Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


3. The Marching training from Hell

The men of all surround villages have gathered in one place to be trained by Colonel Jackson. They have gather around numbered five thousand men to be formed as a division. It was only that, training an entire corps of about 15,000 men is a harder task.

Jackson waits in his tent for the new recruits to arrive. It is already 1866; they have enough time to train the army. But training in the civil war was often rushed and barely meet the requirements in beginning of 1861.

The weapons are from the British which it is the Enfield rifle. Jackson knew the weapons from those days of the war that Confederates used. "What's wrong, laddie?" Wallace asked to Jackson who stared at the weapons.

"Oh, nothing is wrong. It just the war started 5 years and knew how it was." Jackson answered. "What happen in the past, it already happens. There is nothing to worry about it" Wallace said to Jackson. "I hope so." Jackson said.

All the young men are gathered in a large group which organization will be the key factor to maintain a corps. However, Jackson likes to organize and when he commanded a regiment, he able to handle companies very well during March to the Sea. But a division will be the hard part.

"I will think to train a model brigade to train the officers how to handle troops." Jacksonsaid. "Well, let's get to work then?" Wallace said. They walk up to the group.

"Colonel Jackson, we are ready to start the training?" Erik said. "Let's do this. All right, I have chosen all of you to become our model brigade. I have hand-picked some men to become your officers. Your commanding officer, Shuuntaro Mendo should lead the 1st Satsuma Regiment. Now, company officers will be assigned to Company A, B,C, and D. I will assign men to those companies." Jackson stated to the crowd. There is much to be done.

"Who is this, guy?" Ataru commented. "I heard he is a westerner? To train us?" Kosuke told Ataru. "A westerner? Who invite this guy?" Ataru said.

"Didn't the shogun ban westerners?" Megane call out. "Apparently not, I heard that the Emperor wanted to use westerners to get rid of the shogun." Kosuke said to Megane who happens to be the strange fellow. "Nonsense, the emperor has no power over the Shogun that has kept peace for 200 years." Megane stated that there will be no war in his time.

"And brought foreigners in here? Yeah, all powerful shogun can't do that." Ataru smirk. "I want to know this "Training really is?" Kosuke asked. "Beats me." Perm said. "I joined up to have an adventure." Chibi.

"Now, gather your companies" Jackson finished his speech. Now a group of retainers are gathering young men to form companies. It wasn't hard to pick retainers to train the model brigade.

The among the retrainers is Onsen Mark who is a fledgy middle age Samurai who commands his own company, but his regiment officer has happen to an old samurai who tends to be strange (the Principal). The company that Onsen Mark command was Company D, 6th Regiment, 1st Brigade. Now, the real training begins.

"ALL RIGHT YOU MISERABLE PEASANTS! GET ON YOUR FEET! OR I HAVE TO KICK YOUR FAR EAST ASS I SEE!" Wallace shouts out. It has gotten their attention. "Is really that necessary? I mean they barely know." Jackson comments. "Sorry, old habits die hard. You see, I have to train the new recuits. Now, back to business. All right, my name is Captain Wallace. You will address me as Sir. Nothing else. Nothing more. You got that? I will be your training officer for your miserable 3 years. I will treat all of you like dirt! Everyone is equal under my command." Wallace says until…

"What am I? Shingen?" Ataru cried out. "Who the fuck said that! Whose say that to me?" Wallace shout out. "He did!" Ataru point at Megane.

"What? I didn't say that." Megane. "Oh, wise guy. I hope you give me 20 pushes up! Now get moving." Thank goodness there was translator which it was Erik. Seriously, it was truly training from Hell for the recruits who deal with Wallace. In the mind of Jackson, Wallace is the best training officer he ever had.

The officer of D Company was Onsen-Mark, a simple low rank samurai who have no other choice to command the company. Training of March is simply the beginning for the recruits. Wallace is a harsh training officer who has to deal with recruits.

It seems over the time that the recruits are training to do marching which it was a painful hours to teach them since all translations can be loose or confused. Jackson did spotted Ataru was the one causing trouble for the company. Why he is being like that Jackson questions his recruit's thought.

Is he the one who has a fiancée? Oh, boy he has to take care someone who has a fiancée, but he is different somehow. It was a curse for him to take care of a troubled recruit.

It has delay the company a 4 months behind schedule due of Ataru's troubles and other companies have completed their marching training to start their weapon's training. Now, Jackson takes matters to his own hands.

"Company D is behind schedule. I have no choice to train the recruit myself." Jackson said. "He's is too much to handle, colonel me lad." Wallace commented. Until a messenger arrives.

"What is it?" Jackson asked. "Sir, we have a deserter." Messenger told Jackson. That has shocked Jackson and wanted to know who the deserter is.

Everyone gather to know who is the deserter which none other than Ataru who tried to fled the camp. "What we do with the prisoner?" Recruit asked. "Well….." Jackson when he was about to say.

"You can't slave us for doing dirty work! I sign up for ladies and this I deserve!" Ataru shouted out. "Shut up, you make our company look bad." Onsen Mark angrily shouted. "Who cares about the company?" Ataru said.

"Jackson-San, do we punish the prisoner?" Mendo asked. "I don't think that will be the case, Mendo." Jackson told Mendo as he has plans for him. But everyone wanted to see a punished of a soldier will realize to be.

"Is in your rules of recruitment, that we must punish the deserter? Is that true, Jackson-San?" Mendo shouted out to Jackson. "I don't think that will not be the case or…Where he go?" Jackson asked.

"What?" Mendo said as he turn to see the prisoner is gone. "GET HIM! WE WILL PUNISH THE DERSERTER! BY LAW, WE KILL HIM" Mendo shouted out since it has mocked him. Everyone cheer even Company D who wanted to kill him.

