Theatre of parodies

Your beloved Dexholders are acting out in a series of parodies of movies and even parody of the parody in one-shot styles chapters. Cussing and violence warning. Please do review upon reading. There will be laughter, Romance, drama, and randomness.


21. Kalosshipping Beauty and the Beast part 1

18th century Kalos

“Once upon in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shiny castle…” Narrator tells the audience as the glass color stains in Parfum Palace to be shown. The picture shows the prince in his glory wearing as an 18th century monarchy dress.

“Although he have everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind.” Narrator explains when the picture shows the Prince’s actions.

“But then in one winter’s night, an old beggar woman came to the castle offered a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold.” Narrator says as the picture shows the old woman offers the rose to the Prince.

“Repulsive of her haggled appearance, the Prince smear the gift and turned the old woman away. But she warned him not to be deceived by appearances. Beauty is found within. When he dismissed her again, the old woman’s ugliness melted away to reveal beautiful enchantress.” Narrator explains as the picture revealed the enchantress much to Prince’s dismay.

“The Prince tried to apologized, but it was too late. She had seen that there was no love in his heart. For punishment, she transformed him into a hideous Pokemon beast and placed a powerful spell in the castle and all those who live there.” Narrator tells about the pictures showing the Prince and the Castle transformed in the process.

“Ashamed of his monstrous form, the Pokemon beast conceal himself inside of his castle with magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly enchanted rose which bloom in his 18th year. If he could learn to love another and earn her love in return by time of last petal fell, then spell will be broken. If not, he will be doomed to be a beast forever. As years passed, he fell in despair and lost all hope. For who could love a beast?” Narrator finishes the narrating as the title card appears.

Segment- Belle

In a place called Vaniville Town where a small house located near a river as a blond girl at age of seventeenth carries a book with her goes into the town center.  Yvonne Gābena, who is town’s strangest girl, greeted everyone along her way. She tried to speak of the book she read, but they ignored of her topic. Everyone was minding their business, but they are always curious that why a young girl like her would love books rather be like with the rest of the girls of the town.
She enters a bookstore which it’s only one in town. “Bonjour, Ramos.” Yvonne asked Ramos who is the book store owner.

“Bonjour, Mademoiselle Yvonne. What I can do for you?” Ramos climb down from the ladder.

“I would like to check out a book.” Yvonne asked to Ramos as he inspects the book from her hands.

“What book you like to read?” Ramos asked to Yvonne as she inspect and scans the book titles until one title caught her sight.

“That one.” Yvonne points to the book as Ramos goes up to get the book.

“This one?  You already read it about a hundred times.” Ramos shocked for her choice of the book.

“It’s just I like how the story goes out and it keeps my interest. It’s my personal favorite” Yvonne said as she takes the book from Ramos.

“Well, Yvonne. You can have this book for free.” Ramos said with joy.

“Really? It’s for free?” Yvonne squeal in joy as she holds the book.

“It’s on the house.” Ramos said as Yvonne hugs him.

“Merci Beaucoup, monsieur Ramos.” Yvonne thanked Ramos as she heads out of the bookstore. Outside of the bookstore, the townspeople are looking at her as if she was a stranger because they never seen a woman will read a book. It is an odd and alien idea to them to think about a young girl who reads books all time.

“I wished there was more to this than a provincial life.” Yvonne sighed as she read while walking by her business. Meanwhile, a flock of ducklett was flying by until one of them got shot down. The one of them fell to the ground dead was picked by servant goes by the name, Xerosic. He goes to a rich hunter goes by the name of Lysandre, owner of the Lysandre Guild who controls the textiles, foreign goods, and mines.

“Nice shot, Lysandre. There’s no better hunter than you.” Xerosic shows the ducklette to Lysandre.

“Yes, I know.” Lysandre who blows the smoke of the barrel of his hunting rifle. He spots Yvonne who is reading along her way.

“With owning of the monopoly, you can have anything you want.” Xersoic beastly tells to Lysandre.

