too much love

Annabelle Styles is an 18 year old girl who's brother is no other than the Harry Styles. but what happens when her over protective brother finds out Annabelle and Zayn both have feelings for each other? find out in


18. at the beach with Zayn

CHAPTER 18: at the beach with Zayn


Well, so I'm at the beach with Zayn. he starts to walk and I ask him why we are here at 4:00 and he said " because I felt like going for a swim. no I'm just kidding. because I wanted to take on a romantic date. I realized that I haven't really gotten any chance to take you on an actual date so now I am " he said "wow, this is so perfect! thank you so much!" I said " anything for you babe " I love the way he says that :) "GREEN APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Louis came running up behind us screaming as loud as he can. "holy crap!" Zayn said. "how did he know we were here?!" I laughed. I couldn't believe it! Louis followed us from the house all the way here! "so where do you think he's gonna stop?" Zayn asked. "I don't think that's the question." I giggled "I think the real question is WHEN he is gonna stop!" I said "yeah you're right!" said Zayn "aren't I always? " I chuckled.


I cant believe she's going on a date with me. "this couldn't get any more perfect!" she said to me. "well, actually it can" I said as we approached a picnic blanket and basket. "oh my god! you're the best!" she said.  "I love you." she said at last. "and before you say anything, I'm not jus-" "I love you too." I cut her off. so there we sat eating dinner for about 45 minutes. after we ate dinner, we went in the water. BIG MISTAKE. it was freezing cold and the waves were huge! we both had a lot of fun though. I couldn't have had a more perfect date in my life. and I bet neither could she.

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