Theatre of parodies

Your beloved Dexholders are acting out in a series of parodies of movies and even parody of the parody in one-shot styles chapters. Cussing and violence warning. Please do review upon reading. There will be laughter, Romance, drama, and randomness.


19. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

In the jungle where the trees are breaking off, we see a group of workers wearing safety helmets waiting for something. They hear the trees break. A rough muscular individual wearing an M-16 rifle with military blond haircut has a stern face along the workers. Suddenly it’s a crate carrying something or somewhat dangerous inside.

The machine places the crate near the gate where it looked like a compound for something dangerous like a criminal or animal. There is lot of mumblings and issuing orders. Everything is good at order, but something inside is growling at the men.

“Loading Crew, get that stupid crate in. And I want Tasers in full charge.” Surge ordered the crew to get it in. But a large screams that startled the loading crew.

“Steady you cowards! Relax; she won’t do anything unless she has bright ideas. Now, Push!” Surge said as they get the crate to lock it.

“Ok, loading team. Step away. Gate Keeper!” Surge said as they move out and the gate keeper gets top of the crate. Something is watching the gate keeper with ill intention like a criminal serial killer.

“Joey, Raise the gate!” Surge said as Joey raises the gate to let the thing inside the compound until…

A large thud that made the crate to slide for an opening and the gate keeper fall off. “Why I gotten the bad feeling about thiiiisss!?!” Joey said until it grabs him by the foot.

“Why I applied this job in the first place and I’m not even qualified for this job?!?” Joey screamed as Surge tried to get Joey out. He tried to hold to something, but it failed

“Lock the opening. Don’t let that bitch out!” Surge ordered as he holds Joey. The workers armed with Tasers are working on the thing, but something is not right that the Tasers are not working.

“Why it’s not working!” One of the Taser workers said until he sees the volts limit. Its 10 volts at full charge and it was cheap brand.

“These things are worthless! Who buys cheap Tasers in the first place?” One of them said as he read the labels. Nothing still works as the thing becomes stronger and stronger.

“Shoot the BITCH!” Surge screamed until they bought something to put her to sleep.

“Shoot the BITCH!” Surge scream which it was futile since poor Joey is nothing but dinner to the something evil. Then, few minutes later the job was done except poor Joey’s life.

“Ok, who’s job for the not properly locking the gates?” Surge said until one of the workers appeared.

“That was me, sir.” One of the workers said.

“You’re fired.” Surge said.

“But I got wife and kids to feed. I need the money!” One of the workers moaned.

“We lost a man today and I got a really that bad feeling that this just the beginning.” Surge said as he is very worried that this incident will close down the park or worse. Meanwhile at a Dominican Republic, a short pudgy man is on a boat coming to shore to greet the miner owner.

“Hi! I’m here for lawsuit regarding the safety of the park. And where’s Hammond?” Radio Director said with his briefcase.

“He has to leave. His daughter is getting a divorce.” Roark said.

“But we are facing a lawsuit that could raise questions about the park. There was a suggestion on in-site inspection.” Radio Director said.

“Hammond hates inspection, they slow everything down. You know how much Hammond hates it when they check on progress of the park. It’s just he hated it for people to interfere his work.” Roark said.

“Not unless they cut his funding.” Radio Director said.

“So, you believe so…I bet you regret it once it’s done.” Roark said until one of the mine workers come to him that he found something in Spanish. They go into the mine.

“They got Ian Malcolm instead of the insurance guys. I heard this guy is plain crazy while they hired Alan Grant. Why hired those guys instead of the insurance guys?” Radio Director said as they enter deep into the mine.

“Grant? Oh, please he will never leave Montana unless he’s bribed.” Roark said. Then the worker gives him amber containing a mosquito.

Bad Lands, Montana.

A digging site of a dinosaur in Badlands, Montanna which it is a Utahraptor. They look like they have been digging at least a month to get it.

“Dr. Grant, we’re ready!” One of the digging worker tells to the young man.

“I hate computers. I mean who needs them.” Green said.

“It could be worse.” Yellow said as she walks alongside with Grant. They reach a tent where they see a computer scanning the bones of the dinosaur. Until a Helicopter appeared blowing the dust to the bone.

“What the hell!” Green shouted as he runs towards the helicopter as he told him to shut it off. But the pilot points his finger to the trailer. He took this as a response as he went to the trailer.

“Why I got a bad feeling about this?” Green said as he open the door to see a man going to his fridge.

“How the hell you got here so quickly? Don’t you even touch that bottle?” Green said as the bottle cork come out.

“But this is the perfect day to drink.” Rowan said.

“Who and what are you?” Green said as he points his finger at Hammond.

