, I prefer my feelings over political matter, screw them! If we ever end up in a war because of my decision, I'll handle it when that time comes."

"Don't do that!" Crystal protested.

"Why?" Gold asked. He leans into Crystal and kissed her, but to Gold's surprise Crystal leans away.

"Don't. Do what your country expects you to do." Crystal answers while putting her hand between them.

"Crystal, you don't mean that. You really don't have to worry about that. I'll speak with my uncle. I'm sure he'll understand and cancel the engagement." Gold exclaimed as he left the room.

At the Palace, Gold runs into his uncle's room.

"Uncle, I need to speak with you, it's urgent." Gold said.

"Is this about the marriage arrangement?" Napoleon asked.

Gold was taken aback by how well his uncle knew him. "Yes." He answered,

"I have talked with Tallyard and he agrees with me that we should cancel your engagement. I'm sorry for taking you away from your happiness. Go to the woman you love and live your life. You'll still be heir to the throne and you have to remain faithful to your duties, but you are free to love the one you desire [25]."

Gold hugged his uncle and thanked him over and over again. After he finished drying his tears he ran outside on his way back to Crystal, thought on his way, he remembered that he still didn't know where she lived and that he had a shoe to return. So he decided to go to the lap and ask professor Oak for her address.

"So, Gold was on his way to Crystal's mansion. Back at the mansion, the stepmother has her suspicions' about Crystal being the mystery girl that danced with Gold at the ball. So she locked the poor girl up in her room, just before the prince arrived."

"Let me out! I swear you'll pay for this!" Crystal threatened.

"Don't worry dear; I'll let you out once the prince returns back to the castle!" Clair repeated in an evil tone.

"… if you do that I can always to go Gold myself, makes me wonder why I returned to this mansion in the first place."

"… Shut up and follow the plot!"

"Meanwhile the prince was getting ready to make his entrance to impress Crystal…"

"Hi there sweetie, I came to pick you up… no that sounds lame. *Cough Cough* Good day milady I understood that someone ordered a prince and a lost shoe? Dude what am I a nerd trying to pick up a girl?! Yo super serious gal, you look pretty hot today, let's go for a ride… dammit not good enough!"

"So, while out prince was still busy with coming up with the perfect pick up line for Crystal, the girl herself tried to escape from her room. The kicked and tackled the door as hard as she could, but the door refused to break open."

"Dammit! What is this door made of titanium?" The blue haired girl wondered, while she look for any other option to escape the room.

"Ruby, Sapphire, Platinum and Diamond looked pitiful at the girl. They decided to try their best to reunite her with her prince."

"Hey guys, what if we break open the window? That was she can escape and surprise the prince." Sapphire suggested. The other animals looked awkwardly at her. "What? It happens a lot in those TV-shows and movies."

"That may be true, but it's rude and unladylike to do. He's the Prince of France for heaven's sake." Platinum answered.

"Yeah, but he's also a rude delinquent lecher who loves to party. I noticed he was trying to peek under her dress once." Sapphire countered.

"But, but, It's barbaric!" Ruby yelled.

Sapphire felt another headache coming up and beat the poor Ruby into pulp.

"Let's just find the key." Diamond suggested.

"They all agree. Ruby and Sapphire went out of the room to find the key, luckily for them Crystal was the only bright one of the household, so they found the key on a table next to Crystal's room. Sapphire grabbed the key and went back to Crystal's room. Once back Ruby and Sapphire immediately dropped the key in shock, when they saw Crystal with a chair in her hands and facing the window [26]."

"To hell with this! This isn't my house to begin with, so I won't feel guilty breaking anything!" She yelled.

Ruby fainted and Sapphire started to laugh maniacally. "HAHAHAHA! I told ya that breaking that window would have been better!"

"Platinum and Diamond sweat-dropped, while Crystal kicked the chair against the window. How ladylike." The narrator commented sarcastically.


"Now a few minutes ago the prince finally decided to enter the house and pick up his bride."

"Yo super serious gal! You dropped something at the ball so I thought you might want it back. Also I talked to my uncle and he's totally okay with us hooking up together! Crys?" Gold looked confused around. "Crys where are you?"

Clair approached the prince, while her two daughters were watching in the back curiously. "Good day your highness, what brings you to our home?"

"Well uncle Oak told me his super-hot assistance Crystal lives here and I came here to pick her up and to return something she dropped."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but we don't have a girl names Crystal living in this house. Isn't that right girls?" Clair asked her daughters.

"Yes mother, we don't know anyone that goes with the name Crystal."

"Then do you know someone called Christine?" The prince asked.

Clair and her daughters looked confused at the prince. "What?"

"Crys sometimes goes with the alias Christine, Chris or super serious girl."

"I am sorry your highness, but we aren't familiar with those names either." Clair responded.

"Shit, maybe I heard him wrong." Gold mumbled.

"But wait, it would be a shame if your journey was for nothing, why won't you stay and have tea with us? My daughters are very good company."

"Nah, I'm not into old, ugly and fat. I prefer sexy, busty and with a nice ass." Gold answered uninterested. He was about the leave when they suddenly heard a crash upstairs.

"What in heaven's name…" Clair wondered.

They all went outside and they saw Crystal getting ready to jump.

"What the?!" The stepsisters yelled in surprise.

"Super serious gal!" Gold called in delight.

