Scurrilous Stories

"I-It can't be..." she stuttered, stepping back and dropping the black shotgun that was in her hand.
"I-I didn't know it was her love. Please..." he coughed out, crying.
"You killed her!" she screamed, breaking down and collapsing on her knees.
"Baby please. I love you." he said, as she looked up.
There was a brief silence, before a cough was heard.
"I love you too." she cried out, burying her head in her hands.


39. *Name undecided* Chapter 39

|Chapter 39|

*Name Undecided*


Justin Bieber sat still in the chair across from the principal’s desk, staring at the principal with bored eyes.

Mrs. Winston was shuffling papers, her eyes once in a while meeting Justin’s.

“Your father will be here shortly.”

Her voice came out scratchy and sore, almost as if she was sick of people wandering into her office for all the wrong reasons.

Justin merely nodded, intertwining his fingers in his lap. He looked around the office with no remorse for humiliating Harley Kasmer in the gymnasium 20 minutes prior.

“Sorry I’m late Mrs. Winston. I was caught up… in erm work.” Jeremy stuttered, walking in in a brisk manner.

“That’s quite alright Mr. Bieber. What’s important is that you showed up.” Mrs. Winston stated, taking her spectacles off and placing them on the desk top in front of her.

“What has he done now?” Jeremy asked, sighing slightly afterwards.

“Well, Mr. Bieber, one of our students, Harley Kasmer and the coach of the basketball team, Coach Kennedy, came in complaining that your son had shattered the basketball hoop and had humiliated Mr. Kasmer.”

Mrs. Winston said it between clenched teeth, seeming to be positively pissed about the whole situation.

Jeremy gave Justin a pointed look and then turned back to Mrs. Winston.

“I am very disappointed in Justin at the moment. I am sure he’s willing to take full responsibility for his actions, and will be happy to follow the circumstances.”

It was almost as if it was rehearsed, as Jeremy had to say those couple of sentences on many occasions.

Mrs. Winston merely sighed, upon hearing those sentences many times also, and arranged for Justin to do community service for a week.


Justin and Jeremy were told to exit the principal’s office when the short meeting was over and they gladly got up from their seats, to enter the small hallway near the receptionist’s desk.

“Justin, you need to get a job. Because I sure as hell won’t be paying for the repairs of that basketball ring.” Jeremy stated, shaking his head as they exited the school.

Jeremy decided the call it a day, which Justin wasn’t so happy about. Sure, he got to skip school, but that also meant he couldn’t see Nadine at the end of the day.


What ever happened between Nadine, Rachael and Rosanne?

Justin worriedly sat in the car, thinking over everything that happened.

Was Nadine ok?

Justin shook his head eventually and looked ahead, at the road that was quickly disappearing under the wheels of the car.

The tarmac changed to thick mud, and Justin knew they’d already reached the woods.




Nadine Halliday crossed her arms over her chest, looking around for her boyfriend. Her best friend, Thomas, approached her, giving her a weird look.

“Nadine? What are you doing?” he asked, raising his eyebrows in turmoil.

“I’m waiting for Justin…?” Nadine replied, questioningly.

“What? You didn’t hear?” Thomas asked, scratching the back of his neck and sighing.

“What? What happened?” Nadine asked in alarm, clutching the strap of her backpack tighter.

“He humiliated Harley Kasmer and, well, smashed the glass in the basketball ring. His dad picked him up and they just, went home I guess.” Thomas said, smiling sheepishly at Nadine.

“Oh... Ok, wow.” Nadine giggled, although she was feeling slightly confused as to why he’d humiliate Harley Kasmer.

“Yeah, well I’ll see you later then Nad.”

Thomas gave Nadine a small hug before disappearing in his dad’s car.

Nadine walked home, waiting to be in the comfort of her room to call up Justin for a brief explanation.

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