“Yes, I know. I got my sights on this fair maiden.” Lysandre points to Yvonne.

“What?!? You mean your local competitor’s daughter?” Xersoic is shocked that out of all maidens he could have picked have to pick her.

“Don’t you see? Not only I will merge with her mother’s business, she’s the most beautiful maiden in all in town. She will be my trophy wife.” Lysandre said to Xersoic, but Xerosic tried to explain that she’s not normal girl. They go to Yvonne where Lysandre takes her book away.

“Can I help you, sir?” Yvonne angrily upset when he sees her book with curiosity that how anyone can read books?

“How can anyone read this? There’s no pictures in it.” Lysandre inspects the book.

“Well, people use their imagination.” Yvonne said as Lysandre smirkly drops the book on the ground.

“My dear, you will learn that you will take refraining from reading nonsense. You know what happen if one gets ideas and starts thinking. Every lady needs to know that marrying to a rich man like me would benefit her life in the long run.” Lysandre said to Yvonne while a group of three girls known as Bimbettes who woo over Lysandre.

“That I disagreed with you. But there’s better things than being rich.” Yvonne objected, but Lysandre comes close dangerously.

“How about we go to my house and we talk about this?” Lysandre tries to get Yvonne into the carriage.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I got to help my mother.”  Yvonne said as she tries to get away from Lysandre.

“That crazy old witch! Trying to run a merchant business? Sounds that women can’t run their business without men.” Xerosic said as Lysandre and Xersoic laughing. This is very unsettling for Yvonne as she walks away from them as she heads home.

She opens the door who lives with her mother who happens to owner of Gābena Merchant guild which she and Yvonne’s father founded as a steam engine trading business, but no one likes to take it in. Things went downhill when Yvonne’s father died when Yvonne was born.

“Hi, mom. How’s the deals going?” Yvonne greeted her mother who was working with paper work that has a lot of rejections about the steam engine.

“It’s getting nowhere. Nobody wants to own a steam engine despite it’s a latest invention to improve industry for Kalos.” Grace stressing due to her amount of paperwork.

“Mom, it’s ok. I know there’s someone willing to take it.” Yvonne said to her mother to cheer her up.

“You really think so?” Grace wondered.

“I believe.” Yvonne said as Grace continues working on.

“So, did you have a good time in the town?” Grave asked to Yvonne as she takes out a book.

“I got a new book. Mom, do you think I’m odd?” Yvonne asked to Grace.

“My daughter, odd? Where you get that idea from? It’s that from Lysandre fellow, right?” Grace said as she doesn’t like Lysandre at all since his guild is everywhere with little competition.

“Yea, I’m not sure that I fit in. I wished something more.” Yvonne sighed

“Don’t worry, this steam engine is sold to idealist will change our lives forever.” Grace said to Yvonne until she spots a paper where it stated that the steam engine will be approved.

“Yvonne! Come here. This man approves the deal. He wishes to see the engine in a week.” Grace said as Yvonne cheered that she knew that someone will take it. Grace packs up and takes a chart pulled by family’s ryhorn. She left Yvonne to take care of the house while she’s away.
Segment- Cursed Palace
Along her way, she travels in route 7 where a sign shown the directions to press on Route 7 or Route 6. Grace looks at the map to the town she is heading to.

“I think this where route I am supposed to go to.” She takes the route to Cyllage City, but there is a problem as she left that illusion created opposite ways as a pack of Zoroark watching her with ill-intent. As the cart moving along, Grace has a bad feeling about this forest as it gotten too quiet.

“Something is not right here. Wow!” Grace said as something spooked Ryhorn. It looks at the woods with a scared feeling.

“Hey, what’s the matter? Smell something?” Grace looks at the Ryhorn, but something spooks them as Zoroarks who are hungry who haven’t eat something for months found their prey. They know that the Ryhorn can pose a threat so they decided to scare it off.  They succeed scaring the Ryhorn along with the cart leaving Grace behind.