Crystal fumed. "Don't call me that! Who is sexy, busty and with a nice ass you pervert! Crystal yelled, while she jumped out of the window and landed perfectly on her stepsisters while giving Gold the kick he deserved.

Clair gasped and ran to her daughters. "Are you alright my angels?"

Sabrina and Whitney groaned as they got up from the mud. Crystal walked over to Gold and helped him get back on his feet.

"I can't believe that I actually missed your physical abuse." Gold mumbled.

"And I can't believe that I missed you rude and perverted comment." Crystal mused, while Gold held up her glass shoe/ heel/ slipper, whatever you want to call it. Crystal looked confused.

"You dropped it." Gold explained. "Man I can't believe you were able to walk on that, it's super painful."

Crystal looked puzzled at him and raised an eyebrow.

"I was curious." Gold answered. "You girls make it look like it's easy walking on those, but it hurt so much, I thought someone was pricking me with needles and for you information I fell a lot too. They should forbid heels I'll tell you."

Crystal giggled. "Sure they should."

"So, do I get that kiss that I deserve?" Gold asked.

"Crystal frowned, but complied. They kissed for just 5 seconds, but for them it was enough. The animals were cheering, Gold's slaves, I mean lackey's too and on top of that Lady Claire almost got a heart attack."

"Let's go super serious gal." Gold said, while leading Crystal to the carriage.

"With pleasure." Crystal answered. "Oh by the way miss Clair, I think your house is on fire." Crystal said casually.

Lady Clair looked shocked at her house that indeed was burning down.

"NOOO MY HOUSE!" She yelled desperately. She tried her best to save her house, but little could she do.

Pearl, Dia, Platinum and the mice couple were watching them silently from the buses. Sapphire was whistling, while cleaning her hands with a leaf. "Well I'm sure she won't miss the house, since we will live in a castle from now on and I don't think anyone will notice if the whore trio become homeless."

"But, what about us?" Rube asked.

"We'll be living with Crystal of Course." Pearl answered. "After everything we've done for each other."

"Does that mean we can play a card game and eat whenever we want?" Dia asked excitingly.

"Of course we can." Platinum smiled. All the animals all cheer in happiness.

Thus, the whole French Empire celebrated the wedding of Prince Gold and his newly wed wife Crystal, soon to be queen of France. Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum moved in with Gold and Crystal, on Crystal's request of course. Lady Claire and her stepsister died a tragic death, but since no one cared they're bodies were left at the burned house waiting to be eating by rats and other wild animals. So the kingdom was at peace and everyone lived happily ever. You know what; this was a short story I had to tell. Ha ha ha ha, doing the full story with all the details? Hell no! {26] Why giving the director too much stress? She can't do that, or else this story would be screwed. Okay, enough of this, I am out of here." The narrator announced as he left the room.

Author's Notes: This is the best I can do. It took me about 4 hours to write this. I wanted to do something in a style from the old writing system. Also let me know about your opinion in a review. I will come one with another one if you guys want to.

Beta readers note/ director: Took me a lot of time to read this all and correct things. The internet wasn't helping me much either, but I finally finished it! I can't believe it ended up being 18 pages long, but I'm satisfied and proud of this. I hope I didn't miss a few things, but well a human isn't perfect. So don't you dare to not review, because we did our best to make this an awesome story.

Updated: I edit this to correct form and fixed the continuity errors like the dates. I have listed the references I put in.

1. It was one of those what if Napoleon didn't want to conquer Europe instead?

2. By the way, it's an AU without the Pokémon. It's on the real world in a alternate timeline.

3. I got that idea from Disney verison.

4. And that is the question that why no monarchs back in the day didn't do that?

5. To be fair, after battle of Austerlitz started the series of Napoleonic Wars, but in this story it didn't happen.

6. Frantic shipping you should be proud. Oh, wait It's canon!

7. I kinda borrow that line from Smashtasm with Narrator thing.

8. Oh that one, it was based on Tauberpa's Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks Abridged when Link questions the Narrator of that.

9. Like the same thing in number 8.

10. It was xxxDreamingflowerxxx's idea.

11. I'm a Nostalgia Critic fan. Please hate me for that.

12. This was from TFS DBZ abridged which Kami leaves the new Z fighters to train under the hands of Mr. Popo. Just watch to understand this joke.

13. The misunderstand cliché, but I avert it that only lasted a day because I don't want them to mope for that long.

14. Parody version of Disney's Cinderella when our dear Cinderella has to work around the clock.

15. The cat to be a good guy was my decision to poke fun at the Disney version which it was the jerk bad guy. I decided to make that cat into a good ally to Cinderella.

16. That part was from Shrek that Donkey and Shrek were talking that he likes Fiona or not. So, I use it to make it into a parody joke.

17. I poke fun of Fairy Godparents. The Oldrivalshipping makes this parody executed perfectly.

18. Ok, this what I imagine about her appearence, see the devintart edition to understand it.

19. Again, Red kinda refers to British Army that wears Red coats during that period.

20. There historical records that monarchs of Europe were related to each other.

21. Borrow that from Disney Version when the Prince sees Cinderella.

22. That was supposed to be a joke.

23. See the devintart edition to understand this.

I just love them as waltz music. But that's your choice to which one fits this dance sequence.

24. The averted version of Liar Reveal or the Reveal.

25. Why stories don't do this at all?

26. This was a parody from the Disney version which the mice get the key to save Cinderella.

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