She's My Princess. Literally.

Jade-Lynn Elizabeth Katherine Windsor is the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II, but with a fiery passion hates being treated like it. She chooses not to let anyone know who she is, accept her closest friends. People think of her as a punk, and not "princess material." And honestly, she doesn't give a damn. Out of all the people in her quite large family, her grandma is the only one who accepts her for her. Her life is practically planned out, but what happens when a certain curly-haired, green-eyed boybander mixes things up. Will she be with him? Or be forced to fulfill her duties as a "princess."


1. The Cafe

Jade's POV

I was riding through the streets of London, trying to clear my head. The anger and resentment I felt towards my bitch of a step-mom was too great to bare. Even though I had plenty of places to escape in that mansion of a home, I felt going for a spin would help me cool down.

After what seemed like an hour, which in reality was only five minutes, I decided a cup of tea would be nice. Just to clear it up I am a very, VERY impatient person.

As I zipped down the streets of London, the cold of the winter air nipped at my cheeks. But it didn't bother me. Not, after living here my whole life. It actually made me relax knowing I was in my familiar surroundings.

As I pulled my motorcycle into the parking spot, a fierce wind sent chills down my spine. Making me pull my leather jacket closer round me. Then after adjusting my beanie, I began to walk towards the direction of the café.

Me being me and not paying attention to where I was going, slipped on a patch of ice. Waiting for my bum to make contact with the ice, but that never happened. I found myself in the arms of a very attractive boy, might I add.

I immediately righted myself, and scooted away from him. Already feeling the heat in my cheeks begin to rise.

" Well, that could have been a nasty fall. Thank God I was here to catch you." he winked cheekily at me. Wow, so he's one of those boys. A cocky bastard. Whatever. I rolled my eyes. But then did a double take, taking in his attractive features. He had curly, brown hair pulled back into a small quiff, and the most piercing green eyes I have ever seen. He was also quite fit, if I do say so myself.

" Yea. Thanks for catching me." I said in a monotone voice.

" Well, I must be going now." I said implying that I didn't want to talk anymore. I turned to head into the café, but he grabbed my wrist, tugging me back.

" No, don't go. We got off on the wrong foot. I'm Harry, Harry Styles." He smiled, extending his hand. What the Hell, give him a chance. I smiled and gave him a firm handshake.

" Yea. We did come off on the wrong foot, but that could have been avoided if you weren't being a dick." I joked with a smile. He chuckled throwing his head back, Adams' apple bobbing up and down.

I couldn't help but laugh. His laugh was contagious.

When the laughter between us died down, he caught me off guard with what he said.

" You have a beautiful smile." He complimented. Not even being in control of what I was doing, I blushed. I never fucking blush. What the fuck is wrong with me today?!

I blame step-momster. She threw my emotions way out of line.

Finding my confident self. I replied with, " I like your dimples. For me those are a major turn on." To top it off. I added a wink.

It was his turn to be taken aback. Recovering too quickly for my taste, he composed his stature. God dammit! Just when I thought I won our little flirting contest!

" Touché. Say, why don't we go into the café and continue our banter. You know, instead of freezing off our arses out here." he offered sweetly. Oh why not? What do I have to lose.

" Sure." I smiled. " I'd like that."

We walked in the direction of the café, and as I reached for the door, he pulled me back.

" Allow me." he winked. " Why thank you kind sir!" I exclaimed jokingly.

We sat down at the table, when our waiter approached us.

" Hello, may I take your orders?" asked... wait was that Michael!?

" Mikey?!" I asked astonished.

" Jade?!" he exclaimed equally astonished. We both got up to hug each other.

" Haven't seen you in so long!" he exclaimed. Before I could respond, we were interrupted by a cough. We both looked over to see a very pissed off Harry. I could tell by the way he was clenching and unclenching his fists. What got shoved up his ass? I mean seriously, what's his problem?

To make things less awkward, I sat down and Mike took our orders. After he left, it felt as if a weight had been lifted. When he was there, you could literally taste the tension. Shrugging off what Harry had done earlier, I decided to formally introduce myself.

" I don't think I have said what my name was. I'm Jade." I smiled warmly at him.

He chuckled. " I got that after the dick, said your name." he replied.

" Why do you call him a dick?" I asked genuinely curious.

" I don't know maybe its the way he kept staring at your ass. Or the way he is looking at you now, practically undressing you with his eyes." He stated, returning to his state of clenching his fists.

I was about to turn around, when he turned my chin to face him. His actions made me blush. Again with the fucking blushing! What the Hell is wrong with me!?

" No love don't look at him. Forget I said anything. Lets continue our earlier conversation." he said gently.


" So Harry. Let's play twenty questions." I said.

" Alright let's do this." he replied sounding determined. His look of determination made me chuckle. Oh God, this boy.

" When's your birthday?" I started.