“Philipe!” Grace scared as she hears the laughter of the Zoroarks as she fled away from the woods while being chased by Zoroarks. It wasn’t until she stumble a gate and opened it. She enters quickly before the Zoroarks stopped at the gates. They admit defeat as they retreat back into the woods. It started to rain as she faces to see a palace ahead of her. She rushes into the Palace as the door opened.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” Grace calls out.

“An old woman lost her way in the woods.” A male voice is heard slightly.

“Shut up!” another male voice is heard.

“Is someone there?” Grace wondered as she scans the area as the palace is dark, gloomy, and gothic.

“Not a word!” a clock tells to the candleholder with eyes.

“I don’t mean to trespass here, but I lost my transportation and need a place to stay for the night.” Grace calls out again with a sad pity look on the candleholder.

“Ah, come on Trevor. Have a heart.” Candleholder tells the clock, but the clock hushes him. But uses the flame to burn his hand. Trevor, the clock squeals in pain.

“Of course, Madam. You are welcome here.” Candleholder tells Grace, but she is surprised to hear a voice out of nowhere as she picks the candle up.

“Who said that?” Grace wondered as the candleholder taps her head as she looks to it.

“Hi” Candleholder said as Grace drops it to the ground. She inspects it with puzzled face.

“Incredible.” Grace surprised as the clock starting moving towards her.

“Now you done it, you idiot! Tierno. Just wonderful. Just Wonderful! HEY! Let me go!” Trevor said to Tierno until he was picked up by Grace.

“What kind of invention is this?” Grace wondered as she checks the clock out. She messes around with it.

“Stop that!” Trevor complained as she stops.

“Sorry, I never thought a machine like you can…..ah…ah….choo!” Grace was about to say until she sneezes.

“You are so cold, madam. Come to the fireplace.” Tierno said as he guides her.

“No No! Nobody goes there to the master’s fireplace! Stop this nonsense for once!” Trevor tries to stop them, but it was no way for them to stop. The servants aid Grace as she relaxes.

“Thank you.” Grace said as the objects are the servants are tending her health.

“Alright, stop this…..” Trevor tries to stop, but run over by a cart of tea.

“Would you like to have tea?” Alexa, the teapot alongside with a younger teapot, Shauna.

“Ah, thanks.” Grace sips the tea.

“I made it with a specialty.” Shauna said which for a while until something heard upstairs as something is coming to the fireplace. Something opens the doors with a fury to reveal a beast, a Lucario except it was taller than an average Lucario. It comes to the chair.

“There’s a stranger here.” Lucario growls as stomps in the ground which made Grace feared what’s going on.

“I can explain this. This old woman was lost in the woods and…..” Tierno tries to explain until he was cut off.

“Well, I tried to stop them, but…….” Trevor was cut off by the roar of the Lucario. Grace turns to the chair to see the Lucario’s face that has dark blue eyes. She gotten frighten by the appearance.

“Who are you? What you are doing here?” Lucario growl angrily as Grace step back away from the Lucario. She never knew that it can talk, but she knew that Lucario can’t talk unless she heard rumors of a Lucario living in a palace. It could be this palace was the legends was talking about?

“I was lost in the woods and….” Grace tries to explain to it.

“You are not welcome here!” Lucario roared at her.

“I’m sorry…..” Grace tries to apologize.

“What are you staring at, Old woman?” Lucario questions her which Grace is shocked in fear.

“Nothing really, I….” Grace tried to think ways to escape.

“So, you came to stare at the Lucario, eh?” Lucario roars as Grace tries to run away, but it caught her first.

“No, I just need a place to stay before I can go back to my……” Grace trying to explain that she must return back to nearest town and find her ryhorn, but it was too late. Lucario grabs her with a menacing look.

“I will give your place to stay. TO THE TOWER!” Lucario said to her as she plead for mercy and begging not to lock her at the tower.

