She's My Princess. Literally.

Jade-Lynn Elizabeth Katherine Windsor is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, but with a fiery passion hates being treated like it. She chooses not to let anyone know who she is, accept her closest friends. People think of her as a punk, and not "princess material." And honestly, she doesn't give a damn. Out of all the people in her quite large family, her grandma is the only one who accepts her for her. Her life is practically planned out, but what happens when a certain curly-haired, green-eyed boybander mixes things up. Will she be with him? Or be forced to fulfill her duties as a "princess."


2. You Again?

Jade's POV

*9:00 a.m.*

"JADE GET YOUR LAZY ASS UP!!!!!!" screamed my step-mom. She marched into my room and pulled the covers off my head. Bitch needs to learn personal space. I'm only a morning person on Christmas, and even then I am groggy.

I looked over at my phone. 9:00!? Who the hell does she think she is?! Waking me up at this unearthly hour! God, the nerve of some people!

" Now, tell me why I need to get up?" I asked my patience now merely hanging by a thread.

" Because we have important guests coming today, and the Queen has asked all the royal family to attend. No matter how much you don't want to go, you still have to. Believe it or not you are part of this family. Now get your ass out of bed!" she demanded.

" I thought duchesses weren't aloud to swear?" I asked cheekily. She back-handed me. Whoa, there. You don't slap me, unless you want to be slapped back. But you know, it being nine in the morning and all, I didn't have the energy to slap her.

" You will not have that tone with your mother, young lady!" she roared.

" Your not my mom. Far from it sweets." I seethed. She looked like she was going to say something, but ended up walking out with am exasperated grunt. Hehe I win.

She stopped at the door, and turned on her heel. " Oh, and I laid out a dress for you to wear." she smirked and walked out, thinking she won. But what she doesn't know is that there is no way in hell I am wearing a dress.

I rolled out of bed, and gracefully face-planted the floor. God damn, it's too early.

I walked over to what I was supposed to wear, and saw a floor length gown. It was a royal blue, with a diamond studded belt, and a sweetheart neckline. Are we going to a wedding? I mean jeez who is so special that I would have to get so dressed up for? I shrugged, and walked over to my closet.

I picked out a more reasonable outfit. Black leggings with a white, flowy cross shirt, and black toms. For my hair I straitened it and left it as is, I am way too tired to do more to it. Make up, I did the usual, eye liner, mascara, and a light eye shadow, for a natural look. I then grabbed my bracelets and necklaces.

I walked all the way down to the basement, where the kitchen staff made the food and ate. I don't understand why they can't eat with us. They're people too. So that's why I ate with them.

Mary, the head cook, curtseyed to me and said," Good morning, Princess. Sleep well?"

" Mary, for the millionth time, you don't need to treat me any different. And I slept well thank you. How about you?" I asked, making conversation.

" I slept fine, m'lady. Thank you. Would you like some breakfast?" she asked. My stomach grumbled, giving away my hunger.

" I think my stomach answered that question." I chuckled. She smiled and led me to the table, that held the heavenly food, chocolate-chip pancakes.

" I love you, Mary." I said in between bites of the pancakes. She chuckled at my childlike behavior.

" Slow down, honey. You'll choke." she warned. I ignored her warning and continued to stuff my face.

" Wait! Did you take your medicine?!" she asked with concern. Shit. I forgot. I hate taking that medicine. I have to take it because I have a low count of white cells or something. I honestly don't know. All I know is I have to take a shot in my stomach before every meal, or I will die.

" No." I said. She sighed, and brought me my shot. I plunged the needle into my stomach and let the medicine sink in. Most people would wince when they get a shot, but since I have to get one everyday, it doesn't hurt that much anymore.

I finished breakfast. It felt nice to talk to the kitchen staff. Because they treat me like a human not a princess. So did Harry, but he doesn't know that I am a princess, so that doesn't count.

I was walking up the stairs, admiring the art on the halls' walls. This place is exceptionally beautiful, and there are places I haven't seen yet, but I still feel crowded. I guess it's because of the things I am forced to do.

" WHERE'S THAT BLOODY GIRL GONE NOW!!??" screamed my 'mother'. I sighed. That's my cue. I would ditch, but I am going because my grandma wanted me to go. I ran up the stairs and into the foyer. She said they would be in the Main Greeting Room. As I reached the door, I saw my brother.

" There you are! The bitch is having a spaz attack!" he exclaimed. Martin has to be my favorite brother because we agree on almost everything. Also we both know personal space, so we stay out of each others way, and I guess that's why we get along so well.

" Well let her. Maybe she will have a heart attack and die." I said. He chuckled.

" That would be amazing! But sadly it hasn't happened yet. But it could, since you aren't wearing a dress." he said implying that I would be the cause of her death. I would gladly be the cause of her death, if it means not having to take orders from her anymore.

