Scurrilous Stories

"I-It can't be..." she stuttered, stepping back and dropping the black shotgun that was in her hand.
"I-I didn't know it was her love. Please..." he coughed out, crying.
"You killed her!" she screamed, breaking down and collapsing on her knees.
"Baby please. I love you." he said, as she looked up.
There was a brief silence, before a cough was heard.
"I love you too." she cried out, burying her head in her hands.


1. Prolouge

Scurrilous Stories


Daddy told me never to wonder out into the woods at night.

But being me, I didn’t listen to him.

And it got me stuck in this situation.

It made me see something I thought I would never see in my life.

I made me feel something I didn't know how to describe.

I thought they were just myths.

Guess I was wrong.


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