Segment- Failed proposal

The carriage comes along to Yvonne Gābena’s household, but at the background is a prepared wedding that Lysandre hoping to make Yvonne, his wife.

“Remember the plan!” Lysandre tells Xerosic as he is about to knock the door.

“Yea Yea!” Xerosic said as he prepares the band once Lysandre and Yvonne come out of the door. Lysandre knocks the door which Yvonne looks at the door window with her dismay. Lysandre opens the door.

“Sir Lysandre, what a surprise?” Yvonne sarcastic asked to him.

“Well, my fair lady. This is your dream coming true.” Lysandre coming towards her, but sits down on the table.

“What do you know?” Yvonne wondered why he’s here for.

“Think about it. You can have all the riches of the world. Do as I please and have our sons to run the Guild.” Lysandre said which Yvonne is in disgusted with the idea being with Lysandre.

“I can’t hardly imagine.” Yvonne said as he got up.

“Precisely!” Lysandre said as he comes to her.

“Sir, Lysandre. Is it bit too much for me?” Yvonne wondered.

“Say you marry me and your dreams will come true.” Lysandre locks her by the door, but Yvonne opens the door with intent to kick him out.

“I’m very sorry, sir Lysandre. I don’t…..deserve you.” Yvonne said as she opens the door and Lysandre fell to the ground. The band performs, but only Lysandre is in the mud. Xerosic stops the band and asks Lysandre.

“So, how it go?” Xerosic wondered, but grabbed in the throat.

“Make no mistake this time. I will make Yvonne my wife or else.” Lysandre pushes Xerosic into the mud and goes back to the carriage to return back to his mansion. Soon as he left, Yvonne open to find nobody is here to disturb her.

“That rich bastard. He wants me to marry him? Ew! I wanted more than this countryside. I wished I can go out and have an adventure.” Yvonne picks up a flower until she stops something in the distance.

“Philipe?” Yvonne knows that Ryhorn. It was her mother’s Ryhorn.

“What happen to mother?” She askes Philipe which she rides on him to take her where her mother is being held.

Segment- Yvonne meets Lucario

After much traveling, she sees the palace with awe and wonder, but she has to get her mother back. The Ryhorn drops her off and Yvonne enters the palace.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” Yvonne entered the palace door.
Meanwhile, Trevor and Tierno are busy talking about a certain incident happened a few weeks ago. 

“None of this will never happen if you didn’t let the old woman in.” Trevor said.

“What? I can’t let her die outside.” Tierno pointed that it would be cold-hearted until they were appoarched by Shauna and Diantha, the head servants came to them.

“There’s a young girl in the palace.” Diantha told them which Trevor doubted it.

“A girl? Fat chance!” Trevor said to them until they heard a voice.

“Mom!” Yvonne said in the echo. The servants spot her in the distance.

“What? I don’t….” Trevor wondered until he was hugged by Tierno.

“This is it!” Tierno squeal in joy.

“What do you….” Trevor was about to ask Tierno what he meant.

“That’s the girl! She’s only one can break the spell!” Tierno explained to them.

“Wait. The one locked up is her mother!” Shauna pointed out.

“You’re right. We got her to the tower. Diantha, tell the master to go to the tower.” Trevor tells everyone as they go to their orders as Tierno and Trevor guide her to the tower. Yvonne scans the area until a door is open that leads to the tower. She felt someone is here, but no one is answered. She finds a cell where prisoners are holding. She hears a faint sound that was her mother’s.

“Mom?” Yvonne comes to her mother’s cell.

“Yvonne! How did you find me?” Grace asked Yvonne.

“I don’t know, but I am getting you out of here.” Yvonne tries to open the cell.

“You must leave this place.” Grace ordered Yvonnne.

“Who done this to you?” 

“There’s no time to explain. You must leave now!”

“I won’t leave you!” Yvonne tries to open until she was grabbed by a strong force.

“What are you doing here?” Booming voice is heard as the torch light is put off.