" February 1st."

" That's cool. I have the same birthday."

" Favorite color."

" Orange. What's yours?" he asked.

" Dark Green." I replied.

" What do you do for a living?" I asked.

He gave me a weird look.

" I am in a band. One Direction. Maybe you have heard of us?" he said unsurely.

" Oh yea! I know you guys! You did the cover of one of my favorite songs!" I exclaimed realizing who he was.

" Haha which one?" he asked, chuckling at my sudden outburst.

" Forever Young." I replied.

" Wow you are definantly not like most girls. Usually people recognize us because of our first hit single, What Makes You Beautiful." he stated. I blushed yet again. Okay, I officially give up on the blushing. This kid just makes me blush. He deserves a fucking award. No one makes me blush, accept for Kyle.....

No stop Jade. Don't think about him. It will only make your heart hurt more. I shook the feeling of longing off before I replied.

" You okay Jade?" he asked with a look of concern.

I nodded. " You said I wasn't like most girls. Is that a compliment?" I asked.

" Yes. definantly." he replied with a dimpled smile. Oh here comes the dimples.


We talked some more and learned a lot about each other. I take back what I said about him being a cocky bastard. He's actually a really nice guy. The only thing is, is that I will probably never see him again. Also I will always have that feeling of guilt, because I wont be able to tell him exactly who I am.

I could tell him, but when people find out who I am, they take advantage of my family's wealth. Not that I could care less. I just really want out of this family. The only reason I stay is because of my brothers and grandma. Also that adorable new baby boy, George.

Then again I bet he feels the same way. Him begin in a boyband and all.

Whatever. Jade, you're over thinking again.

Ugh, why cant life be easier?!


We walked out of the café and over to my bike.

" It was amazing talking to you, Harry. I had a nice time. And thanks again for paying, even though you didn't have too." I said.

" Likewise, love. Also the gentleman should always pay for the lady on the first date." he replied with a wink. I blushed, again.

" So you think this was a date?" I asked cheekily.

" Yes I do. But in my book it isn't official yet." he said.

I gave him a confused look. " What do you mean it isn't official yet?" I asked.

He then leaned in, and laid a gentle kiss on my cheek. My stomach erupted with butterflies. His lips were so warm. This would have been perfect, but that thought in the back of my mind just had to pop up now.

'You like him, Jade. Don't deny it. You haven't had feelings like this for a boy since Kyle.'

I chose to ignore the thought and get back to the real world. Not my own fucked up mind.

I smile at him. " So is this now an official date?" I asked.

" Yes. Yes it is." he said with a warm, gentile smile.

" But you know we could make it even more official." he said implying something that I obviously wasn't getting.

" How so, Styles?" I asked with my usual amount of sass.

" You know if you gave me your number, to keep in touch." he said.

" Okay, I guess I can give you my number." I joked.

He pumped his fist I the air. " Yes! Score!" he shouted with excitement. I gave him a weird look. Okay then.

He must have realized he made a complete fool of himself because he said, " You didn't hear or see anything. Got it."

" What are you talking about I didn't see anything?" I said playing along.

" Haha. Good. You have a sense of humor." he said.

" Uhh! I'm offended! I thought I had the best sense of humor!" I fake gasped I offense.

What he did next surprised me. He hugged me. Not like a side hug, but a full on bear hug. My head was pressed against his chest, and I couldn't help but feel safe. It just felt so right. While he hugged me I took I  his scent. If that isn't weird, but he smelt really good. It was a mix of warm cider and cologne. Like the good cologne. Axe to be specific. That shit smells fucking amazing.

We both backed out of the hug.

" Well,  guess this is goodbye." I said with a forlorn look on my face.

" Aww just when we were having fun!" he whined.

" I know. But all good things must come to an end." I said, sounding like the wise old owl.

He sighed. " Well goodbye, love. I wont ever forget you!" he exclaimed and blew me a kiss. I laughed and hopped on my bike.

" You know you can text and call me right?" I said in between fits of laughter.

" Oh yeah that's right!" he shouted. I rolled my eyes.

" Bye Harry." I said. And with that I rode home.

When I reached my room, after a long twenty minutes, I hopped in the shower. Letting the hot water get rid of the chill from the winter wind.

I got on my pajamas and hopped onto the bed. I plugged in my beats, and slid them onto my ears, and the smooth sounds of Ed Sheeran took me into my happy place. But before I drifted into sleep, my phone beeped with a message.

From: HarryTheSexyBeastxx:)

Sweet dreams babe:))xx


With that I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face. And let the events of that day replay in my head.




~ Author's Note~

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! New fanfiction!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Please tell me what you think

Comment, Like, Fan, Favorite!!! Love you guys so much!!!!!!!

Btw I am going to call you guys my chickens..... or not. I don't know that's the first thing that popped into my head.


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