“John Hammond, please to meet you. I am here for special offer.” Rowan said as he shakes the finger. After he shakes the finger he blows the dirt off his hand.

“Alan.  Who was on the helicopter?” Yellow said.

“It was I.” Rowan said.

“Oh.” Yellow said.

“Hammond met our botanist, Dr. Sattler. And do please your state of business.” Green said while he introduces her to Hammond. While Hammond pours the drink into their glasses.

“I have bought an island off from Costa Rica. Leased from the Government, I have at five years to set up a biological reserve. What I heard from your field of study, you’re the top minds. Well, I have too much to say about it.” Rowan said.

“What do you mean that you bought from Costa Rica for?” Yellow wondered.

“What kind of biological reserve is this?” Green asked. Hammond turned to face them with cheer look.

“It’s right in your doorstep. You know what. I like to take you there for the weekend along with other scientists to know what I mean.” Rowan said.

Grant didn’t like this because something was a catch. “Well, we just dug up a new bone and…” Green said.

“If you come, I will provide you all the funds you needed.” Rowan said as he took his paycheck and pen ready. Grant sees this as a need to get money for his research.

“How much it will be exactly? Also I would have a botanist along the ride.” Rowan said. Both Sattler and Grant agreed to come along the ride. At Costa Rica, a man carrying briefcases to a dining café where he meets a stocky, thin man with glasses.

“Dogson!” N yelled as he gotten his attention.

“You shouldn’t use my name.” Cyrus said.

Nedry repeat yelled his name as his finger pointing to Dogson. But a cricket makes the noise where no one cares.

“See, no one cares. What’s the gig?” N said as he gets the bag where it’s the keys to something.

“You will get more keys of the animal labs and meat factories if once you get them all.” Cryus said.

“I get them all.” N said with joy. Then Dogson shows a shaving cream that has Old Spice. He explains the situation that he has to transport them that it has a coolant lasted for 36 hours even customs can be fooled it’s just a shaving cream.  But he has to get back in San Jose before 36 hours and N has created a plan to beat security as revenge against Hammond.

A helicopter is flying by while inside of the helicopter, Grant playing with the Utahraptor claw.

“So, you two dig up dinos?” Gold said.

“Well…” Yellow tried to say something.

“We tried.” Green said in a cold tone. Malcolm laughed much of the dismay of Grant.

“You should get along with Ian Malcolm. He’s very strange for a math professor…” Rowan said.

“Actually, I’m more interested in Chaos Theory. Ever heard of it? I mean it came out and I agree with it.” Gold said as a grin.

“That’s why I called that work rubbish.” Rowan said.

“You should take a look at the work which I found interesting things about the theory. Things bad are bound to happen anyway if you do make order.” Gold said.

“I would assume nothing will go bad in this trip.” Rowan said.

“You mean like this?” Gold said as he tried to prove his point.

“Don’t touch me! Just don’t!” Rowan angrily said.

“It seems that we all heard of strange attraction? Right?” Gold said as no one gets the joke. Gold frown knowing what he said.

“There is.” Rowan said as they reach to an island where they land with minor problems. Soon, they get on jeeps while they drive by Gennero tells John that if they are not convince, they can shut him down. But Hammond claim that in 48 hours, he will accept his apologies which what could be worse.

They are now at a open field with the surrounding trees until they stop. Grant sees something, but when he stood up with surprising look. He took off his sunglasses as to see his surprise face. “Alan, this plant shouldn’t be here not since sixty five million years unless…” Yellow said as she sees…a brachiosaur walking by.

They both get out of the Jeep as they tried to get near the dinosaur. “It’s a…why I’m doing this for!” Green said.

“Cut!” Republic Empire said. The crew stops the camera.

“What is it?” Republic Empire asked why Green broke his role for.

“I don’t see the point of the script. I mean that’s just too cliché to say it.” Green said.

“Fine, you can improve the line. Go back.” Republic Empire said as he goes back to his director’s seat. They make redo the scene and then they are back to the show.

“Am I seeing this?” Green said while Yellow nodded. Hammond gets out coming to Sattler and Grant.

“You actually did it. You are one crazy son of a bitch.” Gold said while the driver just looks at him with confusion.

“What?” Driver said. Hammond joins the dumbfound scientists who sees this dinosaur with wonder.

“I always thought they are cold-blood, they are so wrong about this!” Green said.

“This thing doesn’t live in a swamp.” Yellow said with excitement.

“How tall it is?” Green asked.

“Brachiosaur are thirty feet tall.” Rowan said.

“Thirty?” Green said as the Brachiosaur who stands up to get something on the tree. The ground shakes as goes back to the ground. Gennero sees this with wonder and changes his mind.

