Theatre of parodies

Your beloved Dexholders are acting out in a series of parodies of movies and even parody of the parody in one-shot styles chapters. Cussing and violence warning. Please do review upon reading. There will be laughter, Romance, drama, and randomness.


22. Kalosshipping Beauty and the Beast part 2

Segment- Lysandre’s lament

Lysandre is pissed off due to Yvonne’s rejection. He watches the fire without a clear train of thought. He can’t believe that one girl has rejected him. All girls of Kalos will wish to marry Lysandre, not just because his looks, they care about his wealth since he’s the richest man in Kalos. His servants even his favorite servant, Xerosic.

“What’s matter, boss? It’s about that dumb bitch?” Xerosic wondered which Lysandre punches him in the face.

“She had the courage to say no to the most powerful and richest man in all of Kalos.” Lysandre mumbles as he looks deep into the fire.

“Don’t worry about it, boss. She will see the errors of her ways and maybe crawl back to you. Think about it. If we get rid of her mother’s competiton, then she will offer herself to marry you as a way to save her family’s guild. Except we will be taking over the guild.” Xerosic explains the plan.

“Yes, that will be a great plan. If she did married to me, you will be headmaster of that guild.” Lysandre suggested to his favorite servant.

“Really?” Xerosic glee in joy, but he was grabbed by Lysandre.

“NO you dumbass. She will never go that low if that happens.” Lysandre said until one of his servants came in.

“Sir, Lady Grace has returned except she is telling the whole town about a monsterous Lucario.” One of the servants tells Lysandre.

“A Lucario? Something is not right with that crazy witch.” Xerosic said to the servant.

“Maybe this could be our advantage to our side. Arrange the meeting with the head asylum from Luminose city. I got a plan that she won’t refuse.” Lysandre smiles evilly.

Segment- Yvonne meets servants and Dinner Request

As Yvonne cries, she heard a knock from the door.

“Who is it?” Yvonne asked as two pots came in with her surprise.

“It’s I, Alexa.”

“And Shauna!” Alexa and Shauna greeted her.

“How is this……” Yvonne wondered until she bumped into a wardrobe that came alive.

“Oh, sorry about that.” Korrina, the wardrobe.

“This is not possible. Am I dreaming or in a nightmare?” Yvonne smack her head with her hand. Objects are alive and can talk.

“Tea?” Shauna offers tea to Yvonne as she drinks from the cup.

“Thank you.” Yvonne said as he sips her drink.

“You did a brave thing in the tower.” Alexa thanked Yvonne.

“We all agreed.” Korrina said, but much to the dismay that what happen in certain events.

“But I lost everything. My mother. My dreams.” Yvonne sadly said.

“Everything will be alright.” Alexa tries to comfort her.

“Oh, we got to prepare the dinner. We will see you there!” Shauna said as the pots left the room.

“So, what dress you will like to wear? Something fancy or something casual?” Korrina shows the dress for Yvonne to wear.

“That’s kind of you, but I’m not going.” Yvonne answered which much to Korrina’s surprise that she outright refuses to go to dinner. Then, a door open to be Trevor as to announce that dinner is ready. Meanwhile at the dinner room, Lucario is moving back and forth impatiently.

“What’s taking her so damn long? It doesn’t like 10 minutes to get ready.” Lucario growls wondering why she is delaying herself.

“Dude, she lost her mother. Just give her some time.” Tierno points out, but he knows that what happen to begin with.

“She’s having a hard time to this situation.” Shauna said while the food is preparing in the kitchen.

“You think she will break the spell?” Diantha wondered that she is only chance they can get.

“I doubt it.” Lucario sadly said to them.

“Come on, love is kinda easy.  All you got to do is get her fall in love with you and you fall in love with her. At the right moment, you both say “I love you.” Then the spell is broken.” Tierno told to Lucario.

“It’s not going to be easy because it takes time.” Alexa told Tierno.

“You don’t get it. She’s so beautiful and…….I’m just a monsterous pokemon. She will never fall for someone like me. I know it will fail!” Lucario yelled at them.

“Hey, just you look like a monster doesn’t you can’t be a gentleman. All you got to do is be presentable.” Tierno suggests.

“Straighten up!” Alexa said.

“Give her a smile without scaring her.” Shauna suggest as Lucario tries to smile, but failed.

“Impress her with your intellectual.”

“Gentle with her.”

“Give her complments.”

“Be sincere also.”