They all spread out to find him with no avail. Once they found him, the chase was on. Each time they tried to get him, he escapes from him. It was hopeless by the way.

Sunset, not far from the camp. "Who needs the army anyway? I am free as a wind. I will go tour on Japan nonstop. And even get all the babes in the world!" Ataru shouts out as he laughes nonstop. When he is about to leave until a revolver crocks right behind him, "Don't move" Jackson coldly reply.

"The Westerner?" Ataru said. "You may escape from the recruits, but not me. I have been 4 years in war and I am not afraid to pull the trigger. I am trying to make you're a soldier out of you! If you leave, you are a dead man. But I won't do that. Your choice is be free or join us to Kyoto and tour Japan if War did happen. I was like you once, but not much as a ladykiller. I can offer the punish if you come back that you will be trained under me. Your choice." Jackson said to Ataru. That shocked Ataru who didn't understood what he said but he thought it was a warning somehow.

He decided to stay, but this time no killing of Ataru instead training under Jackson who furious teaches him how to march properly. Ataru, in the other hand hated his training. Now, he trained Ataru in a harsh measure in contrast to Wallace.

The marching training for Ataru was hard, but somehow….. "DAMN, WHY IT IS VERY HARD?" Ataru screamed. "Get up! I said get up! How hard is that?" Jackson shouted. "Why I have to listen to a forgiener?" Ataru said.

Clearly, they don't understand each other in a way. But Jackson is very wary of Ataru is whining about training. "OK, I got a idea. This time I will do it in a point of a bayonet." Jackson remarks.

As he got the enfield rifle with bayonet as he points at Ataru. "Now, get moving." Jackson said coldly. "Fine, I go. Seesh" Ataru said.

They start hiking as Ataru marched and Jackson walks behind with the bayonet. "Why I didn't stay home?" Ataru says regret. They march about 20 miles for the day. Soon, they are at the top of the hill.

"This training is nothing compare to Lum's electrical shocks. Do your worse, but except I don't want to die. Just punish me." Ataru says. Jackson lowers the rifle and sits down which shocked Ataru. "You don't understand me as I don't understand you. It just you don't like me. I have face death before. But you are different from everyone? Why?" Jackson asked.

"I don't understand, man. You are the one who cause death on our people. Why I have to listen to you? What about your friend who treat us as dirt?" Ataru said to Jackson. The two are just there which none of them truly are lack of understanding due of language barrier. Jackson asks Ataru again.

"Who do you fight for?" Jackson said. "Dude, I don't understand." Ataru shouts until a picture slips out of his pocket. It has caught Jackson's attention as he grabs it. "This is your girl?" Jackson asked.

"Hey! Give it back!" Ataru shout. Jackson, who was much taller than Ataru who tries to get it as Jackson looks at it to see Lum in her Kimono. "Give it back" Ataru says.

"I will give it back, if you complete your training." Jackson remarks. Suddenly, Ataru has quickly understood what he meant. "Fine, I do as you say. When I get it back?" Ataru told to Jackson who is shocked that he understood what he meant.

"I will give back. Ataru-san." Jackson said. "Huh?" Ataru said as Jackson has spoken Japanese for an American. "How did you…..?" Ataru asked.

"Erik-san teach me how to speak Japanese when ready to lead the division to combat. Clearly, Japanese was kind of hard, but I got it." Jackson said. "Then why you were trying to tell me when I tried to leave the camp?" Ataru asked.

"I wanted to spare you from punishment. For your girl." Jackson told to Ataru as he puzzles what he meant. "I did arrive on a ship and saw you and your fiancé fought. I must ask why?" Jackson asked.

"Well, it all begins when life on the village was perfect until she came. She is different you see. She is an oni." Ataru said to Jackson who caught his interest. "Oni?" Jackson asks. "Yes, you see. Her father has ordered for our village to pay a protection or they will leave if I win the tag race. She was my opponent." Ataru said.

"Did you manage to win?" Jackson asks as he is more of his history. "Well, the contest lasted for 10 days. Everyone in the Satsuma province watched and I was losing at that point. I did remember that Shinobu, my old friend to agree to marry me if I win." Ataru said.

"What? Then why this girl in the picture is your fiancée?" Jackson asks to wonder what did happen. "I outwit Lum and won the tag game, but in her misunderstanding she proclaims to the entire province that we are getting married. You have no idea that I have been though. Shinobu has official left me for some guy named Inaba who is in our company." Ataru told Jackson as how the event did happen.

"I see, but if you didn't have intent to marry Lum? You gotten broken up with her?" Jackson asks to Ataru. "I tried, but she just couldn't just listen. But then…..I….I… started to grow on her that…." Ataru said. "I get it. You are in love with her." Jackson said.

"Wait! I didn't mean that! I was trying to stay that she is annoying and overbearing treating like some kid. I join for the babes in Kyoto." Ataru switch the topic. "In that case, I have to keep the picture of your fiancée if that's what you want." Jackson comment. "What? Wait a sec, don't you dare! I need it!" Ataru shouted.

"So, you want it. Funny, I thought you don't to married to Lum so in that fact you don't need this. But you desert, I keep it. In the other hand, you have to complete your training; I will give it back to you. Deal?" Jackson said to Ataru is about to shake hands. "Don't shake unless you mean it." Jackson warns.

They shake hands and went back to camp. In the matter of few days, Ataru completed basic marching training. Now, he is back on Company D which Jackson is proud of. The real training of rifles is almost begun.

Author's Notes: I warn you about the chapters I am writing are longer and it will take time to make since I wanted to create the next training about rifle training and bayonet training. All was based of the Shogun 2: Fall of Samurai, but somewhere in that is a parody version of Full Metal Jacket and Glory of the training.

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