“We already made a fortune out of this.” Radio Director glee with joy while Ian smiled at the wonder.

“How fast are they?” Green wondered to know the speed of the Brachiosaur.

“Well, we clock the Rex at 32 miles per hour.” Rowan said.

“You got a T-rex?” Yellow surprised to hear that Hammond has a T-rex.

“You got what?” Green asked as he grabs Hammond’s shoulders. Then Hammond smiled after he asked.

“We got a T-rex.” Rowan said as Grant falls on his kneels knowing that he has a t-rex.

“Dear Doctor Grand and Dear Doctor Sattler, welcome to Jurassic Park!” Rowan tells them while Grant looks up to see a herd of herbivore dinosaurs by the lake.

“They do move in herds. How did you do it?” Green wondered.

“I show you.” Rowan said. They return back to the Jeeps to go into the Visitor center where the construction workers working to make the visitor center pretty.

“I give you the most advance amusement park of the world. The whole world will astonish at the greatest biological zoo ever created. Also every park needs rides you know.” Rowan said as they climb up the stairs.

“We’re out of the job.” Green said as knowing this will no need of scientists to explain the dinosaurs.

“Um, don’t you mean endangered?” Gold remarked as they go into a room where it looks a theater. There is another Hammond coming in the screen. Hammond goes to the screen as he pricks his finger to need a drop of blood. Then they caught the words: Cloning.

“Um, you know there is no way to fill the sequence gaps of the Dino DNA unless you need….” Gold said. Gennro shushes Ian until a goofy animation appeared. It explained how they get the Dino blood from…mosquitos. They explained that they fill the sequence gaps with Frogs.

“Yeah, who think that would work?” Gold said wondering that might backfire one day. They finish introducing the information that they start the tour. They go to see the scientists working the Dino eggs.

“Wait, can we see the eggs?” Green asked to see the eggs.

“Yeah, can we?” Yellow asked.

“Sorry, it’s sort of a ride you know.” Rowan said. They soon get out of their restraints to get to the lab. They meet with one of the scientists.

“Henry, how we doing?” Rowan asked to his one of these scientist workers.

“We’re doing well, sir.” Elm said as the group sees an egg hatching.

“Ah, perfect. I was hoping they hatch before I go to the boat.” Elm said.

“Then why you didn’t say so? I insist being there of every birth of the species of the island.” Rowan said.

While they watch the eggs are hatching, Ian sees a blue hair female scientist writing down something. She comes to our group while the group watching the miracle of birth.

“I got the files, ready.” The blue hair scientist gives the documents to Henry.

“Thank you, Crystal.” Henry thanked Crystal. Then Crystal stared at Ian who was staring at her like an idiot.

“Can I help you?” Crystal asked. Then Green spoke up.

“I hope they are not breed in the wild.” Green said.

“Actually, they can’t breed in the wild. Population control is our main security policies.” Elm said.

“Can I pull your skirt?” Gold said as he realize what he said. Crystal huffed as she walks away showing Gold on the floor with a mark on his stomach.

“What did that happen?” Elm wondered why he’s in the floor.

“I don’t want to know. How you do that?” Green said as they go the subject at hand.

“We made them all female. It’s not hard to do. We can control their genders.” Elm said. Soon, Ian made a recovery which he overheard what he heard.

“Ow, what a powerful kick. I got something to say about this.” Gold said.

“Which is…” Rowan said.

“These restrictions you bring unexpected accidents bound to happen which the idea to make all female will cause problems in the future.” Gold said.

“That’s the stupidest remark you ever say. You are saying a group of females will breed?” Elm said.

“No, I meant to say that thanks to evolution, Life will find a way.” Gold said as Green hold the dinosaur in his hand.

“Wondering to ask, what species is this?” Green said.

“Oh, it’s an Utahraptor.” Elm said. This surprises Grant to hear that. After finding out they breed Utahraptors, they head to the pen area where the raptors are held as they witness a steer being slaughtered to death.

“I tried to warn them to kill them already.” Surge appeared with someone following him.

“Ah, meet our game wardens. This is Muldoon and his young assistant, Jack "Doc" Thorne.” Rowan introduces them to the group.

“Hi, having a nice day at the park?” Red said as he close to Sattler.

"What brings you here?" Surge asked as he set against the rail.

"I was curious how they are intelligent because of..." Green said.

"They are very intelligent. Even problem solving when they are lethal in 8 months. We bred 8 of them even the Big One. When she took over the pack, things were unspoken what we saw. She killed the rest leaving two under her command. She forced them to eat the remains what she slain. What we saw is the one you don't want to know." Surge monologues as he told them. They just stood there in fear what he told them.

"Aren't these fences electrified? What if the power breaks out?" Yellow asked.