“Most of all…..” They were about to finish, Lucario is reaching to his breaking point.

“control your temper!” They said until a door is heard as Trevor appeared. They look at him as Trevor is scared shaking.

“Well?” Lucario wondered why he’s heard and not Yvonne.

“You know……there’s a feeling that…..the girl is….well, I mean…..under certain problems has arisen….the point is….she’s not coming……” Trevor said as he knows that it will piss Lucario off.

“WHAT!?!” Lucario screamed as he goes to her room which to knock very loudly.

“Your grace!” Trevor plead to him. Lucario knocked again which no results at all.

“I told YOU to get down to dinner!” Lucario shouted at the door.

“I’m not hungry.” Yvonne said though the door.

“You come out or……I destroy the door!” Lucario threatened to bring down the door.

“Um, Can I say this that it will not best idea to the girl’s affection?” Tierno said to Lucario.

“There’s a problem here. She’s being so damn difficulty!” Lucario tells the group.

“Will you come to dinner?” Lucario asks Yvonne.

“No, thank you.” Yvonne answers as Lucario guises that he’s right.

“Try again with better manners. With a Please.” Trevor gives advice to Lucario.

“It give me, great pleasure to come to dinner please?” Lucario asks Yvonne again.

“No, thank you.” Yvonne answers again.

“OH COME ON! YOU can’t expect to stay there forever!” Lucario said to Yvonne.

“You wanna bet?” Yvonne dared him.

“YOU KNOW WHAT. GREAT! GO AHEAD AND STRAVE!” Lucario screamed as his servants are scared of his roar. He looks at them as they got fear in their eyes.

“If she doesn’t eat with me, she doesn’t eat at all.” Lucario orders them as he retreats back to his room. 

“Oh, boy. That didn’t go very well.” Alexa muses with agreement of the others.

“What we supposed to do next?” Shauna wondered.

“Who knows?” Tierno asks the same thing. Meanwhile at the West Wing, Lucario smashes the chairs in fury.

“Who think she is? What she wants me to do? Beg as a commoner?” Lucario picks up the mirror as to reveal Yvonne along with Korrina.

“Come on, give him a chance. He’s not a bad guy once you get to know him….” Korrina suggests to Yvonne.

“I don’t want do anything to him. I don’t want to get to know him!” Yvonne said to Korrina as Lucario knew this was going to happen. He puts the mirror away in the table with the rose.

“This pointless. Why I am doing this for? Damnit. I lost my only chance and I blew it up. She will never see me anything, but a monster I am. It’s hopeless. I’m nothing, but worthless.” Lucario muses as he watches the rose withering away. Time has run out for him and this time, there’s no turning back.

Segment Dinner, West Wing, and Zoroark chase.

Yvonne was getting hungry and decides to sneak out of the room. She moves along the hallways as she reached to the dinner room.  She heard mumblings in the kitchen.

“DAMNIT! I prepared this dinner for the couple! But NO! I get wasted food for nothing.” Siebold, the kitchen’s chef who is a oven is mad due of the chain of events.
At least, it wasn’t bad at all. It could be worse.” Shauna tries to comfort Siebold.

“Excuse me. Can I something to eat?”  Yvonne asks Siebold.

“What? You wished to eat the menu that was supposed for tonight?” Siebold wondering why she came down here for what.

“Ah, you came at least. Sadly, the master is not here.” Trevor appeared at spot.

“Least we have a guest in the castle.” Tierno tells Trevor.

“She must something to have to eat.” Alexa told Trevor.

“Alright. She can have a meal, but she must return back to her room when she’s done.” Trevor warns the servants knowing under strict orders of the master. So, they let her eat a full course meal and surprising she has a big appetite. She is done with her meal.

“So, how you like it?” Siebold asks Yvonne.

“I must say it’s most tasteful I ever ate. You must be an excellent chef.” Yvonne comment on his meals which Siebold cheers that he is still the best chef there is.

“Ok, that’s enough back to bed.” Trevor suggest, but cut off by Tierno.

“Can we just give her the tour of the palace at least?” Tierno which sparks interests to Yvonne.

“Really? I am curious about it.” Yvonne wondered.

“Alright.” Trevor give in. They start the tour that started with a fair king build the palace in 17th century about a 100 years ago and the history of it. Along their way, Yvonne spots something they never show her.

“What’s that hallway?” Yvonne asked.

“That’s the West Wing.” Tierno answered.

