too much love

Annabelle Styles is an 18 year old girl who's brother is no other than the Harry Styles. but what happens when her over protective brother finds out Annabelle and Zayn both have feelings for each other? find out in


22. a day at home with zayn

CHAPTER 22: a day at home with zayn

Annabelle's POV:

Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis all decided to go to the 99 for a quick lunch. Me and zayn were just randomly watching SpongeBob Squarepants, I really don't understand what it mean but Zayn seems happy. he then forced me to watch barney, why? I have now idea, just a strange desire? to watch barney? "like a templ-" I begin but zayn cuts me off "no more temple crap ok, I think you need a Louis." I laughed at that. I got up but zayn pulled me back onto the couch "I love you" zayn said "I love you too" I said. we made out for awhile and you can take a guess what happened. but shhh harry would kill me if he knew




me and the boys not zayn, went to go out to eat we ordered our food and we got a regular amount of food, niall got a shiz load, he had crapes, eggs, French fries, green eggs and ham, and he tried to eat it all but failed, he is not a bottomless pit you know. well after that we decided to go watch a film in theatres called 'the hunger  games' It was pretty good. after that we went home and fell asleep.

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