"Oh, they attack when the feeders came. I think that occurrence twice. Don't worry they remember." Red said until they pull the harness up.

"So, who’s hungry?" Rowan said.

The group are in a lunch showcase where the upcoming attractions. The raptor incident didn't help them to be hungry at all. Not all are happy as Hammond speaks.

"Most of them are not ready, but you will take the basic tour." Rowan said with cheery tone.

"Hey, Hammond. I do want to say I'm sorry I am to doubt you. I mean we can charge it like say 2,000-10,000 a day. I mean we will be rich by day one." Radio director said with notion of greed.

"Donald, my boy. This park is not only catering the super-rich. Everyone in the world has the right to see them. I mean we should give those people couldn't afford the personal helicopters with public transport." Rowan said to calm down Donald.

"Yeah, we can do a coupon day or something to get their interests." Radio Director said with a whine.

"Hey, Old man. Have you had ever humanity in you?" Gold said.

"Things have change, Ian. We haven't seen the rest of the park yet. Besides what right you can…" Radio Director said.

“No, I want to hear his point of view.” Rowan said.

“Well, examples to let me say. These dinos like the raptors are like child unattended and never received love are more prone to hate their parents and more likely don’t obey it at all. I think this kind of issue that I would say that why you don’t know how to treat them as living things like your scientists.” Gold said.

“Well, our scientists has achieved that no one has ever done before. We are also planning to clone mammoths.” Rowan said.

“Ok, what about taking care of them and let them go like wild animals should do? What I think of this? You just rush this without thinking of your actions. Now, you just packaged and patent to sell it. I mean how selfish that is to begin with. You treat them like they are objects to control.” Gold said as he gets upset about the whole idea to exploit the dinosaurs.

“Condors are verge of extinct. If I clone a flock of condors, then it you don’t have something to say.” Rowan said to make a valid argument.

“No, the last time I heard about that that didn’t caused by man or some corporate evil takeover over resources. Dinos had their shot until nature just chose them to be extinct for a new species. So, nature like man is not so different what it seems.” Gold said.

“I can’t believe to hear this from a scientist to have Luddite ideas. How we cannot achieve this discovery?” Rowan said.

“It’s not. I called this “Lost innocence of the natural world”” Gold said while he ate his food soon after he said that.

“I agreed with Ian that how much do you know about an extinct species? I noticed the plants you pick look good, but very poisonous. These animals don’t know what era they are and will defend their selves violent if they need to be.” Yellow said while Hammond is at disbelief.

“Grant, if there was one person who can reason to what I am trying to do.” Rowan said.

“What I can understand this: Man and Dinosaurs separated sixty-five million years ago thrown to the mix. How the slightest possibly can this happen for us to expect?” Green said while Hammond rebuked this question.

“I don’t believe you all. Everyone is against me except the greedy lawyer whom I don’t care for.” Rowan said as Donald thanked Hammond for his remark. A waiter comes up to Hammond as he whispered to his ear. Then the waiter left as Hammond smiled.

“They’re here.” Rowan said as they left the room. They go to the entrance of the visitor’s center.

“I was hoping you are accompanying them when you take the basic tour.” Rowan said.

“GRANDPA!” Pearl shouted as another runs with him.

“Kids! You’re here!” Rowan said (Yeah, he’s going to kill me for this.) They tackle him as they told him about the helicopter. Green didn’t’ like this at all because he dread was kids.

They head out outside of the visitor center where they see two cars passing by. They have no drivers in them. Hammond explains that they have no drivers that they are electric cars that road by an electric rail. Hammond goes back to the Visitor center.

Then everyone goes to their select cars: Car 1 has Sattler, Ian, and Grant while Car 2 has the kids and the lawyer. Meanwhile in the computer center where they control the park’s system which it seems for every time is fine. Hammond goes to a young fellow computer expert named Arnold.

“How we doing?” Rowan said.

“System is ok. And I got some news that the typhoon is coming to us.” Bill said.

“This is why I didn’t build this over Orlando or San Diego. OK, start the tour.” Rowan said as Arnold taps on the keyboard.

“Hold on to your ass, you are going to a ride of a lifetime.” Bill said with joy as he press the enter button. The tour begins as the cars move out which surprises the passengers of the cars. At the control room, they did install cameras around the park which Hammond smiled as the cars move out for their tour.

They come to a door which a voice said, “Welcome to Jurassic Park.” They were amazed to see the door open.

“What they got there, Donkey Kong?” Gold said as they entered the door while it closes. The tour begins as they venture into the tour. They head to a pen of the Diplosaurs except it didn’t show up.