“You idiot!” Trevor shouted at him.

“What’s in the West wing?” Yvonne wondered.

“Nothing really! It’s just empty and needs to be remodeled.” Trevor said as they block her way.

“If it’s nothing, there’s nothing wrong with it.” Yvonne pointed out.

“Well, you see…..there’s more places we can show you such as a library.” Tierno saved the day which it might distract her.

“A library? I love books!” Yvonne glee in joy that a library to read all the books she wants.

“Right this way! We will show you all the books from the dawn of civilizations to the present day….” Trevor along with Tierno are walking down to the hallways. Yvonne stays behind and goes into the West Wing alone. She sees this place is more trashed or destroyed as if something horrible happened. She opens a door to find the place was tattered and torn apart. 

She stumbles upon a picture was ripped apart. It was nearly ripped apart, but it had a eyes like the Lucario, but human with black hair. Something caught her attention which she goes near a rose. She tempts to touch it, but Lucario appeared before her. He growls at her and she backs away.

“What did I told you before!” Lucario threatening her.

“I’m sorry. I was curious.” Yvonne tries to explain of her actions, but made the Lucario even angrily.

“You had no idea what you could have done!” Lucario comes to her with fury in his eyes.

“I didn’t no harm!” Yvonne said, but Lucario metal claw on a table that broken into two.

“GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT!” Lucario yelled at her that made her leave his room. Yvonne knew she can’t stay no more and decides to flee from this cursed palace. She must return home at once and see her mother again. Soon after she left the room, Lucario realizes what he has done.

“What I have done?” Lucario worried as he put his head in shame. The servants heard the noise as they see Yvonne running down stairs.

“I’m sorry. I can’t stay no more. I’m leaving!” Yvonne said to them as she left the Palace to get on the Ryhorn to espace from the palace.

“NO wait, please!” Trevor tries to stop her, but she left the palace into the winter cold. Along her way, she is ambushed by Zoroarks as they attacked her. She tried her best to run away from the Zoroarks who are not giving up without a meal. Ryhorn was surpised that thrown Yvonne off as the Ryhorn is trapped by the Zoroarks. It managed to knock out the Zoroark as Yvonne hits the Zoroark with a strong stick away from Ryhorn. However, the Zoroark surrounded her as one grabbed her cloak to get her down into the ground as one prepared for the death blow. It was the end for her and she knew she was going to die until one was hit by Aura Sphere.

It was Lucario who arrived on the scene to save Yvonne. Lucario protects and enages the entire Zoroark pack. Yvonne can watch with fear that Lucario will make it. A Zoroark manages to wounded Lucario by slashing in the arm while Lucario uses his metal claw to kill one of them Zoroark. This made the Zoroark to retreat from Lucario. Lucario is victorious, but fell into the ground unconscious. Now, it’s her chance to return home, but stops for moment.

Why she is stopping here as she turns back to the Lucario with a pity look. She knew that if he didn’t came to save her, she would been dead by now. She decides to bring him back to the palace. It was only way to return the favor. Once they return to the palace, she prepared a wet cloth to tend his wounds as Lucario was licking his wounds despite to Yvonne’s dismay.

“Come on, show me your arm.” Yvonne commands him, but he refuses.

“Don’t be a baby!” Yvonne manages to get his arm which Lucario screams in pain.

“That hurt, damnit!” Lucario said which earned Yvonne’s glare.

“If you hold still, it won’t hurt as much.” Yvonne said calmly.

“It’s your fault you ran away!”

“If you didn’t frighten me, I wouldn’t ran away.”

“You shouldn’t been in the west wing!”

“You should learned to control your temper!” Yvonne pointed out to his flaw which he flinched that she was right this time.

“Besides, thank you.” Yvonne thanked Lucario.

“No problem……I’m X……” Lucario said.

“hmmm?” Yvonne wondered why he said that.

“It’s X for Xavier.” Lucario told to Yvonne.

“Oh. I’m Yvonne. Nice to meet you, Xavier.” Yvonne replied.

“Call me X, Yvonne. Can I call you Y?” Xavier wondered.

“Of course, you can.” Yvonne answered positively. The servants are watching them with a gimmer of hope has arisen. Maybe it can work, but just like before it will take time.

Segment- Something there

The next following day, Yvonne is enjoying the winter snow with Shauna, Ryhorn, and other servants along. At the walls, Xavier along with Tierno and Trevor are watching at Yvonne as Xavier looks at her with lovely dovely look.

