too much love

Annabelle Styles is an 18 year old girl who's brother is no other than the Harry Styles. but what happens when her over protective brother finds out Annabelle and Zayn both have feelings for each other? find out in


3. oops sorry zayn

CHAPTER 3: oops sorry zayn

when we got inside we had to settle sleeping arrangement, harry yells "LOU, LOU IS AL MINE BIATCHES." he then grabbed louis' hand and rushed them towards their room. Liam and Niall are rooming together, and Zayn is on the pull-out couch. thank god I don't have to share with one of them. I decided to see what harry and Louis were up to. as soon as I opened the door I regretted it, there on the floor were harry and Louis in their boxers with beanies playing checkers. I slammed the door shut and ran down the hall sounding like a constipated donkey giving birth. Liam and Niall game rushing out thinking I got raped or something because they had worried looks on their face, I laughed at their reaction ( normal this time). I decided to go see Zayn. He didn't look happy. I asked what was wrong and he said he was lonely. so I think I wasn't supposed to this but I walked (more like ran) over to zayn and jumped on him. I kinda didn't mean to kiss him. after I realized what I did I tried to change the subject but it didn't work. he  was laughing, I got up and walked away with my fingers in my ears and saying lalalalalalalalalalala. I really hope harry doesn't find out about that. I went to my room and laid down after about 20 minutes I fell asleep.

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