Back at the control room, they were facing an error within the system. “We got headlights not responding. John, we got all major problems within the park with this new computer system that we are all running the latest version of windows 8.” Bill said as Hammond look over to see the one person that he hired.

“Dennis, our lives in your hands and you got butterfingers?” Rowan scorn as Nedry laughed at that remark.

“You know it’s not easy to handle programing. You know it’s much better to have maintenance workers rather have a computer do the job for you. I call it cheap you know. You know you should have pay me as entire workforce for this job.” N said as he eats a butterfinger in his hand.

“I’m sorry about your financial problems, but they are problems to begin with.” Rowan said.

“Yeah, you’re right about that.” N said.

“I will not be drawn to one of those financial debates which hardly that my answer is going to be no!” Rowan said.

“Hardly any debate at all. You never say anything in my contract.” N said.

“I don’t blame people for their mistakes. I do if I paid them? Soon, the park opens I will give you a raise when they lit the green light.” Rowan said.

“Thanks, pops.” N said.

“Hey, can you debug the headlight problems?” Bill said as he peeks over the computer.

“Yeah, I do it when they come back. I don’t want to it when they are out there unless you want to risk the entire system.” N said.

“But we need to debug it now!” Bill said.

“I would like to see that now. I’m risking my neck for this you know.” N said.

They continue to argue about to debug the headlights. This gets Muldoon very upset about this.

“SHUT UP BOTH OF YOUR!” Surge yelled. He goes back to his seat.

“Hey, they are heading to the Tyrannosaur paddock.” Red said as he sees the screen. Now the car goes to the paddock. But there’s nothing out there except for the jungle with the birds chirps.

“Nature creates dinosaurs. Nature destroyed dinosaurs. Nature creates Man. Man destroyed Nature. Man creates Dinosaurs.” Gold said as he counts his fingers.

“Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the Earth.” Yellow said while Ian and Grant just stared at Sattler. Soon, they tried to tempt the Rex. The goat appears, but nothing happens. Soon, the cars move out.

Hammond just has a screen on to see Ian notices it. “Um, is there dinos in your dino tour? Well, I don’t see anything in here. You know I don’t see this excited except for a tap dancing singing frog. Hello? Hello? Yes? No? Maybe?” Gold said as he taps the camera and exhale at it.

“Why do I hate that man?” Rowan said as he moans.

At the car, Ian goes back to his seat. “They don’t have time for business or like show girls in a strip clubs.” Gold said.

“What’s chaos theory is about?” Yellow asked.

“Oh, the concept that you try the same thing that has different results like the butterfly files in Beijing and it rains in New York known as the Butterfly effect.” Gold explains while Grant sees something.

Grant gets out of the car. “See that’s why I’m trying to say. No one predicts that he will jump out of the moving car.” Gold said until Sattler came out.

“Now, that’s chaos theory. Why I’m so lonely?” Gold sighed until he decided to come out of the car too.

At the control room, they see the alerts they got out of the cars. “Stop the program!” Rowan said.

“I warn you to have locking systems of the cars!” Surge shouted as they tried to fix the problem. While Nedry sees the embryos room as he has the canister with him. Then he sees the video cam of the docking bay.

Outside of the cars, they head over to a sick triceratops. “Be careful she’s very sick.” Birch said while the group comes near the sick triceratops. He tries to explain what’s wrong with the dinosaur.

They tried to find out what’s going until they see….

“That’s one big pile of shit. I do mean that is biggest pile of shit I ever seen.” Gold said while Sattler digs it up. They found nothing to cause the sickness. That’s when the storm comes as thunder strike the ground.

Sattler volunteer to stay behind to figure out the sickness. The group goes back to the cars as the rain came. The storm come to the island with a fury as waves hit the docks in a nearly badly.

Nedry was called to get the embryos now or risk losing his dream to free the animals. He tells everyone that he going to grab some snacks and the power will go on and off for moment. He was hoping that he would get it before no one notices it.

He starts his mission as he turns off the power in the areas he will get though. After he get the embryos, the security is turned off. Arnold, Hammond, Muldoon, and Thorne sees this thinking that the power will go off for a moment.

When Nedry is nearly gets to the door. “What are you doing over here?” a sharp female tone said.

“Huh?” N said to see a female scientist glaring at him.

“What are you doing?” Crystal asked.

“Um, I was looking for you wondering that you want something to eat?” N nervously asked.

“Ok and why are you here exactly?” Crystal asked as something is not right with Nedry.

“No reason, just looking at your lab. Breeding dinos is new every day, right” N said as he left the room.

“Funny, when security is down it seems he’s hiding something?” Crystal asked as she continue her work.

Nedry goes out to open the gates to get though until he gets lost. Then they got failures all over of the park, they tried to find Nedry in the snack machines, but nowhere to be find. They go to his workstation.