“Sir, what are you looking at?” Tierno wondered.

“I never felt like this before. What’s wrong with me?” Xavier wonder that he never felt anything like this before.

“I know it is. But You got time.” Tierno told Xavier.

“What can I give her in return?” Xavier wondered.

“AH! I know she likes. Here’s the plan!” Tierno knows what Yvonne likes. He goes to his ear which Trevor listens to it. He goes down to ask Yvonne to come with him to show her something. Moments later, they are hallway where a big door ahead of them.

“X, what are you going to show me?” Yvonne wondering why X is taking her to.

“It’s a surprise, Y. All you got to do is close your eyes.” Xavier tells Yvonne as she closes her eyes and guides her to the room which he removes the curtains. 

“Can I open them?” Yvonne wondered.

“Now.” Xavier tells her as she opens her eye to see it’s a library. She hugs him for the wonderful surprise. After that, they went outside to feed the birds which Xavier was bad at it. She helps him to feed the birds. She starts to notices Xavier beyond his Lucario appearance as if something like butterfree in her stomach.

She never felt anything like this with a guy and admits he’s not perfect, but there’s more than meets the eye. The Servants are glad that they are getting along with each other. It was a nice change as they let the couple be.

Segment- Deal

In the middle of the night, the owner of the Lumiose City asylum is meeting with Lysandre who has connections.

“I don’t like to leave the Asylum without reason.” Chalmers wondering why Lysandre brings him for what reason as Lysandre throws a bag of golden coins.

“I’m listening.” Chalmers is interested what he says.

“Well, you see. There’s a certain mad woman who has a daughter who needs a persuaded to marry me. You know that everyone knows she’s insane. She is offering rewards to get her daughter back.” Lysandre explains to Chalmers.

“Really? Grace is harmless. Where’s the evidence of this?” Chalmers wondering why he wants her locked up for what reason.

“The point is that her daughter will do anything to keep her mother from locked up.” Lysandre pointed out.

“Let me get this straight here. You want me to lock her mother up unless she marries you? Oh, that is shameful and evil…….Nah, I LOVE THIS!” Chalmers smile grimly.

At the Gābena’s household, Grace had enough that nobody will help to save her daughter form the Lucario. She packs up and leaves the house into the woods while Lysandre and  Xerosic arrived at the household that nobody is here.

“So, what now?” Xerosic wondered as Lysandre thinking.

“You stay here until they come back.” Lysandre ordered Xerosic as he stands there despite his complaints about the cold.

Segment- Tale as Old as Time

At Xavier’s room, he’s getting bath which the servants are preparing his date with Yvonne.

“Tonight is the night you confess your love with her.” Tierno tells Xavier.

“How much I must do this?” Xavier wondered.

“You don’t have much time for this shyness. You must be bold and daring.” Tierno suggests.

“I must do it…..What I am saying….it’s not going to happen!” Xavier doubted that his date will work.

“Come on, no more doubts. It will be a romantic night. Don’t worry about it. You love the girl, right?” Tierno ask Xavier.

“Yea. I love her more than anything even dying for her.”

“Ok. Just tell how you feel about her.

“Alright. There we go. You look……” Tierno said as he tried to say something as something that was more embarrassing to Xavier.

“Dumb. Stupid. The words can go on.” Xavier said.

“Um, redo it with much better results.” Tierno tells the hairdresser. Meanwhile at Yvonne’s room, the female servants are picking a dress for Yvonne.

“So, what dress you like for this occasion?” Korrina ask Yvonne.

“Hmm….too many to pick.” Yvonne selects in the options. 

“I am very sure that Xavier will like it.” Shauna told Yvonne.

“I don’t know about this.” Yvonne worried what she will wear.

“Don’t worry about it. He will love it.” Alexa told Yvonne.

“Alright.” Yvonne said as she picked a dress that she thought was suitable for the dinner.

[This part where Yovnne and Xavier are wearing like the Disney version. Bear with me] Later on, Yvonne appeared before Xavier. Xavier is very surprise to see Yvonne to be very stunning and while Yvonne admired Xavier’s courage. They go down in the stairs to have dinner. Made by Siefold, they enjoy their dinner which Xavier had practice with his table manners.

They head to the ballroom to have a dance while the servants are watching them. At first Xavier never danced, Yvonne taught him the ropes. Suddenly, Xavier got the hang of it as Trevor and Tierno are happy as they give him a thumbs up. Soon, they are along in the balcony. They sit down as they look at each other.

