Scurrilous Stories

"I-It can't be..." she stuttered, stepping back and dropping the black shotgun that was in her hand.
"I-I didn't know it was her love. Please..." he coughed out, crying.
"You killed her!" she screamed, breaking down and collapsing on her knees.
"Baby please. I love you." he said, as she looked up.
There was a brief silence, before a cough was heard.
"I love you too." she cried out, burying her head in her hands.


17. Malicious Magic (Part Two)

|Chapter 17|

Malicious Magic (Part Two)


Nadine Halliday ran into the diner she worked at and rushed through the ‘staff only’ door, to see Sarah and many of her other colleagues rushing around the serve customers.

“Late again Nad.” Sarah huffed, pushing open the ‘staff only’ door with a silver tray balancing on her shoulder.

Nadine cursed herself for being late but went by the employee’s rack to hang her leather jacket on her hook and to clock in.

“Hmm Nadine? Why are you so late again?” Mr. Branch said, closing the door to his office behind him.

“I’m so sorry sir. I just got here from school, and the teacher held me back after class to pack up all the art equipment. And a few of my friends are in hospital so I’ve been visiting them and-”

Mr. Branch cut her off by chuckling.

“Alright Nadine. Make sure it doesn’t happen too often.” He said, before disappearing into his office again.

Nadine huffed before taking her waitress pad and pencil and tying her apron around her waist.

She passed Greg Turner and Henry Winston (the chef and co chef) who gave her a brief wave before she ventured out into the diner.

She saw many elementary school students crowed around tables with their parents, probably for an afternoon snack.

“Hello I’m Nadine what can I get you?” Nadine asked a group of, what she was guessing, were twelve year-old boys.

“Maybe some of that ass.” One boy snickered, causing the rest of the table to erupt in fits of laughter.

Nadine rolled her eyes at the immaturity and asked again.

“Alright, alright. We want OJs all 'round and Fred here wants a toasted sandwich.” One boy said who looked slightly older than the rest.

Nadine nodded, jotting down there order (even if she could remember it clearly) and rushed back to the kitchen.

“Boys.” Nadine muttered, clipping the order to the order rack.

“Just a toasted sandwich here!” Nadine yelled, as Greg nodded.

Nadine walked towards the drinks, and grabbed seven glass cups, filling them with ice. She poured orange juice into the seven cups and placed them on a tray.

She steadily made her way to the table (luckily successfully) and placed the cups and seven black straws in front of them.

“Enjoy.” She muttered, watching the boy Fred eat his toasted sandwich.



Justin Bieber walked along the side-lines of the woods, with Victor and Iris.

“So this book, you take notes in. Does it have, like black magic spells?” Justin asked, kicking a pebble onto the road.

“Yeah, of course.” Victor replied, in his deep voice.

“Alright, good.” Justin replied, as Victor and Iris went ahead, walking towards a run-down house.

It had a fence of chicken wire, and a wrought iron roof. The weatherboards of the house had chipped white paint and the windows had thick blue window-frames.




Besides all that, it still had a satellite on the roof.

“Whose house is this?” Justin asked, furrowing his eyebrows as Iris and Victor walked up to the front door.

“Mine.” Victor replied, opening the door and allowing the other two to come in.

The house had that musky smell, the smell you’d expect from a house like this.

Victor led the two into a small bedroom, with a single bed with a black duvet cover in one corner.

He had many Nirvana and AC-DC posters plastered on the walls and a dream-catcher attached to his window sill.

‘Not the best looking room. But we’re no here for your advice on interior design.” Victor snarled at Justin, before sitting down on the bed.

“Wasn’t gonna say anything man. Now the book. Let’s get down to business.” Justin replied, scoffing afterwards.

It’s not like Justin had a fancy mansion in the center of town, he lived in a cabin in the middle of the woods.

His cabin was double story and the inside and out was made of wood.  

Victor walked towards his dark oak desk and picked up a thick brown leather-bound book, with a white star drawn with white-out in the corner of the cover.

“You can have a look in it.” Victor muttered, handing me the book.

“Everything in there are the black magic spells and things I’ve picked up over the years. And um I have a shelf, of potions.” Victor said, making me smirk.

I nodded afterwards and flipped half way through the book, seeing a heading at the top of the page.

LOVE SPELLS it read.

Justin grinned in success before flipped through to the next few pages.

“Is it love spells you’re after?” Iris muttered, catching Justin attention.

A red hue spread across Justin’s cheeks and he coughed awkwardly.

“Well yeah.” Justin mumbled and Victor seriously nodded.

“Here.” Victor said, indicating Justin to give him the book. When Justin passed it over, Victor searched the pages.

“What kind of, um spell are you looking for?” Victor asked, his blue eyes looking over at Justin.

“Well the kind of spell that makes someone who doesn’t love you, love you.” Justin muttered, still blushing.

“Ah I have the right one just here.” Victor said after scanning over the pages.





This spell has many uses; it can be used to bring back a lover or to bring someone new to you. If your relationship has hit the rocks and lacks commitment, this spell can correct that. The Black Magic Hypnotic Seducing Love Spell is customized with your specific requirements. Once cast this love spell will send fully charged hypnotic psychic energy to the one you love repeatedly until they have no choice but to obey this black magic love spell's command.


“Black magic hypnotic seducing love spell?” Justin asked Victor and Iris, who merely shrugged.

“It’s the most powerful black magic love spell in the book. But the problem is, I don’t have the potion. Lady Shadow has it down at her store.” Victor replied, a solemn look still on his face.

“But you just said you had every potion.” Justin stated, closing the book forcefully.

“With the exception of one. I made all these potions, but the hypnotic seducing love spell needs special ingredients and crap. Couldn’t be bothered. And I didn’t buy it from Lady Shadow ‘cause it’s too damn expensive.” Victor said, as Iris nodded.

“How much?” Justin asked, rubbing his hands together.

“Two-hundred bucks.”

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