Theatre of parodies

Your beloved Dexholders are acting out in a series of parodies of movies and even parody of the parody in one-shot styles chapters. Cussing and violence warning. Please do review upon reading. There will be laughter, Romance, drama, and randomness.


14. After Show

Republic Empire: Great Job, everyone! I have good news and bad news.

They come near Republic Empire.

Republic Empire: Bad news is I am to set up each chapter per a month due of work. My schedule is lacking behind and I have to cut me some slack do real life work.

They aww at Republic Empire.

Republic Empire: Good news is, we got a big gig coming up! The next project is the…

Drum Roll…..

Republic Empire: The Phantom of the Opera!

They just stare at me.

Silver: What's that?

Republic Empire: That show? It was based on a French novel and it was a broadway show.

Dia: I kinda heard that show before.

Platinum: Didn't someone did that?

Republic Empire: Yeah, but verison was good, but not that good. I feel overwhelm by week. I bring up the chapter by the end of the month or 3 weeks.

Green: So, what's the cast?

Republic Empire: Oh, that! I got that in mind as well. Here's the Cast

Phantom of the Opera:

Silver as Erik/Phantom

Green (female) as Christine Daae

Blue Oak as Raoul

Yellow as Meg Giry

Clair as Madame Giry

Morty as Ubaldo Piangi

Whitney as Carlotta Giudicelli

Brock as Joseph

Dia as Richard Firmin

Pearl as Gilles Andre

Professor Oak as Older Raoul

Agatha as Older Meg

Platinum as Old Owner

Republic Empire: There!

Green: I get to play a main role?

Republic Empire: Yeah!

Blue Oak: Don't tell me…it's a…..

Green: YES!

Blue Oak: DAMN YOU!

Republic Empire: What? What I do?

Blue Oak: Why you pair me with HER!

Republic Empire: I need two shippings against each other.

Blue Oak: What do you mean?

Silver: Um, I think he means….

Blue Oak: No! No!

Republic Empire: Yes yes! I use the fanshipping war for Green to pick Silver or Blue Oak. Also not only that, I am planning to do the History of the World Part I! By Mel Books. Also, where's Gold and Crystal?

Silver: Last time I saw them, they were at the downtown.

Republic Empire: ok, I don't want to know.

Red: What happen between them?

Yellow: I think they were acting funny during the Star Wars chapters.

Red: ok…..

Emerald: Where's Crystal?

Republic Empire: Um, folks I am afraid I have to pull my job in this. Also I have cancelled my other work for this. Have a nice waiting…..

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