too much love

Annabelle Styles is an 18 year old girl who's brother is no other than the Harry Styles. but what happens when her over protective brother finds out Annabelle and Zayn both have feelings for each other? find out in


10. on his couch?

CHAPTER 10: on his couch?


I saw Annabelle and Zayn and BLAH BLAH BLAH! I had to tell harry, I know he will flip. but its his fudging couch. wait the couch isn't the point. THE SHAMPOO I GET IS DA POINT! :) I walk out to see Zayn asleep on the couch and Annabelle wasn't there. I went to her room and opened the door, but she wasn't there. I cant worry about her, I have to worry if its coconut, or strawberry, or green apple shampoo, mmm mm mm green apple. I really hope its green apple. "OH my little poptart." I said while I poked harrys cheeks. "what?" he groaned. "3 things, one I cant find your sister, two is your shampoo green apple? and three Zayn and your sister had sex on your couch." he jumped at the last part I chuckled "oh Harold how I do love your face!" he chuckled, but focused again. "wait where is Annabelle?" "I don't know maybe at the store buying a pregnancy test" I laughed but harry looked mad "im sorry but I whooped YO ASS in CHECKAS!" "Louis focus" harry snapped. "Alright Harold ill focus" I said in a stern voice. at that the front door swung open and we could hear Annabelle  screaming and swearing at someone, and she was crying. harry shot up and went down stairs, I follow. as we got downstairs we see Annabelle and Niall. we just looked to see what was happening. "your gonna break his heart!" yelled Niall. "Niall, I don't understand how I can break his heart when I love him?" she screamed, how was zayn sleeping through this? "you what?" niall said, he was calm now. "I love him, but that doesn't matter because you all think im using him!" she yelled and started crying and ran into her room and slammed the door.

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