Scurrilous Stories

"I-It can't be..." she stuttered, stepping back and dropping the black shotgun that was in her hand.
"I-I didn't know it was her love. Please..." he coughed out, crying.
"You killed her!" she screamed, breaking down and collapsing on her knees.
"Baby please. I love you." he said, as she looked up.
There was a brief silence, before a cough was heard.
"I love you too." she cried out, burying her head in her hands.


15. Clandestine Confession

|Chapter 15|

Clandestine Confession


Justin Bieber ventured out the front door after his father, Jeremy. He shut the front door behind him, sure to lock it before facing his father again.

His father was in wolf form, and nodded his head at Justin for allowance. Justin slowly shifted into a wolf and rolled in the dirt.

It felt good to be his normal nature.

He followed his Dad, running on all fours towards the meeting place.

Jeremy wasn’t the alpha of the pack, but his position was higher then any other pack member. In fact, his brother Steve was the alpha, so that made Justin and Jeremy’s life easier.

They arrived near Lake Victoria, on the opposite side of Lakeside drive. Justin saw Nate and one of the newest pack members, Joel White.

He had black hair and blue eyes, the contrast almost every girl loved.




 Although he was 24, he still acted as if he was a teenager and Justin liked that about him. Justin didn’t know much about Joel, but he thought he might be making another friend.

Justin approached them and growled, making them turn around.

‘Hey guys.’ Justin said, the others getting the message inside their heads.

‘Yo Justin.’ Nate said, as Justin nodded.

‘Sup Justin.’ Joel said, as Steve called them all for the meeting.

As Steve started to speak, Justin looked over at the other side of the lake. He squinted his eyes to focus more on the two figures that were holding hands and walking along the shoreline.

His eyes went into zoom mode and he caught sight of a beautiful turquoise dress and long slightly tanned legs from what he could see.

Those legs reminded him of Nadine.

His subconscious wanted him to take a closer look and it was great timing too, because the meeting was just finished.

He didn’t waste any time to jump into the water and swim over to the other side, surprisingly without anyone noticing.

He loved swimming in the water, and feeling of water rushing through his fur.

Soon enough, he reached the other side and he hid behind some marsh that was on the edge of the lake and listened in to their conversation.

“It’s such a lovely night, isn’t it?” a familiar voice asked, but Justin couldn’t quite but his finger on whose voice it was.

“It is, such a lovely night to be out with you.”

That voice, he knew all too well.

It was Nadine’s.

He popped his head up, just enough so he still couldn’t be seen and observed Nadine and the guy.

It was Levi Raines.

Justin growled as he saw Levi placing the palms of his hands on Nadine’s cheeks and leaning in closer to her angelic face.

She put her hands over his and closed her eyes, as if she was expecting a kiss.

Justin became angrier and angrier by the second and soon enough, their lips touched and something snapped within him.

He bounded from the marsh and ran towards the couple. He roared and growled and eventually he caught their attention.

They looked horrified and Levi nudged Nadine behind him protectively.

What can you do compared to a wolf?, Justin thought.

Before anger controlled him and he ran a jumped on Levi, claws digging into his side.


Nadine Halliday screamed as she saw that familiar wolf attacking Levi. She couldn’t have this happen again, especially after Thomas’s attack.

She ran towards the tackling pair, the wolf obviously being stronger and gripped on its fur. She thught it wouldn’t affect the wolf, but surprisingly it did.

The wolf jumped back and pinned Nadine under its paws. He mentally sighed, and stared into her beautiful caramel eyes.

She stared at his, in complete shock but in some what comfort.

He leaned down and licked her lips with his rough tongue and Nadine made a disgusted face before giggling.

The wolf smiled, showing his teeth and from then on, did Nadine know he was a very, very special wolf.

When reality hit them Nadine caught sight of Levi running towards the wolf, screaming.

He landed on the wolf and started tugging and the wolf’s fur, screaming and scratching its skin.

The wolf got up on all paws and started walking backwards with Levi still punching him and pulling on his fur from on top of him.

“Get off him Levi!” Nadine finally screeched, grabbing the attention of both Levi and the wolf.

The wolf was still clearly angry at Levi, for some strange reason and Nadine couldn’t think of why.

Had Levi done something to the wolf in the past?

The wolf tugged and Levi’s ear with its mouth and Nadine gasped.

When the wolf pulled away and headed towards the water, Nadine rushed over to Levi to see it had torn a chuck of his ear off.

Nadine gasped as Levi moaned in pain and she dialed 911 into her cellphone.

She was gasping for air from the crying and couldn’t help but think of Thomas’s accident.

“Stay with me Levi, I’m so sorry.” Nadine sobbed, hugging his chest and trying to find something to cover his ear.

She ended up ripping apart of the bottom of her dress and dabbing Levi’s ear with it. She cried into his chest and when he stopped screaming in pain he choked out,

“Don’t worry about me Nad. Thanks for coming out here with me tonight. It, it meant a lot.” He said, closing his eyes.

He must not be able to stand the pain any longer.

 Nadine cried more and kissed Levi’s lips over and over but his eyes remained closed.

Finally the ambulance arrived with the cops; the paramedics pulled over and placed Levi on a stretcher.

A police man made his way over to Nadine, who had blood stained hands and was crying from the accident and asked her what happened.

She knew it was the right thing to tell the police man the truth, but she felt as though she couldn’t.

“He fell into the river an hour ago and he didn’t surface so I jumped him to save him and our clothes dried over that hour. His ear wedged between two rocks and he had no choice but to pull his ear out. The scratches are from when he was panicking in the water.” I replied smoothly.

“OK thank you miss. We’ll arrange for a cop car to take you home.” He said, and walked over to the other police officers.

Nadine turned around to face the river and caught sight of a pair of beady blood-red eyes in the marsh on the other side. She squinted her watering eyes to see the eyes, in fact, wink at her.



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