“Run! Yvonne!” Grace tells Yvonne as she tries to see the dark, but someone or something is hear.
Who’s there? Who are you?” Yvonne feared as she asked something in the dark.

“I’m the master of this palace.” The growling voice said.

“I’m here for my mother. Please, let her out. She’s not well.” Yvonne said to the voice.

“She shouldn’t trespass here.” Voice shouted.

“She can die here. I will do anything, please!” Yvonne plead.

“There’s nothing you can do. She’s my prisoner until she dies.” Voice said as Yvonne thinks what the best way to free her mother is.

“No, wait! Take me instead and let my mother go.” Yvonne said as the only way to do it. Risky way to save her.

“You……………………You are willing to take her place?” The voice said as he never heard a child will take their parent’s place.

“Yvonne, no!” Grace plead to her daughter.

“Yes, I am willing to risk it for my mother’s freedom.” Yvonne said.

“Of course, but you must do me one favor: You must stay here forever.” The voice said to Yvonne, but she is curious while wants to know what the voice sounds like.

“Come to the light.” Yvonne said as the voice appears in the light to reveal a Lucario, only odd about this Lucario is taller than average Lucarios and has dark blue eyes. Yvonne sees the Lucario grasps in fear, but she must do the right thing for her mother's safety. Grace is getting teary as Yvonne comes to the Lucario.

“You have my word. I tend to keep my word.” Yvonne said.

“Done.” Lucario said as he opens the cell while Yvonne drops to her knees. Grace tries to comfort 
Yvonne, but she was taken away by the Lucario to the carriage.

“Let me see my daughter before…..” Grace tries to tell him.

“She’s no longer your concern. Take her to the village!” The Lucario puts Grace in the Carriage. The carriage carries Grace into the village as Yvonne watches with tears forming in her eyes as she weeps.

Segment- Yvonne’s new room

Lucario goes back to the tower, but stops by Tierno.

“Um, can I say something?” Tierno hoping he will listen what he has to say.

“What?!?” Lucario askes Tierno that he has a good idea to say that will cheer him or something which he hopes it can’t be that bad.

“Well, I was thinking she will required something more comfortable than a simple cell. I was thinking that she could break the spell and…..” Tierno suggest as he receives glare from his master. Then Lucario stops for a moment what he said. It could be a possibility that she could be the one to break it, but another risky move that she will not like him at all due to his appearance. He thought it over for a moment. He opens the cell as she weeps.

“You didn’t even let me say goodbye to my mother. I never get to see her again…..” Yvonne snobs while Lucario feels pity on her because of his actions. He speaks up shyly to Yvonne.

“I will show you to your room.” Lucario blushes for a moment.

“My…Room? I assume…..” Yvonne wondered which Lucario reacted wants to state the obvious.

“You want to stay here?” Lucario pointed out.

“No.” Yvonne answered to his question.

“Alright. Follow me.” Lucario orders her. She gets up and exits the cell as Lucario grabs Tierno for light. They go around in the palace while Yvonne sees the castle with mixed wonder and frightness due of the designs of the Palace. Lucario looks at her for a bit as her tears are forming. He feels he had wronged her, but Tierno signals him.

“What I supposed to say?” Lucario whisper to Tierno.

“Say something nice. Like the palace is her place.” Tierno answered to him.

“Well…..I hope you like it and the palace is your home. You can go anywhere except the West Wing….” Lucario tells her which Yvonne caught the attention of the West Wing.

“What’s in West…..” Yvonne was about to finished until Lucario growl.

“It’s forbidden!” Lucario shouted at her which Yvonne flinched. After that, they reach to her room, He opens the door for her.

“My servants will tend to your needs. You can…..” Lucario said as he able to shudder.

“Invite her to dinner, man.” Tierno whisper to his ear.

“Join me to dinner. That’s not a request!” Lucario demands as he closes the door. Yvonne climbs to bed as she weeps knowing her dreams are lost and now a prisoner to a castle and a monster.

end of Part 1

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