“What kind of workstation is this?” Bill said this as he cleans out of the table.

“Are the raptors power out, isn’t it?” Surge said as Arnold types it to see it’s still on.

“No, it’s still on.” Bill said. This reliefs Muldoon and his assistant,then he types the computer.

“Access Security. Access Security grid.  Access Main security grid.” Bill said as he finished typing after repeating the failure around three times. That’s when until somehting trigger to see a animated clip showing N riding a pontya saying repeating, “Ah, Ah, Ah, You didn’t say the magic words.”

“Please! Ah, Damnit! I hate this hacker trolling shit!” Bill said.

“Call Nedry’s people at Cambridge.” Rowan said as he passes the phone to Arnold. Arnold pushes the phone buttons then he realizes something.

“Phones are out too.” Bill said. He puts back the phone.

“Where the cars stopped at?” Rowan asked.

“Don’t worry I hope they are not a place where danger most lies. I think.” Red said which the entire group sighed.

“I hope you’re right about that.” Rowan said. Which to make the short story, the cars are the worse place….The Tyrannosaur Paddock. During the storm, the goat is just eating nearby grass while it’s being wet from the rain.

Green was checking on the car and runs back to the car he was. “Radio is out. This is great. Now, we wait.” Green said.

“Um. What about the kids?” Gold asked.

“Why you asked?” Green wondered.

“Kids get scared you know. What if something bad happen?” Gold said.

“Oh, come on. Nothing is going to happen.” Green asked.

While in the other car, they hear the trumping that made glass of water to shake. The trumping continues. The boy (Pearl) grabs his goggles to see outside only to see the goat is gone.

“Where’s the goat?” Platinum asked until the goat’s leg is drop on the roof. Soon, they realize that something is other side of the fence. It’s the Tyrannosaur Rex ate the goat while stares at the cars.

“Fuck this!” Radio Director said as he open the car to hide in the bathroom outlet.

“I shouldn’t have come with them in the first place!” Radio Director said when closes the door.

“Where you think he’s going?” Green asked dumbfound as he saw Donald running for his life.

“Hey, when you got go, you got go. Unless…” Gold said until the Fence wires break for much of their horror. The girl sees this with concern look.

“Dr. Grant?” Platinum said. The T-Rex steps out of her pen. (The T-Rex’s dialogue is much a roar, but it’s been translation for various reasons.)

“I’m AWESOME!” T-Rex roared.

“Man, I wish I was wrong all the time then none of this happened. I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.” Gold said while Green watched in wonder and fear to see a T-Rex up close.

“I’m Older than Jesus!” T-Rex roars as she passes by the first car she sees and inspects it.

“Now, hold still. Their sight is based on movement and their smell is very good. We’re lucky to be in this car with the smell sealed.” Green said.

The kids grab a large flashlight which gotten the Rex’s attention. She goes over to the other car.

“Turn the light off. Turn the light off, you idiots!” Green mumbled.

“Missy, why you turn the light on!” Pearl said. Then he shuts the door off which the Rex heard and managed to get the smell of the kids. The Rex looks at the window of the car where the girl looks the flashlight to its eyes which to hurt until it raises its head.

“Oh, no!” Green said.

“What?” Gold asked.

“That meant a challenge. Hurting it will cause….” Green said.

“Chuck Norris is my butt plug!” T-Rex roared as the boy and girl cover their eyes of the noise from the rex.

“Turn the fucking light off!” Pearl said as they tried to shut it off which only for the light to at the roof which the Rex found the goat’s leg and eat it before proceeding to smash it.

“I wipe my ass with your ass!” T-Rex said as the kids hold on the roof window against the Rex.

“Tanks are my crunch berries!” T-Rex said as the Kids scream for their lives. (Noted: Platinum and Pearl were unaware that T-red is actually trained and it’s a friendly one even we feed it with dino meat. No one was harm during the play.)

Grant sees this in despire while Ian sweeps his view.

“Damn it!” Gold said as swipe the window. The T-rex rolls over the car which Grant knew what he has to do. He got a flare only to help them.

The T-rex rips the car into shreds while crushing it.

“I shit zombies!” T-Rex roared as the car is being crushed with the Kids are scared to be crush to death.

“Hey!” Green said as he gotten its attention.

“My Ovaries are chainsaws!”  T-Rex roars as Grant distraction the Rex as he thrown the flare.

“Hey! What about me! Get me!” Gold said as he gets out.

“Ian, you idiot! Freeze!” Green shouted.

“Get the kids!” Gold said.

“I bleed nightmares!” T-Rex roared as the Rex looks at Ian.

“Get rid of the flare you idiot! And don’t move!!!” Green said.