“Y, are you happy here?” Xavier wondered.

“Yes, X.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I missed my mother.”

“There is a way.” Xavier said to her as he guides to his room. He shows her a mirror.

“This mirror will show you anything you wished.” Xavier gives mirror to her.

“I wished to see my mother.” Yvonne asks the mirror to show her that her mother drop into the ground against the cold.

“Mom! She’s dying and all alone.” Yvonne sadly said which Xavier turns to the rose as he knows he has a choice to make. Either he can make her stay or let her go for her happiness. He knows one thing to do the right thing.

“You must go to your mother.”

“What did you say?”

“You are no longer my prisoner.”

“You mean it.”


“Thank you. I thank you for understanding what she means to me.” Yvonne said as she hugs him. She is about to give back the mirror to him.

“No, take it with you. It is a memento.” Xavier said knowing he will never see her again.

“Oh, ok then….Thanks, X. Mom, I’m coming!” Yvonne goes downstairs to her room to switch for casual clothes.  Until minutes later as she is about to leave, Trevor comes in.

“So, how did it go?” Trevor hoping the spell will be broken.

“I let her go.” Xavier said.

“Ok…..wait, what? BUT BUT BUT WHY!”

“I love her.” Xavier said as Trevor runs back to the group to give the bad news. They didn’t expect him to let her go and lost only chance to break the spell. As they talked, Shauna decides to sneak away in Yvonne’s bag. Yvonne takes Ryhorn to aid her mother while Xavier watches Yvonne fled the Palace in depression.

Yvonne found her mother lying in the snow and put her on Ryhorn and returned back to the house while Xerosic spotted them. He went back to Lysandre that they came back.

Segment Mob song

Grace recovered back to health by her daughter which much to her surpise.

“Yvonne! You came back?” Grace wondered.

“yes, Mother. Xavier let me go.”

“Who’s Xavier?”

“He’s the Lucario.”

“What he done to you?”

“Nothing. He’s different now. He’s really kind and sweet deep down.”

“Are you having Stockhelm things?”

“No, mother. I am not that insane. Besides at least we are together.” Yvonne hugs her mother while something is moving inside her bag to reveal Shauna.

“Yvonne, why did you leave?” Shauna wondering why she left the palace.

“Shauna, I was……” Yvonne was about to explain until both Yvonne and Grace open the doors to reveal the entire town along with Lysandre and Chalmers who got the cart ready.

“What’s going on here?” Grace demanded.

“Oh, lady Grace. You are charged with case of insanity. You must come with me to the Insane Asylum in Lumiose City.” Chalmers tells Grace as they taking her away.

“YOU can’t take her away!” Yvonne tries to stop them.

“I’m afraid it’s too late unless you argee to marry me.” Lysandre tries to hold Yvonne’s hand.

“I refused!” Yvonne answered.

“Tell us, Grace. What did you say about a Lucario?” Lysandre asks Grace.

“He was tall, monstrous, and powerful!” Grace tries to explain, but the town thinks she’s being crazy and insane.

“That’s good enough for me. Take her.” Chalmers orders the men to take Grace away. Yvonne is at a losing ground and decides to grab the mirror to save her mother.

“You want proof! Show me the beast!” Yvonne shows the mirror of the Lucario. The Townspeople are shocked in fear as they never anything like it before.

“It is dangerous?” One of Townsfolk asked.

“No! He will not hurt anyone. He’s kind and gentle. Please, he’s my friend.” Yvonne tries to explain to them. Lysandre is getting jealous when she mentions friend meant something else.

“You had feelings for a ugly monster?” Lysandre ask Yvonne who backs away from him.

“He’s no ugly monster. You are.” Yvonne tells off to Lysandre who had enough of this.

“You are like your mother! This monster will kill your children. He must be stopped at all cost. His head will be mounted on the wall. I say we will kill the beast!” Lysandre rallies the townspeople to gather their arms and prepare to kill the beast.

“No! Don’t do this!” Yvonne tries to stop Lysandre.

“You are not with us. You are against us. Bring these two into the celler!” Lysandre orders for Yvonne and Grace to be in the celler as they locked them in. The mob marches their way to the Palace as Yvonne and Grace are trying to get out of the celler.

“Mother, this is all my fault. What I have done?” Yvonne fell into her knees.

