Scurrilous Stories

"I-It can't be..." she stuttered, stepping back and dropping the black shotgun that was in her hand.
"I-I didn't know it was her love. Please..." he coughed out, crying.
"You killed her!" she screamed, breaking down and collapsing on her knees.
"Baby please. I love you." he said, as she looked up.
There was a brief silence, before a cough was heard.
"I love you too." she cried out, burying her head in her hands.


38. Roaring Rage

|Chapter 38|

Roaring Rage


Nadine Halliday bought her tray of cafeteria food towards the table Justin was seated at, eating his strange sandwich.

The blood-red liquid was dripping down his pale fingers, as he bit into the bread ferociously, amusing Nadine.

“Don’t you think salami and ketchup is a bit of a weird combo?” Nadine asked, tossing Justin a napkin.

Justin caught it and thanked her, wiping his mouth of the red liquid (or ketchup to anyone who asked).

“Nah, I like it.” Justin shrugged, biting into it again.

“Can I try some?” Nadine asked, resting her chin on her hand, looking at Justin in an almost admiring way.

“Ah… well…. It’s…. um….” Justin started but was cut off by Nadine’s voice.

“No, I’m just joking. It’s ok, eat your sandwich.” Nadine said, sending Justin a crooked grin before piercing her chocolate milk container with her straw.

Justin sighed in relief and settled down in his seat, scrunching up the remains of his sandwich bag.

Justin propped his chin on his hand just like Nadine did earlier and actually did admire her, as she drank from her chocolate milk carton.

She was so beautiful.

“Justin, what are staring at?” Nadine asked, twisting her straw around and giggling at Justin.

Justin shook his head jokingly and shot her a lop-sided smile, before speaking.

“You’re just so beautiful, ya know? No girl, ever, will be as beautiful as you.”

Nadine, blushing profoundly, leaned over and grabbed his hand, rubbing the pad of her thumb over his knuckles.

“You are so sweet.” Nadine gushed, just as Thomas came over the table they were seated at.

“Ugh guys, seriously.” He cringed, shaking his head and taking a seat next to Nadine.

Justin instantly tensed up, but settled down when Nadine kept a firm grip on hi hand.

“I’m sorry.” Nadine chuckled sarcastically, rolling her eyes and biting her lip.

“How come you guys aren’t sittin’ with us?” Thomas asked, leaning on the table top.

“Oh I don’t know.” Nadine shrugged, finishing up on her sub.

“Well, ok then.” Thomas shrugged, looking up behind Nadine and going wide-eyed.

“What is it?” Nadine asked, turning in her seat to face the all-so-lovely face of Rosanne.

Nadine groaned, earning a chuckle from Rosanne. Justin sighed and put his head in his hands, tangling his fingers in his hair.

Thomas sat in silence, as Rachael came up to side with Rosanne. It still hurt both Thomas and Nadine to know their best-friend turned against them, to be involved with a stupid.

“Why hello Nadine.” Rosanne said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Hi Rosanne.” Nadine muttered, turning around to face her again.

Rachael and Rosanne were both wearing quite short skirts, to exactly suited for school. Rosanne’s outfit was more ostentatious, but Rachael’s was still not suitable.





Rachael looked down at Nadine’s outfit and scoffed disgustingly, making Justin’s eyes spike with rage.

“What is it?” Nadine asked, rolling her eyes at her former best-friend.

“Your outfit. It’s so drab.”

Nadine didn’t think he outfit was “drab” at all. In fact, it’s one of the nicest things she’s worn to school.


[NADINE’S OUTFIT ^^^ (skirts slightly longer, otherwise she’ll seem hypocritical)]


“No it isn’t. She’s beautiful.” Justin stated, standing up and giving Rachael a look of utmost loathing.

“Will you shut up and sit down, you creep.” Rachael stated, pushing Nadine off the edge.

Justin’s face dropped and it was as if all his confidence had washed away with a push of a button.

Before his anger got the best of him, he stormed out of the cafeteria, into the semi-crowded hallway.

He pushed passed students towards the gym. When he reached the gym, he mentally cursed himself for walking in on the basketball teams’ practice.

“Aye look rob! It’s fag boy!” Harley Kasmer called, the whole teams’ eyes diverting to Justin’s figure. They were laughing amongst themselves, and Justin started to become angrier then before.

Harley Kasmer had asked out Rachael a few days ago, so Rachael had filled him with false information.




Robert Henderson burst out laughing, clutching his toned stomach as he did so. Justin rolled his eyes and stormed over to them.

He snatched the ball from Carlos Rocco (the “sexy” Spanish senior) and held it out for Harley to come and get.

“C’mon Harley. Come and get the ball from “fag boy”.” Justin stated a smirk on his lips.

With his werewolf abilities, Justin knew he could outsmart/outdo anyone on the basketball team.

Harley rolled his eyes and pat Robert on the back, before approaching Justin and slashing for the ball.

Before Harley could grab a hold of it, Justin flicked it back, and caught it in his other hand, making Harley’s eyes go wide.

Justin started dribbling the ball, bouncing it in Harley’s sight obnoxiously. Harley tried to swipe it again, but Justin dodged his attack and held it in his hands, chuckling.

“Here, just take it.”

Harley, completely humiliated, placed his hands on the ball, his teammates shouting in the background.

“Harley! Stop mucking around! Just take it!”

After a few pulls, the ball didn’t budge and Harley was furious. Just as if he about to swing a punch at Justin, Justin sped off down the court, dribbling the ball in front of him.

Before he knew it, he jumped off his feet, reaching up and slam-dunking the ball into the hoop, the glass of the ring shattering in his face.

Bringing the ring and the glass down with him back to the court, he sat in silence, as the basketball team watched him in awe.

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