Scurrilous Stories

"I-It can't be..." she stuttered, stepping back and dropping the black shotgun that was in her hand.
"I-I didn't know it was her love. Please..." he coughed out, crying.
"You killed her!" she screamed, breaking down and collapsing on her knees.
"Baby please. I love you." he said, as she looked up.
There was a brief silence, before a cough was heard.
"I love you too." she cried out, burying her head in her hands.


12. Apropos Amends

|Chapter 12|

Apropos Amends


Justin Bieber wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He watched ruthlessly at the lifeless body, which was ripped open by the large canine teeth that once were in his mouth.

He looked down at his sweat-shirt, sighing at the blood that drenched the material.

He shook his head, and kicked the body, before trying to remember who this person was.

It was that young girl, Amanda or something, who worked part-time at the drug store.

‘What a shame.’ Justin sarcastically thought, before taking off his sweat-shirt and throwing it into the bushes.

He walked out of the enclosed area surrounded by pine trees and shrubs, before trekking towards the cabin.

When he reached it, he walked around the back and unbuttoned his jeans. They slid to around his ankles, and he kicked them off.

They were also stained with blood.

He walked towards the out-door shower, and twisted the cold water knob. It was quite cold out, but Justin didn’t feel it.

He ran a hand through his hair, as the cool water cascaded down his muscular chest, washing away any of the girl’s blood.

When he finished, he took his jeans, and approached the back door of the house. He forced it open and he walked in, shutting it behind him.

He approached the fire-place, and chucked the jeans in there. He looked around the living-room, for a box of matches.

When he found them, he lit one, and threw it into the fire-place.

He watched as his jeans crackled and hissed inside the roaring fire, and sighed in relief that half the evidence was terminated.

He reached out across the table, where his cellphone was placed and picked it up, scrolling through his contacts.

When his finger hovered over Nate’s name, he tapped down on it. He held his cellphone over his ear and tapped his fingers impatiently on the surface of the coffee-table.

“Hello?” Nate’s deep voice echoed through the speaker.

“Hey, um Nate. It’s Justin.” Justin nervously chattered into the phone.

“Thought you would never call man.” Nate’s voice came through, in a playful manner.

Justin smiled, knowing that the day away from his best-friend was enough for Nate to realize that Justin was actually sorry.



Nadine Halliday angrily packed all of her things into a few brown cardboard boxes as her father watched her with a frown on his face, leaning against the white door-frame.

“Nadine, honey.” Aaron cooed, walking towards her.

“Dad, I just…” Nadine said, unable to finish, as she was beyond angry.

“Look pumpkin. You have every right to be mad at me for lying to you. But you had to know I did it for your own good. You would’ve thought I was crazy if I told you your mother was killed by a werewolf!” Aaron’s words boomed, as he threw his arms into the air.

Nadine winced slightly, as she put her clothes down angrily and turned to face her dad.

“You know about my fascination with supernatural creatures! If you told me they were real and showed me those pictures, I would’ve most likely believed you!” Nadine said, crossing her arms over her chest.

She remembered how her dad got her a wolf poster for her 10th birthday, and how she loved it very much. It fact, it was still on her wall.

“I just didn’t want you to stop fantasizing about all these mythical creatures because one killed your mother. It was too much for a young girl to take in anyway.” Aaron explained, as Nadine sighed.

She knew her father had a point.

If her father told her that her mother was brutally killed by a mythical creature she would’ve most likely not believed him.

“I suppose dad.” She said, walking over to her father and wrapping her arms around his waist.

Her dad kissed her head and hugged her back, rocking her side to side slightly.

“But I still want to stay here.” She said, sighing.

“Why?” Aaron asked, clearly disappointed by the decision she made.

“I want to get that wolf, the one that killed my mother.” She said, feeling determined.

“Sweetie, no.” Aaron said, shaking his head side to side.

“Why not?” Nadine asked, crossing her arms over her chest.

“Werewolves are very dangerous. I should know, I’ve been trying to hunt the one that killed your mother for years."

“How do you know which one it is?” Nadine asked, tilting her head to the side.

“I found some physical evidence at the scene. There was some fur. It was an unusual color at that.” Aaron said, tapping his chin.

“Also, my hunter friend from back when the accident happened told me he had problems with the same wolf. It killed his daughter.” Aaron said, bowing his head.

“It was said, that this particular wolf killed innocent people when it was angry or really upset.” Aaron explained, as Nadine packed the final things.

“I don’t care if it’s dangerous.” Nadine finally said.

“I’m going to kill that werewolf no matter what.”

Aaron knew, that with the determination Nadine had, he couldn’t stop her from trying to find and kill that wolf.

It was no use.


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