“Don’t’ worry, we will find a way.” Grace comfort her while Shauna has to do something, but spots the steam engine. The mob is heading towards the castle as they cut down a tree to break down the palace. Meanwhile at the palace, the servants are discussing what they must do next for their eternal curse will happen. Trevor spots something in the distance.

“Um…..guys!” Trevor is telling the guys what he is seeing.

“What’s going on?” Tierno said as the other servants are looking at the invaders.

“We got to warn the master! Battlestations!!” Trevor ordered everyone as most of the servants are blocking the doorway while Alexa warns Xavier who is currently depressed.

“Sir, the Palace is under attack.” Alexa tried to warn to Xavier.

“Leave me in peace.” Xavier said to Alexa.

“But But……”

“Let them in. It doesn’t matter anymore.” Xavier can only be depressed that all hope is lost for him. At the doorway, the servants realized it’s not working.

“It’s not working. Think of something!” Diantha is getting worried.

“I know. But hear me out!” Tierno said as they take a word from him. While knocking down the door, they finally open the door to find it’s empty. They move along as they are unaware the objects are alive.

“Something is not right here.” One of the Townspeople said.

“NOW!” Tierno shouts as the objects ambushed the townspeople. During the ambush, Lysandre manages to get away as he hunts for the beast. Back in the household, Shauna activates the steam engine to the celler.

“Um what is that?” Grace heard the noise until they save the steam engine is heading to the celler door. They got out of the way which reveal got broken in the process. Shauna was the culpit.

“You got to try this!” Shauna said as they thank her and head to the palace to save the Beast. Back in the palace where the servants are kicking ass towards the townspeople. Trevor saves Tierno’s life who dressed up as Napoleon Bonaparte. Tierno burns a town’s guy in the ass. The mob goes to the kitchen who are sacred of Siebold. They make a break for it as they routed in shame. The servants cheered as they ran. But Lysandre reach to the west wing to find the Xavier. He shoots a musket which hit Xavier in the shoulder blade.

“Come on! Too gentle to fight back? Let’s end this!” Lysandre grabs a sharp object until Xavier heard in the distance.

“PLEASE DON’T!” Yvonne yelled which Xavier recovered.

“Y!” Xavier said as he begin to fight back and starts to kick Lysandre’s ass while Yvonne runs to the west wing to save Xavier. During the fight, Xavier holding Lysandre by the throat only at his mercy.

“Please, spare me!” Lysandre begged as Xavier decides to spare him because he knows that killing him will not solve his problems. He puts him down and glares at him.

“Get out of here.” Xavier releases Lysandre.

“X!” Yvonne calls out to Xavier.

“Y.” Xavier comes to Yvonne with a joy that she returned.

“You came back.” Xavier grabs her hand until Lysandre stabs him in the back revealing that Lysandre is a true monster as he will do anything to win. But he lost his balance as Yvonne grabbed Xavier to prevent his fall while Lysandre fell into his death. It was not a pretty sight to see. Yvonne pull Xavier over, but his wounds was too much as he is dying.

“Y, you came back.” Xavier said.

“I couldn’t let them. X, it’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have….” Yvonne is forming tears.

“No, it’s better this way.” Xavier said, but Yvonne hugs him tighter.

“Don’t talk nonsense. We are together now. You will see everything is going to be alright. X?”

“I’m afraid, it’s only way. I am just glad to see you again.”

“X, don’t! Please, I beg of you. I love you.” Yvonne drops her tear while the servants watches the rose petal is gone to the ground. To them, it was too late and nothing they can do. Then something is happening to the body as it rose as something magically happening. The lucario is transforming from pokemon to a human being as Yvonne can look with awe and wonder.
The body goes down in the ground. Xavier woke up and reveals he’s back to his human form.

“Y, it’s me!” Xavier tells Yvonne who is doubted his appearance, but when she looked into his eyes where he knew it’s him all along. The torn picture was his real human form.

“X, it’s really you.” Yvonne looks deeply into his eyes. They both make out as the magic spell has been broken and the palace is returning to original form and the servants back to their human forms. Xavier was very happy to see his servants back to their human forms. The servants are happy to see their human forms once more.

They are all back to normal and they invite everyone in Kalos to see the young couple who are happy and in love with each other. Return of the stability of Kalos as Xavier who broken up the Lysandre guilds to promote free trade. Thus it ends the tale of the beauty and the Beast as Yvonne became Queen of Kalos and Xavier as King of Kalos.


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