“I got this!” Gold said he threw it, but it’s nearly got close. The Radio director was praying until it gotten close. Then he screams like a little girl.

“My vagina eats sharks!” T-Rex roared as she threw off Ian which the shed was broken as Ian was covered. The shed reveal the lawyer which the Rex was glad to see a prey to her liking. The lawyer screamed as the Rex eats the lawyer.

Grant gets the kids, but the boy gets struck on the feet until the girl scream.

“Shut up and don’t move!” They can’t see unless they are very full due of their smell can find us.” Green said as the Rex comes close to them. But it didn’t show aggressive or want of food, it decides to resume business.

They go off a cliff where the hill nearby which it was a mountain display only for the visitors can see the Rex up close.

“Whose idea was this in the first place?” Green said as he holds the girl. But the T-Rex pushes the car over the cliff which manages to hit the tree while it didn’t Grant and the girl.

“Sparkle! Sparkle! Sparkle!” T-Rex roared.

Back on the control room, they are trying to solve Nedry’s code which unable to break. Rowan asked Muldoon to get his grandkids back. Then, Muldoon goes out which until Crystal and Sattler comes along to help him.

Meanwhile, Nedry gotten sidetracked as his jeep gets trapped and tries to get the cable to link to the tree to get it out. Until he meets a Dilophosaurs whom he tried to pet it thinking it won’t harm him at all. That’s when things gotten worse, the Dilophosaurs show’s frills to spit venom to his face.

He drops the can which lost it.  Then he gets on the jeep only for the Dilophosaurs to show up as it attacks Nedry to become food of the carnivorous Dino he tried to be friendly with. Then the mud pour over the can that Dogson lost his precious fortune.

Soon, Grant gets the boy out of the tree where the car nearly hit them. Soon, Muldoon come to the cars are where he was accompanying by Sattler and Crystal. They search everywhere to find the kids, Grant, and the others. They heard the roar of the T-Rex.

They hear a groan. It happens to be Ian Malcolm.

 “Argh, what happen?” Gold said as he opens his eyes to see Crystal holding him.

“Am I in heaven? Then I must see an angel.” Gold said as Crystal fumed as she drops him on purpose.

“Will you stop using that pickup line? It’s very cliché to say that.” Crystal said.

“It could be worse.” Gold said until the roar is heard.

“Yeah, about that. Remind me to thank the old gramps for the lovely weekend.” Gold said as he got up. They get Ian up on the Jeep while Crystal tending him. They found the other car which only to find tracks.

While Ian and Crystal are there, they hear something.

“Do you hear that?” Gold said.

“Yeah, I heard.” Crystal replied.

“You know you got the feeling that bad stuff happens and I was right about the whole disaster will happen.” Gold said he tries to sneak his hand around Crystal.

“You mean…” Crystal said.

“That is a warning where the wild things are. Then all hell breaks loose.” Gold said.

“Maybe we should get the…!” Crystal said as something is touching her butt which it’s Gold’s hand. A loud slap is heard that shows Ian trying to cover the slap mark is.

“Stop being perv and be serious about it!” Crystal shouted.

“But I’m serious about this right now.” Gold said as he spots the others coming.

“Come on! We got to get out of here. Right now! NOW!” Gold shouted as the others get in the Jeep. They drive away only for the T-rex to chase them. The girls screamed in fear.

“Shit! SHIT!” Yellowed yelled while the rest were shocked to hear Yellow cursed. But they were focused on the Rex.

“Um, can you go faster than 32 miles per hour?” Gold said as the Rex comes closer to them. Muldoon sees the rear window to see the Rex is coming towards them. (You know the rear window thing that makes no sense.)

After a few minutes driving away from the Rex, they managed to get away from the Rex. Grant and the Kids hear this and climb up into a tree. They sleep for the night.

Soon at the visitor’s center, Crystal tending Ian as she nurse him back to health much his annoyance to her. Hammond eats Ice cream like crazy with Sattler as he explains that he wanted to make a real or something like that. Then she explains that people are dying which they must do something about it.

The next morning, Kids and Grant move out only to find Dinosaur eggs. Grant explains this that the scientist has mutated the Dinosaurs with frog’s dna which he found that some west African frogs can change sex in a single sex environment.

“You know its stupidest idea ever. I mean they shouldn’t place reptile or bird DNA to fill the gaps in the first place. But Ian was right, Life does find a way.” Green said as they watch the recent footprints.

Back at the computer lab, they discuss what has to be done. Hammond purpose to shut off the entire system to get everything back online which Arnold found this suicidal. Then Muldoon suggests the Lysine Contingency. But the problem is that Thorne explains they have to wait for a week to take the effect. But Hammond forces Arnold to shut off the entire system. Arnold does it anyways which to found it does work despite the power went off went to the circuit breakers. Arnold said that he will turn back on in three minutes.

