too much love

Annabelle Styles is an 18 year old girl who's brother is no other than the Harry Styles. but what happens when her over protective brother finds out Annabelle and Zayn both have feelings for each other? find out in


4. wait you what?

CHAPTER 4: wait you what?


The next day, I decided to talk to Zayn about telling Harry... I didn't want to talk to him after, but I had to before he told Harry by himself. In the morning I went to the living room to see if he was awake, and he was. I said I was sorry about last night, and he kissed me. I said, "should we tell Harry?" and he said yeah. I didn't want to go in his room yet, 'cause I didn't know what him and Louis would be doing today, so I just waited until he came out to tell him.  when he came out, he brought Louis with him like a dog. I didn't want everyone in the band to know, so I told Harry I needed to talk to him, and he said, "ok come on Louis." I said he had to come alone, and he frowned. when he came outside with me, I had Zayn with me. Harry said, "what's going on?" I asked Zayn if he wanted to tell him, and he said no. I said fine, and then told him. after that he screamed, "WHAT?! YOU DID WHAT?!" he told me to go inside so I did. I heard him yelling at Zayn. he said: "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! THATS MY SISTER! IM GONNA KILL YOU!" I ran outside and found Harry attacking Zayn. I jumped on his back, and got him on the ground. I told him he needed to calm down. he ran inside and went to his room, which was where Louis had been getting dressed. when Harry walked in, he said "OH MY GOD DUDE PUT ON SOME CLOTHES!" at least he said it when he was smiling. it was nice to know he wasn't that mad about it.... or was he?

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