" You know me well enough, that I wouldn't wear that kind of dress she picked out." I pointed out.

" True, true. But let's get in there. Before she yells at us in front of the guests. That would be embarrassing." he replied.

I gestured to the bored look on my face. " Does this look like I care if she yells at us in front of the guests?" I asked cheekily.

He rolled his eyes, and we walked in to the room.

We walked over to where I saw the rest of my family standing. I walked with my head down, just wishing this would end already. But that wouldn't fly with the 'boss', so she jerked my head up with her forefinger.

" Posture. And you could've covered up that bruise. It makes us look bad." she whispered through gritted teeth, into my ear.

" I don't give a fuck if it makes you look bad. You're the one that gave it to me!" I bit back.

" Don't talk to me like that! And how come you aren't wearing that dress I laid out for you?!" she whispered-yelled.

" Well for one thing it's my life, and I will wear what I want." I replied.

" Are you quite finished scolding her?" interrupted my Grandma, or better known as the Queen of England.

I smiled like an idiot. This is one of the many reasons why I love my grandma.

" Yes, Grandma. She is quite finished." I replied happily.

" Grandma?" I heard an all too familiar Cheshire accent. I turned in the direction I heard the voice.

My jaw probably touched the floor.

What the actual fuck is going on?!

What the hell is Harry doing here?

"H-Harry what are you doing here?" I stuttered.

" What am I doing here? What are you doing here?" he asked exasperated.

" Well that's my grandma." I stated pointing to my grandma.

" Your grandma is the Queen!? That would have been nice to know?!" he exclaimed.

" I usually don't tell people because I would rather not be taken advantage of!" I screamed back. He had a look of defeat on his face.

" Oh, I'm sorry. I get that." he apologized. Then he again did the unexpected. He gave me a hug. In front of everyone. My grandma, step-mom, brothers, other members of One Direction, and staff.

I honestly didn't want to let go. And I know I shouldn't be feeling this way, but it just feels so... right. We finally pulled away when someone had to interrupt our moment.

" So this is the girl Harry went on and on about yesterday?" said I think, Louis. He blushed, and I blushed as well. He talked about me to his friends? Awww! No! Stop don't think that way.

" Shut up Louis." he said through gritted teeth.

" Well, I can see that you two have something special, and I wouldn't want to intrude on that. So I will go to tea, and do my other duties, while, Jade, you give these fine young gentlemen a tour of the palace." said my grandmother. I completely forgot she was there! Oops!

" No, why don't you leave and stop interrupting their visit with the Queen!" exclaimed my step-mom.

" Kate, darling. Leave her and the boys alone. Her and the curly-haired fellow obviously have something special." replied my Grandma coolly. I blushed, and noticed that Harry's were a shade of chrisom as well.

" Alright boys. Go over to that door and I will meet you in the hallway." I said facing the boys. They obeyed and headed in that direction. (Pun definantly intended)

" Wait! Jade, Harry would you stay a moment?" asked Grandma.


Harry's POV

" Wait! Jade, Harry would you stay a moment?" asked the fucking Queen of England!

A million thoughts raced through my mind. I like the Queen's granddaughter!? She didn't tell me?! On top of that the Queen thinks we have something special?

I mean I want there to be something between us, because honestly, I fell in love with her when I first laid eyes on her. I just didn't know if she felt the same way. I think I might have a chance because she blushed so many times. Also the fact that she tries to hind it, makes her all the more adorable.

I gave Jade a look. But she returned with a look of 'calm the fuck down, she wont hurt you.' That actually made me feel better.

" So before you two go denying it. I just want to say, I know you both fancy each other." she said. My mouth gaped. " And I just want to say I approve, but Harry, If you hurt her, at all, I will personally chop your balls off." she stated in all seriousness.

I swear to God. This is the fucking apocalypse.

The Queen just threatened to chop my manhood off, if I hurt her granddaughter. Okay, the Queen is actually not as stuffy as I thought.

As I looked over to my side, I saw that Jade was trying to stifle a laugh. I shot her a teasing glare.

" Alright, you crazy kids, go have fun! But, you know, not too much fun!" she winked. Now I know where Jade gets her cheekiness from. She gets it from the Queen of England. I smirked to myself.

As we walked out to meet the rest of the boys I started some conversation.

" So I guess this means you're mine." I winked.

" What do you mean by that, Styles?" she asked.

" I mean, the Queen gave approval on a relationship between us. I think that is as much approval as one can get." I replied. She chuckled.

" I guess. But what makes you think I like you?" she asked. And I have to admit my heart kind of dropped. She smirked.

" It otay, don't worry. Your growing on me." she winked. My spirits automatically brought up by her smile. And lets not forget that Little Rascals reference. I smiled, and grabbed her hand.

" Shall we?" I asked.

" We shall." she responded as we walked to the boys hand in hand.


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