Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


8. The Shogun's answer

Jackson entered to Saigo Takamori's HQ which it is located near the Emperor's Palace where the plot is coming to plan. The Emperor was very anxious to meet the foreigner who will lead a simple brigade due the same foreigners who destroyed a town due death of two foreigners. But it won't matter since he's going to need his help to reclaim authority on Japan.

Not only that, Erik is there and Mendo is also there which Mendo is command the entire Corps as Jackson's brigade was. "Now, to matter of business to deal with Shogun's lack of authority. How we can restore the powers of the Emperor if the Shogun is still in place?" Saigo said which he is truly loyal to the Emperor.

"There has to an excuse for us to enter a stage to restore the Emperor's authority. But how we provoke the Shogun to allow us to do it?" Mendo asked to Saigo. "It seems the Shogun is tied in Osaka Castle as he is trying to enter Kyoto, which my spies have told me." One of the Loyalist generals has said to Saigo. It seems it was according to plan, but if the Shogun didn't enter the Kyoto then the whole plan flops.

"But I do hear that the Shogun is trying to speak with the Emperor to resolve this situation that he will take care of the foreigner problem. But I do have my source of information." Mendo said.

"With an armed force?" Saigo reply. "They have force of 60,000 men?" One of the Loyalist generals said. "We have force of 20,000 men against 60,000 men? Let's ask the American what he thinks." Saigo said as the everyone looks at Jackson.

Jackson is nervous as everyone looks at him. "American, how you deal with this stitution?" Saigo asked. "I would say that what kind troops they got." Jackson told to Saigo.

"Hmmm, the Shogun's army is compose of mixed troops, but they sizable force of troops they have firearms." Mendo told to Sagio. "Do they have cannons?" Saigo asked. "No, my lord." Mendo responds.

"We have cannons. I hope we can ease our worries about that since they barely have any cannons." Saigo responds as the meeting kept going. The problem was that sometimes that everything of the Shogun have power for over 250 years. But will affect course of history.

What can be that the Emperor has challenge the Shogun in balance of power? It seems for the council which the Emperor is presiding has come with options with peace or war. The council meeting drag on in hours until Jackson has stated something that put an end to this.

"If I may, I suggest if the Shogun brings his force to here. Then it will justify our cause than rather waiting." Jackson said as he amazes the Council. "It seems the American is right about this. If truly the Shogun comes with his army, then it's the time to put to an end to this madness." Saigo said as the Emperor spoke up. "It is settled then. Saigo is commander of my armies. I hope we can drive out the forgien powers out of our lands as we will become more powerful than ever. Court dismisses." Emperor said as everyone left the council.

As Jackson left the council, someone has caught his attention. "I see you have earned yourself a strange person to have a say in the council." Harry said. "Harry, what are you doing?" Jackson asked to Harry who was here in the first place.

"Oh, I am a journalist, remember? Of course, I was at the council taking notes for the story about the Japanese are in history in the making. But it has bad times for the Japanese who dread of another civil war for over 200 years." Harry told to Jackson.

"I hope it will not end up like the one I fought." Jackson as he remembers how the war affect him during the March to the Sea campaign. It seems all the destruction he seen that won't end up in the same people where he is now. He hopes it will end soon.

"Well, then. See you later." Harry says as he left Jackson alone. Jackson hopes it won't end up like his country's civil war. He hopes. He hopes.

In Osaka, the Shogun brought his army of 60,000 compose of Samurai, levy infantry, smaller force of line infantry, and levy troops. He is determined to say in power once he enters to Kyoto. "I hope the Emperor will recognize my family's rule that keep the land at peace." The Shogun said.

"My lord, can we talk to the Emperor without your army?" one of his advisors told him. "Why? He has his own army. With the size of our army, we can win without a fight. You see I swore a oath to defend my family's rule to kept the land at peace, but we need the foreigners who keep us rich in firearms. I was hoping to invade Korea when we were ready. China is my dream to rule." Shogun said.

"My lord, what can we do? The people are tired of the Foreigners are draining our economy. Didn't your ancestor gotten rid of Foreigners?" One of his Advisors told him of his ancestor's remarks. "Oh, we allowed the Dutch to stay because we can trust them." Shogun respond to him. "My answer to the Emperor since he has oppose him since the bombardment of the British was his doing. My answer to him is death if he will stop opposing me." Shogun said as he enters his castle in Osaka.

It seems the Shogun has declare war on the Emperor as he desire to honor his family's rule all over Japan. The war of the Boshin war began on January 1868. The war will change Japan's history to forever as it will affect the lives of many.

Author's Notes: Sorry about this, I have been lazy doing this. I hope the readers understand this. The battle scenes are coming which I am happy to do so. Have a nice day.

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