Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


12. The letters from home

Meanwhile during the Siege of Osaka, on Satsuma province as the Moroboshis with Lum and Ten were forced to leave their land as Mendo clan have purchased their land to have tenants who were cheaper. They enter the city as all farmers whose lands were lost by purchased of other clans. Ataru's father found himself a job in the Ironworks factory. Their new home is an apartment is smaller than their normal house.

It seems what to them can be worse. Luckily, they receive news about the war which Lum is worry about Ataru which she sigh at the list of dead is up. It seems luck have favor him so or what it seems he is unluckily to get killed or what it can be a freak occurrences. But she is happy enough that her beloved still lives.

Back on the apartment, she writes a letter to Ataru which she write what she could. Now, she finishes it with the letter as she drops it off in mail post. The letter traveled from mail post to post office that one of the post officials that travelled from ship to railroad.

The railroad was from near Osaka to nearest railroad station about 38 miles from Edo. The mail bag arrives as they are delivering to the army encamp there. The Imperial Army was encamped by the forest which they faced no resistance so far.

It seems for the Imperial troops that the war is going in their favor except some guerrilla activity near Edo province which the Shogun's forces are bidding time, but they are losing. The Imperial 1st Corps is around force of 8,000. The rest of the army are away to handle various Shogunate guerrilla units in the Kai Province and other provinces where pockets of resistances are.

The Imperial spies have brought back that main shogunate forces are in Edo with force of 8,000 men. It seems they can attack the 1st corps, but strange they don't attack. The guerrilla attacks are draining Imperial numbers from their main force.

The Shogun is buying time to preserve his honor, but he was failing at it. Saigo Takamori have won battle of Koshu-Katsunuma which resulted death of 2,400 shogunate troops along with 600 Imperial dead and wounded. The Imperial army provided to be unstoppable as the Guerrila war is not working as well compare that Imperial has brought Tosa rifle men. The 1st corps have received Tosa and sharpshooters rifle men along the way.

News that the Imperial Navy has faced no resistance since its defeat on Awa, but the Shogun navy retreated after the fall of Osaka rather to risk their navy to another battle. What it can seems that the Shogun is reserving the navy to plan to invade Satsuma when Imperial forces are losing. The Shogunate army has modern units, but majority of them are carrying traditional weapons like pikes and swords.

The Imperial Ninjas are harassing Shogunate's forces which it is counter-guerilla warfare in contrast to the Shogun's own. Meanwhile as the Mail rider is carrying a bag of mail to the camp. "Halt!" a voice said.

"Hey, where you headed?" as the Imperial picket asked to the Mail rider. "I am carrying mail for the camp. I mean no harm." As the mail rider told to the picket group.

"So, let get me straight. You are coming to my picket line what makes you think that you are carrying letters instead of bombs? If you are, well we have to kill you. Check his bag." As the picket leader ordered the soldiers to check the bag.

They check the bag which it was only letters which clear him out of treason. They let him go as he enters the camp as various units are enjoying eating, playing some games, and some are practice their drills for the upcoming battles. "Mail call!" the mail rider cried out.

The men are joining around him to get their mail. "Man, I am getting tired of this." Ataru complained.

"At least we got free food and money are sent to our families." Megane said. "At least the war is our favor. Can't be worse." Megane continues.

"What seems that this war is getting grimer and grimer. I thought the warring states era was dangerous this?" Perm told the group around the campfire.

"At least we are alive." Chibi said. "True, as long we have each other." Kaguari tells to Chibi.

"This how western armies do?" Kosuke said. "is war is worth it? I mean what our commander does before he came here." Kosuke worry about the war that affected him.

"He did say he fought his country's civil war." Megane pointed out of the information. It seems they are curious of their foreign commander than ever.

"Come on, guys. Can we give that guy a break? I bet he seen horrible stuff before." Ataru said to the guys. "What you know?" Megane asked to Ataru.

"I don't know. What I know about him?" Ataru replies.

Meanwhile on the main HQ tent where Saigo arrived with other Corps Officers to discuss of the war. "Men, we are winning the conflict. There is one problem. That the shogun refuses to acknowledge the Emperor and assembling his forces in here near Edo." Saigo said.

He points the area named Ueno. "What we know about shogun's army in that area?" Jackson asks to Saigo.

"It seems he has a force of 8,000 men according to our spies. If we take Edo, then we can even the odds since there is a force about around 8,000 men in Utsunomiya castle. General Tako will take the 5th corps to take the castle while I lead the 1st corps to handle the Shogun's forces in Ueno. I will lead the 1st corps in frontal assault." Saigo says to the Officers.

"Permission to say, frontal assault will cost half of our force. I suggest we can divide our force. I can take the 20th Brigade to commit a flank attack on their rear." Jackson tells to Saigo.

"Jackson-san, are you implying to split part of our force to beat them?" Saigo asks to Jackson. Somehow, he worries that American has some crazy ideas to begin with.

"I see this tactic before. Back home during the war, confederates launched a flank attack on undefended right flank. I suggest we use it. Their forces are located here and over here, but their rear flanks are not protected." Jackson remarks how the war has given him an insight of confederate victories.

"Hmmmmm, ok I hope you're right about this. It's a big risk for force of 692 men to attack their rear." Saigo told to Jackson. The meet was over which the plan was made. Jackson returns to his unit's camp.

He seems too gotten approved from Saigo, but other traditionalist Imperial officers don't trust him at all because he's a foreigner. He felted alone to them despite his successful plan which it has worked in the war. It seems that to him as the world is turning itself.

As he walked in the camp, he sees the men are getting their mail as he spotted Ataru waiting for his mail. Until he gotten his mail, he just wonder how he's doing. There is one issue that how he can survive in the war that death is around him.

It's a mystery that never solves that he continues to walk to his tent. Meanwhile, Ataru is at his tent which he holds a letter from his beloved one. It seems that she broke the news that his family's rice farm was brought and moved to the city.

But he was stilled happy that she worries to him as life is affected by the modernization as his father works in Iron works factory while his mother works in the textile factory to buy the rent and the food. He continues to read the letter that how she misses him and chuckled that Ten misses him too that he have no one to fight with.

He finishes the letter as he writes his letter which how the war is affecting him. Even though he went girl-hunting with low morale to do it, he still misses Lum despite their arguments and the fights they have. No matter, he will survive this war and hopeful will end by end of the year or next year, but not forever.

Author's Notes: I am sorry to set up this chapter in last Sunday, I am about to finish this first volume as it will end with Battle of Ueno and I will take a break for now. Fall Semester is coming up and the second volume will be written during my free time after studying. Reviews will be nice how the story is going.

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