Scurrilous Stories

"I-It can't be..." she stuttered, stepping back and dropping the black shotgun that was in her hand.
"I-I didn't know it was her love. Please..." he coughed out, crying.
"You killed her!" she screamed, breaking down and collapsing on her knees.
"Baby please. I love you." he said, as she looked up.
There was a brief silence, before a cough was heard.
"I love you too." she cried out, burying her head in her hands.


37. Showy Sashaying

|Chapter 37|

Showy Sashaying


Nadine Halliday shivered at the wolf’s touch. It was almost as if its touch was familiar, and it gave her this comfort of some sort.

Maybe she could tell Justin about everything that had been going on. And how werewolves actually exist.

Nadine trusted him enough to spill her secrets to him and she had made a decision. Tomorrow after school she was going to tell him about the whole werewolf problem.

Maybe he could even help her with this investigation.

Nadine smiled at the thought and gave the wolf another stroke. She looked down at it and it had captured her beautiful brown eyes with it’s.

Nadine’s jaw dropped as she saw the wolf had glowing purple eyes.

They reminded her of Justin.

She found it very unusual how they’d turn purple like that and sometimes red. It wasn’t normal and she wanted to get to the bottom of that too.

She cursed herself for not showing up earlier that night Justin was going to explain everything to her. Then maybe the whole ordeal with Rosanne wouldn’t have gone down.

That wouldn’t have been the only plus. She would’ve found out why Justin’s eyes turn those weird colors and he’d sometimes growl in her ear.

Nadine slowly stood up watching at the wolf sat at her feet. The wolf whined slightly and pawed softly at her leg, maybe telling her to stay with it.

But she shook her head and took off running towards the exit of the woods.




Justin Bieber walked through the doors of Stratford Northwestern Secondary School. He couldn’t help but think of the town he lived it.

A small country town with no more then thirty and a half thousand people living in it.

Of course, 20 percent of them being werewolves.

Stratford was some sort of meeting place on the 4th of June, for all of those werewolves who lived in Michigan, New York and Toronto.

It’s like a great migration for werewolves and Justin was glad he didn’t have to go anywhere and he could just chill while others are running across borders.

It was also convenient that the Stratford Shakespeare Festival runs over that time so the sudden increase of the population in that week doesn’t look too odd.


Justin turned around to face Nadine who was smiling at him. He leaned down and kissed her lips, before intertwining both her hands with his.

They Eskimo kissed, making Nadine giggle before Justin asked her how she was.

“I’m fine. But I have to tell you something after school.”

Justin became suddenly worried.

Had she found out his secret?

Was she going to break up with him?

All these thoughts were running through his head before Nadine kissed his cheek, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Justin, don’t worry. It’s nothing bad.” She breathed out, her minty breath fanning his face.

Justin sighed in relief making Nadine giggle again.

“I love you Justin.” She reassured, kissing his nose before releasing his hands from hers and walking into the school.

It was only then Justin realized he’d been standing in the threshold of the school the whole time.

“Hey you.”

Thin fingers wrapped themselves around Justin’s biceps and he was forcefully spun around.

“Whoa calm down.” Justin whisper-yelled, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well hello to you too Justin.” Rosanne rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest also.

“What do you want?" Justin groaned running a hand through his hair before clutching his backpack strap with one hand, the other holding his skateboard.

He liked to skate and he did it as often as possible.

“My daddy wants you to show me around the woods sometime. As you didn’t show me around that night.” She smirked and Justin rolled his eyes.

He couldn’t help but look down at her outfit.

“Don’t you think this is a little too revealing for school?” Justin asked, ignoring her request.

Rosanne groaned and tapped her foot on the ground.

“It really isn’t. Look, Vanessa is wearing something similar.”

Justin rolled his eyes again and looked over at Vanessa who was wearing her cheer uniform.

“What really? She has to wear that.” Justin said, looking back annoyingly at Rosanne.

He really hated this girl, and didn’t know why he was even talking to her.

“Look, all it is, is a printed skirt and a gray tank top. What are you, the fashion police?” Rosanne huffed, before sashaying, walking off down the corridor.




She was really too much to handle.

Justin let out a breath and flicked his hair, shaking his head before turning on his heels and making it towards his form classroom.


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