Soon, the kids and Grant are in the open plains to see a herd of gaiminus coming to their way until the T-Rex came and took down one of them. They escape from the Rex while it was eating it.  At the bunker, they noticed something is wrong.

“All major theme parks had delays. When they open Disney World in 1971, nothing worked.” Rowan said.

“Yeah, but the “It’s small world after all” ride breaks down. The dolls don’t eat the tourists.” Gold said.

Sattler volunteers to get the power back while Muldoon and Thorne join Sattler in. They head out of the bunker which they found what they fear. The raptor fence is damaged.

“Bloody shit! I shouldn’t see this coming. I knew Nedry wouldn’t shut down this one. Why he has to shut down the Rex and other dangerous ones loose, but these raptors are more dangerous. Come on.” Surge said as they head to the shed.

Muldoon tells Sattler and Thorne get to the shed. He had gotten them as he told them to go now. They entered the shed with the radio on as Hammond, Ian, and Crystal tell them where to go. They found the breakers.

Meanwhile, Grant and the Kids found the perimeter fence which they heard a roar that they prompt to climb up the fence and get down from the fence until the alarms are on. That’s when Sattler along with Thorne to turn on the power that causes electric shock to the boy.

Grant nurses the kid back to nurse while Sattler and her helper found themselves….a Utahraptor!  After they close the door front of them, they found the body parts of Arnold as they run in fear. They managed to get away from that raptor.

Muldoon found one raptor, but it was too late when he faces “her”.

“Clever girl!” Surge said until it proceeds to jump on him as she rips him into shreds. Soon, Grant left the kids in the visitor center. Then outside he meets Thorne and Sattler where they are glad to see him.

The kids left behind are eating the food on the buffet where they see the shadows of the Utahraptors. Green and Thorne gathered their weapons to deal with them.

“Well, we’re facing two raptors. Did the third one contained?” Green asked.

“Not unless they open….” Yellow said until Thorne realizes something.

“I remember! They can open doors! And did you left anybody in the visitor center?” Red said which Grant realizes he left the kids.

“Ah, shit!” Green said. At the visitor center, they are being chased down by two other raptors. They move around the kitchen as the kids able to outwit them. The boy was able to lock one of them in the freezer storage. They were able to get away from the big one.

They meet up with Grant, Thorne, and Sattler as they get to the control room to boot the power. That’s when they need the door locks until the raptor tries to open the door which Grant and Thorne holds the door with Sattler.

Soon, the girl who also a hacker uses the computer to turn the power back on along with the door locks. The boy gets the gun to the guys while Grant grabs the phone. Hammond gets the phone as Grant suggests getting the Helicopters soon as possible.

That’s when the Utahraptor breaks the glass. The guys fire their SPAS shotguns which miss all their targets. They found a ladder to get out until the raptor gets in. Grant kicks the ladder off to prevent the raptor coming in.

They all move out to head back to the Visitor center which they found another right behind them. They jump to the bones of the dinosaur as they drop to the ground. Sattler and Thorne look up to see the same raptor from before. Now they are trapped by two raptors.

They are at the hand of the raptors until one was about to jump on them until….


The T-Rex came out of nowhere as it attacks the raptor as it begins to eat. The leader wants to average her comrade as it attacks the Rex. The group left the visitor center where they see John Hammond in a large jeep carrying Ian and Crystal whom still tending Ian.

“After much so trouble doing this, I will not endorse your park.” Green said as he gets in.

“So, I have.” Rowan said as they drive away. Soon, the T-Rex grabs the raptor as she threw it to another bone structure which it roars.

“Here’s a free poster, bitches!” T-Rex roars as she drops the microphone. The group goes on the helicopter to go back home.

“Next time, this time is mammoths.” Rowan sadly said as he looks over the amber staff. Grant sees Thorne and Sattler are having the moment as she fell asleep in his arms as he smiled.

“You know it’s easy to handle this kind of adventure. I mean what’s worse than thrown by T-Rex?” Gold said.

“Well, you could have broken bones, maimed, or killed.” Crystal said as she ruffs his hair.

“You know I’m glad we met.” Gold said as he tries to sneak his hand around, but stopped by Crystal.

“Nice try.” Crystal said as they are flown away we hear a loud slap heard. So, things in the tale of the Dinosaur theme park were never told or heard until the San Diego years later and the Isla Sorna Incidents.


Author Notes: I’m done with this film edition. There will be a novel edition coming soon. I hope Dreamingflower likes this idea. Also the Fantasia part will not come later on.

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